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13 Feb 2018
The Answer Is An SEO Company Orange County

Hiring An SEO Company Will Reap Benefits

If you would describe your business as being small or medium-sized, then you’re probably familiar with the notion of different employees having to juggle multiple different assignments, some of which might not be directly (or even indirectly) related to their job descriptions. This is certainly true when it comes to marketing, and to website maintenance. If you don’t have someone who’s well-versed in SEO to handle that side of your business, then the fact is, you’re missing out on an important revenue stream. That’s why it’s good to at least consider hiring an SEO company Orange County.


At first, the price of hiring outside help to deal with the SEO for your website might seem prohibitive, but think of how much time you’ll be saving for the employee or employees that are trying to cover that end of the business right now. Chances are, they’re not even experts at optimization, and they’re not familiar with the latest trends.


Another aspect that should be considered when you’re weighing this decision is that you’re almost certainly going to get better results if you bring in the pros. If your car is making a funny noise, wouldn’t you rather bring it to a certified mechanic, rather than your neighbor who fancies himself a gearhead in his spare time? There’s a reason that professional tradespeople exist: roofers, plumbers, electricians. It’s important to start thinking about SEO in the same way.


The last reason we’re going to talk about for bringing in outside help to work on your website is so that you stay on the good side of Google, and other search engines. There are widely recognized “black hat” and “white hat” techniques for SEO, but unless you have someone who’s constantly working in the industry, someone who’s only passingly familiar with it might be unsure about some of the so-called “gray hat” techniques, those being practices that run a fine line between acceptable and frowned upon.    


At the end of the day, it is the decision of each company whether they want to handle their SEO duties in-house. But unless you have a real optimization wizard on the payroll, it’s almost always worth it to hire a reputable SEO company.


13 Feb 2018
Have You Hired An SEO Company Orange County? Businesses Are Trending Upward After Bringing In Outside Help

Hiring An SEO Company: Be On The Lookout For Unethical Practices

After hiring an SEO company Orange County, car dealerships have seen consistently higher sales. Search engine optimization has become vitally important to the success of your website, and in the internet age, your website drives your business. There are positive and negative ways to drive traffic to a website and to generate high search engine rankings. While the negative, or “black hat” ones are to be avoided, here are a few ethically approved ways that an SEO company can help with your website.

Nobody likes a website that loads slowly and is bogged down with popups. An SEO company would be well-served to ensure your site loads quickly, and that it is mobile friendly. It is equally important that the content be easy to read, and directly relevant to the service that you’re providing. The inclusion of meta-tags is also a good idea. Meta-tags are small sections of text that describe the contents of a page. Keep in mind that meta-tags don’t actually appear on the page itself, but in the page’s code. If this seems confusing, don’t worry about it too much…that’s the job of the SEO company, and it’s precisely for reasons like this that you hired them.

As mentioned previously, there are other ways to drive traffic to your website that are considered less ethical, most of which involve the purchasing of links, or by using cloaking techniques to trick search engines. The primary reason to watch out for this sort of behavior is that if you (or your SEO company) gets caught doing it, you could be penalized by Google or other popular search engines. In some cases of really egregious behavior, you could be banned by Google, and that’s the last thing you want. Customers aren’t likely to stop using search engines anytime soon, and that means they need to find your website. Otherwise, your sales will surely suffer.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while you’re discussing your strategy with your SEO company. In all cases where a technique seems like it could be unethical, err on the side of caution.

08 Feb 2018
Orange County Businesses Should Be Aware Of What Their SEO Company is doing

How to Know if the SEO Company You Hired is Ethical

Have you decided to hire an SEO company, Orange County businesses? If so, it’s likely you’re already seeing positive results. However, it should be remembered that search engine optimization, when done right, is all about continued analysis: it’s always going to be a work in progress. Think of your website like a car engine, that often needs to be tuned up to keep it running smoothly. Under optimal circumstances, what you want from your SEO company is that they’re constantly making changes, and analysing data. That way, your website is always stocked with fresh content, and your search engine ranking are staying high. Here are a couple more specific things your SEO company could be doing.

You’ll want the company to be monitoring conversions on a set schedule. Most likely, that schedule will have been talked about during the initial meeting, when the company was hired. The conversion checks could be daily, weekly, or monthly, but the bottom line is that you’re looking for the company to analyse the data and use it to the best advantage of the website…using only white hat industry techniques, of course. On that note, here’s a couple of things your SEO company should not be doing.


Your SEO company should not be submitting fake press releases. They should not be buying links from different websites, thereby artificially increasing your web presence, and they should not be doing anything else that “games the rankings,” as it is sometimes known. Companies that do these things might temporarily increase your web visibility, but it will come at a cost. You’re trying to generate legitimate leads that result in sales. That’s hardly likely to happen if you have people being directed to your site that aren’t looking for the services you’re offering.


Expect realistic returns from your SEO company, but you want them to be doing things the right way. As you become more familiar with good SEO practices, you should be more equipped to hire the right agency, if you start out with a few simple questions. If you’re not getting the answers you want, it’s okay to move on.

06 Feb 2018
By Hiring An SEO company, Orange County Businesses Are Cashing In

The Magic of an SEO Company

If you understand the basics behind the concept of search engine optimization, then you also know that an SEO company can be useful for things like improving the quality of your website traffic. As it turns out, SEO companies can do a lot more than that, and if you’re on the fence about hiring one, here’s something it’s important to consider.


Some business owners are hesitant to shell out money to hire an SEO company, because they feel like they won’t be able to track whether there’s a direct correlation between what the company is doing and whether sales have been boosted. As it turns out, there is a way to measure that very thing. For those businesses who hired an SEO company, Orange County has been a hotbed of success stories recently. Unlike some conventional, or “traditional” marketing strategies, SEO can be tracked and measured as the company goes about implementing their campaign.


What you want to do is ask the company for a detailed monthly analytics report. Even if you’re not especially internet-savvy, they should be able explain things to you using easy-to-understand terminology. If they’re unable or unwilling to do that, it’s a clear indication that you’ve hired the wrong company. Any company that you hire should be willing to interface with you on matters like this, and for the money that you’re paying them, you’re well within your rights to demand it. Some of the things you should be asking about include search engine positions, traffic volumes, and the sources of the traffic that’s being directed to your site. Any SEO company should know what each of these terms mean, and they should be able to tell you all about them as it relates to your business and the campaign they’re running.    


If you’re still not convinced, it’s not a bad idea to ask the company if you can give them a trial run. Ask if they’d be willing to do a one-month or a three-month campaign, for instance. Most SEO companies will agree. If they do the job well, you’ll have the basis for a continued, long-term relationship.     

06 Feb 2018
Hiring an SEO Company Can Be Beneficial To Your Business

How Hiring an SEO Company Can Be Beneficial To Your Business

In the past thirty years, there have been dramatic changes in the ways companies do marketing. That’s why, even though it might seem overwhelming at times, it’s vital to have a functional website that promotes your products and services, and it’s equally vital to utilize SEO. Although the term may seem scary, SEO simply means that you want to include keywords on your website that are going to drive your business to the forefront and to the top of the first page whenever someone searches for the services that you provide.


You could run the website yourself, but chances are, you have better things to do. That’s where hiring a professional comes in, and there are SEO companies that do nothing but optimize websites, to drive traffic your way. Is it worth it to hire one? Well, let’s put it this way: utilizing an SEO Company Orange County dealerships have seen big jumps in revenue, and that’s not by accident. What you have to remember is that people don’t usually find out about your business by word-of-mouth anymore. Everybody uses the internet these days. Grannies are on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, the short answer is yes, SEO companies are usually worth it, regardless of whether you’re an auto dealership, or just about any other kind of business.      


The only thing that remains, then, is finding a good SEO company. The key point to remember there is that someone familiar with the area, with the market, and with your specific business is probably going to be your best bet. If you were a restaurant owner, just as you wouldn’t hire someone to cook for you who had no experience in the kitchen, the same goes for an SEO company. Make your hire based on whether a company has superior references. Ask them about other businesses for whom they have worked. If they are unable to provide those references, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.


Remember, if your website is getting the most hits, and driving the most customers through your doors, it’s going to equal the most sales. That’s why, ultimately, an SEO company can be your best friend in increasing revenue.

05 Jan 2018
Hiring An SEO Company Orange County How Much Can It Help Your Business

SEO Marketing: Not Just For Tech Companies

The last time you needed to research a purchase, what did you do?  In past decades you may have asked friends, looked up the product in industry magazines, or even have gone to the library.  But nowadays, odds are you simply pulled out your phone or tablet and did a quick internet search.  Most people who need to make a purchase today do just that, and most people don’t read past the first two pages of search results.  The key to ensuring that they decide to purchase from your business, then, is making sure you’re on those first two pages.  While using  an SEO company Orange County dealerships can see a significant jump in page ranking, and that can translate into a jump in sales.


Does Do It Yourself Work?

Many business owners wonder if hiring an SEO strategy company is overkill.  After all, how hard can it be to run a website?  The fact is that trying to manage your business’s SEO strategy by yourself is a bit like trying to do all the graphic design and fabrication for your dealership’s sign.  Sure, you could do it, but it would take a lot of time, training, and expertise that you don’t have, and in the end you would get a sign that looks like it’s been put together by an amateur.  Most would rather hire a professional sign-maker, get assured quality, and free themselves up to make money.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when designing an SEO strategy:


Is It Professional?

Thinking of the sign example again, you wouldn’t hire someone to do the graphic design for your sign unless you could see a portfolio of their work and you agreed that it looked professional, on-brand, and attractive.  An SEO company should be able to provide you with useful website content, social media marketing, and advice for how to reach your customers across multiple internet platforms (such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, and so on).   In addition, they should be able to provide all of these things in language and style that matches your business’s unique brand.


Is It A Good Return On Investment?

Auto dealerships have used traditional media and marketing for years, and have been seeing a declining return on investment for all of them.  The usual practice of paying for newspaper ads, 60-second radio spots, and 30-second television commercials without reflecting that the average auto customer spends about 12 hours searching the internet before they make a purchase.  Why keep fighting for an increasingly expensive piece of TV, radio, or print, when you can make sure that the customer’s internet research leads them straight to you?


How Can You Find A Good SEO Company?

While there are all sorts of companies out there who will say they can manage your SEO strategy for you, there are a few hiring best practices that can help you weed out the less-useful firms.  Auto dealerships, in particular, need a local company.  Since most dealers handle a lot of local business, it pays to have a company that understands the local area.  As well, it helps to have an SEO company that has worked with auto dealerships before and understands their unique needs.  Just like hiring someone to fabricate a sign for your dealership, an SEO company’s past experience matters.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Your customers will judge your dealership based on your website, your social media presence, and their online experience of the dealership.  You wouldn’t leave the look of your showroom or sign to chance, so stop leaving your online presentation to chance and contact a quality, local SEO company today.




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24 Nov 2017
SEO Orange County Get your customers' attention

How To Implement An SEO Strategy That Works

If you’re looking to keep your SEO sharp, the odds are that you already know that keeping up-to-date is important. But when strategizing SEO, businesses have an array of choices. How do you know where you should focus your attention? How can you maximize the financial impact of your investment, both of time and of money? Some SEO strategies have proven to be more powerful than others. Here are a few particularly excellent gambits:

Optimize For Mobile Customers

According to Forbes, more people than ever use their mobile devices to browse the internet. In fact, mobile devices are used more than desktops. The big search engines like Google have noticed this, and now they more heavily weight your mobile site. This means that any SEO strategy that doesn’t prioritize your mobile site and mobile content is leaving you behind.

Go Local

Another effect of the increase of mobile browsing/searching is that local optimization matters more than ever. If your customers are searching for “Orange County nail salons” on their phones, for example, and you’re optimized only for “nail salons,” your site might not show up on their search. A local SEO company is particularly useful in this regard: as it can help you think of and optimize for keywords that you might not know you need to use. Even if you do a fair amount of non-local business, make sure you are optimized for both local and national keywords.

Ask And Answer Questions To Optimize For Rich Answers

What’s a rich answer? It’s a small piece of text that a search engine will display in response to a query, rather than making the user click through to a website. For instance, if you search “what year did the Beatles break up?” you might be given a rich answer display of “1970” with a snippet of text from Wikipedia. Search engines don’t make up these answers, but rather lift them from quality sites. Asking relevant questions, and correctly and concisely answering them, can give your SEO a boost.


Use Awesome Links AND Awesome Content

Most people with a passing knowledge of SEO know that including quality links is important, but you might not know exactly how important good links are: they’re one of the top three ways Google decides how to rank sites.

But excellent links aren’t enough by themselves. If your content is old or lackluster, links aren’t going to nudge your search rank higher. Rather, if you’ve already got excellent, relevant content, great links can be the catalyst that puts your site over the top.

Great SEO requires you to stay up-to-date, concentrate on strategies with a high return on investment, and create a volume of high-quality content. Some businesses can manage this in-house, while others realize that their time would be better spent concentrating on the core competencies that make them money. Whether you put in the time to do it yourself or hire an experienced SEO company, concentrating on the most effective SEO strategies can boost your company’s visibility and your bottom line.




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20 Sep 2017

Get Your Content Noticed: Repurposing Strategies That Work

What could be more exciting than to grab the huge opportunity to reach your customers regardless of where they are right now through online marketing?

How, you may ask. Simple! Bring them back to your site in the form of massive traffic and sales! The Internet changes every second and now is the chance to maximize your content marketing through the implementation of content repurposing strategies on various social media platforms.

What does repurposing content mean? It means you have to reinvent your content (neither reuse nor recycle an old piece of content) but maintain the integrity of the original one. Repurposing content has to be useful, creative, and compelling.

Why Is It Important to Repurpose Content? As a busy business owner, why would you spend too much time writing an entirely new content? Content repurposing is good for SEO…it allows you to imagine, use new ideas and unlimited marketing strategies with your most favorite content, present it with a different style and spring it into action to get more sales. Attract and encourage target audience using multiple mediums, and increase customer retention as you spread your message in different formats where they most engage.


How Do You Repurpose Content?


  1. Repurpose Your Most Popular Written Content

So, which content is worth repurposing? Take a look at your previous post and determine the most traffic it brought in over the last year. Replace old facts and remove irrelevant information. Update examples and review related links before sharing your newly repurpose content multiple times on various marketing channels like Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Create Slideshows

Slideshows were very popular in college lectures even in business presentations. Slides are visually appealing and can be a compelling way to convey a message to your audience. Quality information presented in a compelling design and format is a smart technique to repurpose your content. SlideShare used by LinkedIn is easy to work on and can be quickly distributed among employees or customers for reference.


  1. Repurpose and Distribute through Email

Business owners sometimes struggle in creating emails especially in developing consistent and valuable content for customers. Repurposing content through email is a good tactic to reach out to clients who subscribed to your newsletter.


Repurpose your content and reap all its benefits. Learn how by calling one of the SEO company experts like Drive Traffic Media. Talk to us at (949) 800-6990 today!


25 Aug 2017
How to Get the Most Out of Internal Links

How to Get the Most Out of Internal Links

Internal links are hyperlinks that connect a webpage to another page on the same website. They’re essential such that they can help improve a website’s SEO and user experience. All you need is a regular audit from a reputable SEO company to make sure your internal links can be crawled or can take advantage of the SEO value of other hyperlinks.

Here, we’ll show you the real value of internal links and briefly explain their importance in your marketing initiatives.


User experience

A good interlinking structure offers a functional navigation bar and a drop down menu which has links to relevant topics. They’re designed to satisfy user intent and encourage SEO-rich website interaction. The goal is to make the visitor stay on your site for a long time with the hope that he or she will complete a sale.

Link authority

Internal links can increase backlink authority from one page to another. They’re useful for new web content or articles which virtually don’t receive right away any sort of authority or recognition. With the help of deep links coming from your homepage or cornerstone page, you can have your new web content ranked higher or indexed faster.

Here are some of the best practices when it comes to using the internal linking structure:

  • Follow a pyramid formation. Let your homepage rest at the top — directly beneath cornerstone pages or category pages that link to product pages or relevant blogs.
  • Place a relevant link in your content that would serve as a source material to your readers. Be wary of irrelevant links as they result in bounces and likewise disrupt user experience.
  • Consider bolding content links so they’ll visually stand out from the rest.
  • Make sure your webpage doesn’t contain broken links. If possible, place your links on a sidebar to relevant webpages or at the end of articles. This has been found effective in keeping users to interact with your site.
  • Optimize your anchor texts by making sure they reflect the topic or the title of the landing site that’s being linked to. Also, ensure keyword variations in the anchor text structure to prevent the latter from being tagged as spam.
  • Make your call-to-action button big, bold, and optimized for various devices. It should also be available on each webpage so it can be easily clicked on by users.


We can help you

Get the most out of internal links by refining them to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. With years of experience in SEO, Drive Traffic Media can help you succeed in your digital marketing endeavor. Contact us today at (949) 800-6990 and we’ll discuss ways to strengthen your online presence.

19 Aug 2017
Signs It's About Time to Redesign Your Website

Signs It’s About Time to Redesign Your Website

Functional websites require constant updates due to the fact that we’d need to adapt to the frequent changes on the Internet. Slack off a bit and you’ll see your website dive steeply to the bottom of the search results pages.

At first glance, everything may seem okay. But if you’ll look very closely, there could be telltale signs you’ll already need to revamp your site.

Here are some things you should watch out:


High bounce rate

When examining the web analytics, don’t forget to check the bounce rate. This is the rate at which your online visitors are leaving your site. If bounce rate is high, this may be because your site loads extremely slow, experiences technical errors, and offers poor user experience.

Therefore, your website should be coherent and easy to navigate for the average user.

Poor mobile responsiveness

With the advent of mobile devices, more users are hooked into their tablets or smartphones than on their computers. In fact, over 50% of web searches were found to be carried out on mobile devices.

Think with Google is an excellent tool you can use to evaluate your site’s responsiveness on mobile devices. From there, you’ll get an idea on how many visitors you’ll potentially lose due to loading time, poor user experience, and technical errors.

Outdated web design

When was the last time you updated your site? If that was a year ago, then, by all means, update it. If you remember the 1990s websites, they often have those blinking buttons, heavy graphics, and neon colors. Obviously, they no longer look appealing in our current time.

What’s popular now is the modular design which uses a flexible template that can be adapted to various types of content.


Do you think your site is up for a huge change?

After spending all your energy building a site, you’ll probably think there’s nothing else that needs to be done. The truth is you’ll have to be constantly checking for what’s new and what’s outdated. Never ignore your website’s analytics and act fast when needed.

We understand redesigning a website to stay on top may be a daunting task. That’s why an expert SEO company like Drive Traffic Media exists. Call us today at (949) 800-6990 and let’s talk SEO.