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24 Nov 2017
SEO Orange County Get your customers' attention

How To Implement An SEO Strategy That Works

If you’re looking to keep your SEO sharp, the odds are that you already know that keeping up-to-date is important. But when strategizing SEO, businesses have an array of choices. How do you know where you should focus your attention? How can you maximize the financial impact of your investment, both of time and of money? Some SEO strategies have proven to be more powerful than others. Here are a few particularly excellent gambits:

Optimize For Mobile Customers

According to Forbes, more people than ever use their mobile devices to browse the internet. In fact, mobile devices are used more than desktops. The big search engines like Google have noticed this, and now they more heavily weight your mobile site. This means that any SEO strategy that doesn’t prioritize your mobile site and mobile content is leaving you behind.

Go Local

Another effect of the increase of mobile browsing/searching is that local optimization matters more than ever. If your customers are searching for “Orange County nail salons” on their phones, for example, and you’re optimized only for “nail salons,” your site might not show up on their search. A local SEO company is particularly useful in this regard: as it can help you think of and optimize for keywords that you might not know you need to use. Even if you do a fair amount of non-local business, make sure you are optimized for both local and national keywords.

Ask And Answer Questions To Optimize For Rich Answers

What’s a rich answer? It’s a small piece of text that a search engine will display in response to a query, rather than making the user click through to a website. For instance, if you search “what year did the Beatles break up?” you might be given a rich answer display of “1970” with a snippet of text from Wikipedia. Search engines don’t make up these answers, but rather lift them from quality sites. Asking relevant questions, and correctly and concisely answering them, can give your SEO a boost.


Use Awesome Links AND Awesome Content

Most people with a passing knowledge of SEO know that including quality links is important, but you might not know exactly how important good links are: they’re one of the top three ways Google decides how to rank sites.

But excellent links aren’t enough by themselves. If your content is old or lackluster, links aren’t going to nudge your search rank higher. Rather, if you’ve already got excellent, relevant content, great links can be the catalyst that puts your site over the top.

Great SEO requires you to stay up-to-date, concentrate on strategies with a high return on investment, and create a volume of high-quality content. Some businesses can manage this in-house, while others realize that their time would be better spent concentrating on the core competencies that make them money. Whether you put in the time to do it yourself or hire an experienced SEO company, concentrating on the most effective SEO strategies can boost your company’s visibility and your bottom line.




12 Most Effective SEO Strategies –
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20 Sep 2017

Get Your Content Noticed: Repurposing Strategies That Work

What could be more exciting than to grab the huge opportunity to reach your customers regardless of where they are right now through online marketing?

How, you may ask. Simple! Bring them back to your site in the form of massive traffic and sales! The Internet changes every second and now is the chance to maximize your content marketing through the implementation of content repurposing strategies on various social media platforms.

What does repurposing content mean? It means you have to reinvent your content (neither reuse nor recycle an old piece of content) but maintain the integrity of the original one. Repurposing content has to be useful, creative, and compelling.

Why Is It Important to Repurpose Content? As a busy business owner, why would you spend too much time writing an entirely new content? Content repurposing is good for SEO…it allows you to imagine, use new ideas and unlimited marketing strategies with your most favorite content, present it with a different style and spring it into action to get more sales. Attract and encourage target audience using multiple mediums, and increase customer retention as you spread your message in different formats where they most engage.


How Do You Repurpose Content?


  1. Repurpose Your Most Popular Written Content

So, which content is worth repurposing? Take a look at your previous post and determine the most traffic it brought in over the last year. Replace old facts and remove irrelevant information. Update examples and review related links before sharing your newly repurpose content multiple times on various marketing channels like Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Create Slideshows

Slideshows were very popular in college lectures even in business presentations. Slides are visually appealing and can be a compelling way to convey a message to your audience. Quality information presented in a compelling design and format is a smart technique to repurpose your content. SlideShare used by LinkedIn is easy to work on and can be quickly distributed among employees or customers for reference.


  1. Repurpose and Distribute through Email

Business owners sometimes struggle in creating emails especially in developing consistent and valuable content for customers. Repurposing content through email is a good tactic to reach out to clients who subscribed to your newsletter.


Repurpose your content and reap all its benefits. Learn how by calling one of the SEO company experts like Drive Traffic Media. Talk to us at (949) 800-6990 today!


25 Aug 2017
How to Get the Most Out of Internal Links

How to Get the Most Out of Internal Links

Internal links are hyperlinks that connect a webpage to another page on the same website. They’re essential such that they can help improve a website’s SEO and user experience. All you need is a regular audit from a reputable SEO company to make sure your internal links can be crawled or can take advantage of the SEO value of other hyperlinks.

Here, we’ll show you the real value of internal links and briefly explain their importance in your marketing initiatives.


User experience

A good interlinking structure offers a functional navigation bar and a drop down menu which has links to relevant topics. They’re designed to satisfy user intent and encourage SEO-rich website interaction. The goal is to make the visitor stay on your site for a long time with the hope that he or she will complete a sale.

Link authority

Internal links can increase backlink authority from one page to another. They’re useful for new web content or articles which virtually don’t receive right away any sort of authority or recognition. With the help of deep links coming from your homepage or cornerstone page, you can have your new web content ranked higher or indexed faster.

Here are some of the best practices when it comes to using the internal linking structure:

  • Follow a pyramid formation. Let your homepage rest at the top — directly beneath cornerstone pages or category pages that link to product pages or relevant blogs.
  • Place a relevant link in your content that would serve as a source material to your readers. Be wary of irrelevant links as they result in bounces and likewise disrupt user experience.
  • Consider bolding content links so they’ll visually stand out from the rest.
  • Make sure your webpage doesn’t contain broken links. If possible, place your links on a sidebar to relevant webpages or at the end of articles. This has been found effective in keeping users to interact with your site.
  • Optimize your anchor texts by making sure they reflect the topic or the title of the landing site that’s being linked to. Also, ensure keyword variations in the anchor text structure to prevent the latter from being tagged as spam.
  • Make your call-to-action button big, bold, and optimized for various devices. It should also be available on each webpage so it can be easily clicked on by users.


We can help you

Get the most out of internal links by refining them to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. With years of experience in SEO, Drive Traffic Media can help you succeed in your digital marketing endeavor. Contact us today at (949) 800-6990 and we’ll discuss ways to strengthen your online presence.

19 Aug 2017
Signs It's About Time to Redesign Your Website

Signs It’s About Time to Redesign Your Website

Functional websites require constant updates due to the fact that we’d need to adapt to the frequent changes on the Internet. Slack off a bit and you’ll see your website dive steeply to the bottom of the search results pages.

At first glance, everything may seem okay. But if you’ll look very closely, there could be telltale signs you’ll already need to revamp your site.

Here are some things you should watch out:


High bounce rate

When examining the web analytics, don’t forget to check the bounce rate. This is the rate at which your online visitors are leaving your site. If bounce rate is high, this may be because your site loads extremely slow, experiences technical errors, and offers poor user experience.

Therefore, your website should be coherent and easy to navigate for the average user.

Poor mobile responsiveness

With the advent of mobile devices, more users are hooked into their tablets or smartphones than on their computers. In fact, over 50% of web searches were found to be carried out on mobile devices.

Think with Google is an excellent tool you can use to evaluate your site’s responsiveness on mobile devices. From there, you’ll get an idea on how many visitors you’ll potentially lose due to loading time, poor user experience, and technical errors.

Outdated web design

When was the last time you updated your site? If that was a year ago, then, by all means, update it. If you remember the 1990s websites, they often have those blinking buttons, heavy graphics, and neon colors. Obviously, they no longer look appealing in our current time.

What’s popular now is the modular design which uses a flexible template that can be adapted to various types of content.


Do you think your site is up for a huge change?

After spending all your energy building a site, you’ll probably think there’s nothing else that needs to be done. The truth is you’ll have to be constantly checking for what’s new and what’s outdated. Never ignore your website’s analytics and act fast when needed.

We understand redesigning a website to stay on top may be a daunting task. That’s why an expert SEO company like Drive Traffic Media exists. Call us today at (949) 800-6990 and let’s talk SEO.


15 Aug 2017

Digital Marketing Concepts That Can Elevate Your Business

For a marketing program to work, it should include special ingredients such as good strategies, realistic goals, and a wisely targeted audience. You need not be a marketing guru to become successful. You simply have to listen to the voice of the experts and not take for granted the opinions of your customers.

Here are some ways you can elevate your Internet marketing programs:

Make the most out of the misfit advantage

Don’t be afraid to explore new things and unleash your creative side. A lot of times, it’s the misfit that gets noticed more easily. Show the world what you’ve got.

Supercharge by doing less

A huge majority of visitors online don’t spend much time on websites. You, therefore, need to come up with some short, yet high-quality article, video, or infographics. That way, the chance your readers will get back to your site will be a lot higher.

Engage your community

It’s very easy to overwhelm customers with tons of information. You can establish trust in advertising by asking them to participate in marketing campaigns. Engage your readers by posting content that’s fun, educational, and creative.

Improve customer experience by being authentic

There are two things that effectively connect customers to brands: purpose and authenticity. Enhance customer experience by organizing your insights based on their questions, actions, and feelings. Also, invest in your brand so it can make a human influence.

Regularly audit your social accounts

Take time to search your products and brands on all social networks. If there are things you don’t like, you’ll likely need to improve the way you’re managing your digital reputation.

Be relevant and remain updated

You can improve engagement on your page by updating or adding content on your site that is relevant to the current situation. You can also extend your reach by building internal links to your new article or video from existing content. Hint: Use Search Console or Google Analytics to search for top pages that drive organic traffic and conversion.


So what now?

Don’t get stuck to one strategy and don’t be afraid to explore what’s in and what’s out in the marketing world. Be an influencer in your own way. Moreover, collaborate with experts and engage with your customers.

This is easier said than done, but you can get things positively going with the help of an SEO company such as Drive Traffic Media. Contact us today at (949) 800-6990.

11 Aug 2017

Things You Can Do If Your Site Ranking Has Dropped

Fluctuations in search ranking are almost always inevitable. This is especially true as search engines such as Google frequently roll out real-time algorithm updates. This doesn’t only sometimes cause algorithmic penalties, but it also causes search rankings to head into the wrong direction.

Here are some easy ways to prevent your site ranking from dropping:

Review the ABCs of your website

Make sure your site is not lacking the basic essentials of a successful website. It should:

  • Effectively represent your company and its objectives
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Have a structure that’s easy to navigate
  • Give you access to statistics that guide you in making marketing decisions

Evaluate your site’s SEO elements

Take time to scrutinize your site’s homepage title, metatags, headings, and other SEO elements. For example, check if your homepage title and metatags are optimized or if they are displaying correctly on your site.

Always check out for search engine’s algorithm updates

Follow popular influencers such as Gary Illyes, Barry Schwartz, and Danny Goodwin to remain on top of the recent developments. If you think you’re up-to-date and that you’re doing things the right way, consider checking your web’s content, layout, and load time.

Find essential information in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers tons of information such as how visitors found your site, things they did while on your site,  possible reasons they left before making a purchase, etc. You can even segment your audience by desktop and mobile browsers.

Monitor your site’s backlink profile

As you know, backlinks are important as they help prove your site’s trustworthiness and value. If you only have a small backlink profile or have a couple of links from spammy websites, then that would really hurt your ranking.



There’s no problem too big or small when it comes to SEO or web optimization. Instead of panicking, do your homework and make sure not to skip the basics.

You can contact an expert SEO company too. With several years of experience in social media and online marketing, Drive Traffic Media can help you determine what’s needed to put yourself on top. Contact us today at (949) 800-6990 and we’ll help you make a difference in the digital world.



09 Aug 2017
SEO mistakes to avoid

Common SEO Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

Running a business is never easy. Aside from the investment, you need to be determined and be always willing to learn new things. The fact that you’ll be multitasking, for the most part, makes you prone to committing some mistakes.

As an expert SEO company, we’ve observed a couple of SEO faults that small businesses repeatedly do. We hope that, by avoiding all these, you’ll be able to grow your online business faster and enjoy the fruits of your hardwork.

Here are the SEO mistakes you should avoid:


Expecting very quick results

Putting in a lot of work to perfectly optimize your website does not necessarily mean you’ll get to the online search ranking fast. In reality, it takes quite some time as you would have to first establish your expertise and online reputation. You can achieve this by regularly publishing quality content.

Writing content mainly for SEO and not for people

SEO is important for your website to rank favorably in online results. However, you should take into consideration the people who’ll be reading your content.

While it’s good to strategically play with your keywords all throughout the article, it’s also important that they make sense to the people reading them. This means your keywords should sound and fit naturally to make a good read.

Focusing alone on traffic

Much of your efforts are undoubtedly focused on driving more traffic to your website. However, don’t get too excited with the traffic your site is getting. Focus on what’s important — conversions. By analyzing which pages are giving you the highest conversions, you’ll easily know what needs to be improved to make your business grow.

Overlooking the alt-text of the image

As we know, images or videos are good ways of drawing more visitors to your website.

Search engines don’t have a means of identifying or processing images except by reading the alt-text or the “alternative text.” Be creative in your alt-text by giving your images a helpful and meaningful description and by incorporating relevant keywords.

Underestimating the importance of social media

Social media is not only for lazy or bored people who don’t have something to do during their free time. Through the years, social media has emerged as an essential place where customers share their experience, buy goods or services, and a lot more.

Make the most out of social media’s popularity by adding links to your FB or Twitter pages on your website. You can also add your business on local listing sites such as Yelp and Google for Business.


Are you ready to take your SEO efforts to the next level?

If you are, contact Drive Traffic Media today at (949) 800-6990. We’ll help setup your site to let customers find you easily. Most of all, we’ll get it to drive more sales for your business.

04 Aug 2017

Why It’s Important to Perform an SEO Audit

When you run a business, it’s your job to measure and analyze some key performance indicators (KPI). This is important most especially if you’re serious about staying ahead of your competitors. The same goes with SEO. No matter how tedious the process is, there’s no reason to stop even if you’re already ranking comfortably in search engines. You have to scrutinize your SEO efforts and determine areas that need improvement.

In this article, we’ll outline what needs to be done during an SEO audit. You’ll soon see that the whole process is straightforward, but is influential on how your site performs in the long run.

Initial Phase

An SEO audit would give you an idea on how well your SEO efforts are faring. There are a lot of SEO tactics that one can use but they are not guaranteed to work everytime. Bottom line, your SEO techniques should be tailored fit to the needs of your site and business. That way, you’ll know if your SEO efforts are effective or not.

Before you start doing an SEO audit, make sure to get these things done first:

Crawl your own site

Crawling your site would quickly let you know which sections are inaccessible to search engines. It will likewise tell you which pages are indexable or not.
Know what search engines say about your site
Often, crawling a site is not enough to get the data you need. You can’t right away assume that the crawlable sections of your site can be found in the databases of search engines. Using a set of webmaster tools, you’ll know which pages on your site made it in Google or in Bing’s database.

And now, the SEO Audit…

1) Closely examine accessibility and indexability

This step involves:
• Checking if you have accidentally blocked crawlers or incorrectly indexed a section of your site
• Look for some 404 error and bad redirects
• Make sure your XML sitemap is readable, functioning, and up-to-date
• Check your site’s architecture, speed of loading, and use of JavaScript/Flash

2) Analyze your site’s on-page ranking factors

The most basic on-page ranking factors are :
• Site URLs
• Web content
• Outbound links
• Meta tags
• Javascript, Images, etc.

3) Also look closely at your site’s off-page ranking factors

The most basic off-page ranking factors are :
• Number of backlinks
• Quality of backlinks
• Your site’s position on reputable ranking services
• Inclusion of social media

4) See how your site fares in the competition

So what do you think?
An SEO audit can take several days or weeks to complete. No matter how time consuming or costly it might be, it’s always worth it. Take time to perform audits once a month or every after three months. This would not only save yourself from trouble but will likewise give you an edge in site rankings.
An SEO company like Drive Traffic Media can help you do all this. Call us today at (949) 800-6990 and together we’ll make things possible.

08 Jul 2017

How To Rank Through Blogs

How To Rank Through Blogs

For most clients who want to develop a content strategy to rank for more keywords, one should take the time to sketch out better techniques and implement them. Blog writing, as often described, is the best way to increase traffic to your website and deliver outstanding conversion results.


Whether you focus on e-commerce, lead generation or self-service blogs, hiring a white hat SEO company to do it for your business can be regarded as a long-term investment; and it’s best to start saving early!


There is evidence to suggest that investing in blog marketing today will pay dividends for years to come.  Putting up a blog section on your website or publishing blogs often will help your site gain search engine results or SERPS when Google notice it.


Here are some important steps to consider to optimize your blog posts so they can help your website rank:


Write Useful blogs.  It is important when creating content to ask yourself what consumers might be searching for when they need a product or search for a service. Are they only searching for curiosity or purchase?


Make sure to create content of your target audience wants and needs. Also, communicate what your content is to search engines so they can share it with your target audience, and use your blogs as a point where your readers can interact by posting it on social media platforms.


People in all walks of life are constantly looking for information online! Thus,  blogging is one way to feed the demand for information. Remember to always think about your reader.  Focus on them as the SEO part of the equation will take care of itself once your blogs supply the best user-experience.


Create URLs relevant to the blog topics.  Use dashes instead of underscores and avoid using numbers as URLs. It’s easy for readers to understand URLs similar to your blog title rather than having numbers as URLs.


Another great way to improve ranking is through HTML tagging techniques. When creating content or a blog, you should include your relevant keywords, at least 50 in variation like splitting keywords as this could exponentially improve your SEO ranking.


Don’t allow your website to suffer without SEO blogs! Give us a call at 949-800-6990 and let us teach you how to improve your ranking through blogging.


05 Jul 2017

Why SEO Is Important for Foundations and Charities

Your website is the destination for your potential and current customers because this is where they can obtain the information they want and need to know about you and your business.

While SEO is always changing, there are two difficult questions typically facing Charities or Foundation: why should I worry about SEO, and how do I go about optimizing my website?

Below are some reasons why every charity or non-profit organization should engage in SEO:

1. It does increase awareness. SEO is often considered to be the window to the charity website’s world. An SEO company can help drive traffic and will give people the chance to see for themselves what your foundation or charity is doing. They will shows what your charity does, and at the same time, help engage with your supporters or donors for you to easily raise funds.

2. The key strategic goal of most foundations is to raise money to support their service. SEO is a great way to drive visitors or potential benefactors to your online donation page. Relatively, if the goal is to get more people to donate, then you must understand that you need to provide a high level of engagement.

3. New Supporters. If most of your search traffic is branded, it will show up to the people who already know about you as they’re already your possible supporters. But what about those who do general searches for issues relevant to your cause? SEO can get you seen by potential new volunteers, donors or fundraisers as long as your website is optimized with the proper search terms or phrases. This is where an SEO company can help as they can look for high volume keywords and use those on the target pages of your website.

4. SEO can increase trust and credibility in a charity. It is understandable that if the name of your charity or brand terms fails to list on the first few results in Google searches it immediately weakens your reputation. SEO helps in providing you pre-qualified visitors who are already engaged and are familiar with your organization.

Finally, with search engines becoming increasingly reactive, incorporating topical issues, news, and events and integrating social media too, can also increase the reach and impact of your SEO campaign.