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01 Jun 2017

Links: Relevance Versus Authority

Business owners who want to pursue online growth can’t pass up organic marketing as a channel. Based on a study conducted by BrightEge, organic SEO Orange County directs the majority of online traffic while links drive rankings in organic search. So, if a search is paramount to your online business then so are links. Links are success indicators of a successful online marketing campaign.

But not every link had the same value nor are they created equal. Which is important then, relevance or authority? Link builders always consider these two metrics as these are part of the overall evaluation of a specific link. In an online world, authoritative and highly relevant links are what we usually seek and secure for our sites. The answer to the question whether to choose between relevance and authority is quite difficult. Beginner link builders find it very challenging to pick which of the two metrics to consider as they begin the challenging process of securing links.

As a business owner what would you choose? Would you rather have a high-authority link with low relevance or a highly relevant link with low authority? Here are some of the hypothetical and valuable insights shared by the link builder experts.

Relevance vs. Authority

  1. Highly relevant links improve SEO rankings.
  2. Highly relevant link receives a greater amount of traffic compared to a page with high authority link.
  3. More relevant links increase the chances of opening doors to targeted audiences to browse your site.
  4. A site that has more relevance can help the business grow and increase its conversion.
  5. Relevant links have a greater impact on the algorithm.
  6. Higher relevance link is a better customer experience.
  7. The relevance of the link won’t change, but low authority of a site can always increase over time.
  8. High authority sites don’t allow anchor text while relevant sites implement it.
  9. No relevance sites may be discounted even with links from high-authority sites.
  10. Google can ignore low relevance links.

In terms of traffic, links are more valuable, but if your goal is with social shares, then you need to go with quality.

31 May 2017

How to Maximize Your ROI in Content Marketing

How do you stand out? Use content! According to surveys, content marketing is considered the 4th among all ROI-generating strategies in the marketing industry. The question is, are you going to settle for a positive reception of your content? Of course not! You want to maximize your ROI.

Defining the strategy and KPI’s of your SEO Orange County content marketing ROI depends on two dimensions: Your ultimate results i.e. traffic and lead conversion and Your overall input as the business owner.

Here are the following tips to apply to significantly maximize your ROI in content marketing and build your connection with the target audience:

  • Be efficient by writing down your strategy/ies, define your goals,  and assign clear roles to everyone involved.
  • Use automation like social media scheduler on your content marketing when needed.
  • You have to have an understanding of your market and the purpose of your content.
  • Define whether you need to engage with the same group on the market or attract a newer one.
  • People expect to be entertained, that they will be told stories, that they will be provided solutions and be given experiences when they read so make sure you write content with any of these goals in mind.
  • Campaigns are ensured to connect across various channels if you leverage on owned, earned and paid approach. To further level up your organic search and business performance to you need to adopt a consumer-centric approach.  This is a kind of approach wherein even if you create less content; you are ensured that whatever content you create can influence and will live across channels.
  • Avoid or even stop using platforms that don’t work or where your content don’t get published.  Drop what isn’t working and focus on what is.
  • Target more niche keywords with high search volume yet has low volume and low competition to get more attention.
  • Tap every content piece you need. Link, promote and syndicate it. It leaves permanent value so make the most of it as much as you can.  It only demands less investment that means you can rank faster and capture more people that are ready to buy!
  • Finally, try on experimenting with new demographics, new content angles, subjects, and methods of SEO content distribution. Focus on delivering content where your audience are engaged or entertained and educated.  These small changes can make a huge impact, so record your progress, and keep what works!







30 May 2017

How to Optimize Images to Benefit SEO

Website design for business needs clear, engaging, interesting and appealing images to add compelling visuals and help pull in organic traffic via search engine image results. But to get loads of extra traffic, it is recommended that you properly optimize your images for SEO.

First and foremost, choose the right image. Choosing excellent quality images should be your primary focus partnered with good resolution, correct aspect ratio and size appropriate and visible across various devices. Unappealing and irrelevant images will put your efforts to waste.

Whatever your business is, if you have a website, images is one of the tools for an eye-catching design, not to mention its role in your SEO efforts. Optimized images will help your website rank in local search queries and make them appear in search engine results page (SERPs) for you to get more website visitors.


Size of the Image File

Consider first the size of the image file. Website visitors are expecting fast-loading images or image once they click a certain web page. If images don’t load quickly, it affects the users’ experience giving them a bad impression of your website and therefore will transmit an unfavorable signal to Google. Take note that Google considers website load speed as a ranking factor. Make the right dimension when you create your image file. Compress the image if it the dimension is big, but you want the storage space to be small. Do not manipulate it. Compressing the image means the image retains a quality appearance when the file size is reduced.


Name of the Image File

Optimizing images for the web requires a simple but descriptive file name just like any digital file. This gives the search engines the opportunity to know your image belongs to an individual service or product and location.


Alternative Text (Alt Text) and Anchor Text

Let’s admit it, search engines are getting smarter with technical stuff, but they are not particularly good yet at seeing an image and identifying its content. Help describe the nature of the image by embedding “alt text” in your image. Adding a local modifier and keyword to the alternative text of an image help the search engines to understand its relevance and can better link the image with your content.

The links pointing to the image refers to the Anchor Text. It’s the web page that represents the media file of the image. Get ranked using relevant keywords found on a web page of the image file.


Geo-tagging and Citation in Meta Data

What is the accurate way to “tag” your image with a location? This can be achieved by adding a latitude and longitude coordinates as meta data into an image together with your business Name, Address and Phone information embedded on it.


Provide Google with a Sitemap

Help search engines discover all the corners of your website with a Sitemap.

Need other image tips that will help your SEO efforts? Give Drive Traffic Media a call at (949) 800-6990 today!




25 Apr 2017

Ads Remarketing and Its Benefits

Remarketing is a smart way to show ads and connect to people who use your mobile app or have visited your website but have not made immediate inquiries or purchase. When people visit your website and leave without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them as they browse somewhere else on the internet. Remarketing allows you to place targeted ads on different websites and devices.


It is like tagging people in the online world. Since target audience have seen your remarketing ads and already showed an interest in your website information and content, remarketing keeps your brand on top of your qualified users’ minds. Take Facebook, for example, people are drawn to the number one social media channel, and this is the best venue where your remarketing ads should appear and target a defined audience.

How can remarketing be a strategic piece of your advertising? Here are the benefits of remarketing:


  1. Brand awareness. The more exposure to your brand, the better are the chances for potential customers to recall or recognize a brand and will likely buy from you when they make up their mind to make a purchase.


  1. Reach Targeted Audiences. Enhance remarketing efforts by targeting potential audience based on their demographics or interests. Create ad campaigns relying on which sections of your website a user visits. Based on your preferences and bid, your ad will show up to targeted users as they browse other sites and may also appear on search engines like Google when the user search for something related to your product or service.


  1. Higher conversion rates. It is true that many site visitors do not convert into an instant sale. This greater brand awareness leads to increased conversion rates for your display ads campaigns. Remarketing keeps your prospect engaged with your product or service and in your marketing funnel.


  1. Flexible budget. You can set a remarketing budget based on how much you can afford. You have a complete control of your budget. Take note that ads only cost you if the searcher clicks on your ads.


Drive Traffic Media will help you figure out ways to reach potential customers and keep your business grow through our remarketing efforts. Call us at 949800699, 888-375-3058 or 310 341-3939.


10 Apr 2017

Tips in Choosing A Web Designer or Web Design Agency

In this fast-paced internet and mobile world, the speed, the degree of efficiency, and user satisfaction which your website offers can make or break your business. Social and mobile web marketing has dramatically changed over this past few years, giving the consumers the power to choose different purchase channels. That is why choosing a website designer or a web design agency can either bring you more business or drive your target audience away.

Here are the things to remember in choosing the right web design agency:

Proof. Ask the web designer or web design agency Orange County to provide you proof of their capabilities like case studies, client testimonials or illustrated samples of how they go about a problem and how they deliver a solution with an example of a site with similar features and goals like yours. Check out the different sites they have designed to see if their style impress you. Verify with them if they know about search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Understanding of your industry’s market. As a business owner, making sure that the site is developed with internet marketing in mind is your top priority. It is your job to find the right agency or people to deliver your company’s message in a responsive, cross-channel, and multi-performance designed website. Therefore, it is a must that the web design agency understand the many challenges you are tackling with your business, and you understand their approach as well. You will be able to see if the web designer or agency fits the bill if they understand what you want to accomplish, if they establish brand awareness for your products or services, if they maintain your customer base or if they build up your conversion of sales or return-on-investment (ROI).

User-experience. Hiring a website designer is like hiring a project manager for your site design. Your brand will suffer if your site doesn’t have visitors. So, how do you distinguish an experienced web agency and a novice? Start by asking about their focus or the most important things they have in mind. A web design agency may build you a site that they like or something that you like, but visitors may find it complicated and difficult to use. Make sure your site is designed not only to provide web experience but most especially to deliver the best user experience to its users who are accessing it on various mobile devices. User-centered design should be established to the highest level. Ask questions about site usability and what process or methodologies can they recommend for your site.  

Budget. You are responsible for your budget. Check whether they will stick within your budget or if they will keep on suggesting add-ons that elevate the cost of your site. Ask for proof that the web design agency Orange County can provide a service or website that brings ROI, then additional cost is not a deal breaker.

Drive Traffic Media can help people find your business on the internet bringing you traffic and a great number of potential customers who will enjoy user-experience with your website. Call us at (949) 800 6990, (866) 375-3058 or 310 341-3939 for your free website evaluation.


06 Apr 2017

5 Steps in Hiring the Best SEO Company

Search engine optimization is the art and science of using techniques to send signals to search engines that your site has useful, valuable, and relevant content that can be shared with others who search online for something similar.

As search engines remain productive in updating their algorithms and in providing a reliable end user experience, hiring an SEO company Orange County is considered a daunting task more than ever.

Here are the steps:


  1. Set proper goals. The first phase for any business when they start an online marketing campaign is to decide on what you really need.  It will make the process more intuitive and will allow you to have clear goals.  If you are not familiar with SEO, you may want to decide on other strategies where your ultimate goals to increase your sales is accomplished.


  1. Choose the best SEO company. If you have decided what you need from an SEO Company, it is now time to start looking around. Sit down with several companies that might be a good fit for your business and discuss the details you are looking for.  Most companies offer free consultations because that will showcase their work so try to take advantage of this offer.


  1. Know your agency’s background. Once you have decided, get you SEO company to tell their stories about how they started, their best and worst experiences with clients, and of course their core values. As you begin the process, you may also want to come up with the criteria that you want your SEO company to have.

When selecting an SEO Company, it would also be helpful to look and check what have they done and the results that they have produced. References from happy customers would be necessary as it will provide assurance that your SEO company can deliver what they have promised.


  1. Set your budget and be reasonable with the results it will give. It is also recommended to give your SEO Company a budget, so they know what you can afford, and they can also fine-tune their plan for your company.  Give the best estimate of the work that can be done so that they can also meet your goals reasonably.


  1. Be realistic. You should also have a clear understanding that search engine results positions constantly change. So be careful if the agency promises that they’ll rank your site in a matter of a month or two! 


SEO Orange County is a long-term strategy. When you find the right SEO company Orange County, you will receive the best support you can have from the professional team dedicated to your success. It will eventually lead to a successful partnership and achievement of your business goals once you give it enough time and patience.



05 Apr 2017

5 Powerful Benefits of SEO

You have heard about SEO, and you are somewhat convinced SEO works very well for different kinds of businesses. Did you ever wonder why it’s so powerful?

SEO Orange County allows you to connect with people searching for your product and service and eventually convert them into buyers and local customers.  As a business owner, it is important to promote your company and that SEO should be a part of that plan.

Let’s spotlight the role of  Search Engine Optimization in marketing and communicating.

  1. SEO  is not a  cost, but it is an investment with high returns. Think about lifting your rank to the top. It does increase sales without sacrificing your marketing costs but will potentially grow your profits over time.
  1. It could turn the spotlight on your sales. SEO is open seven days a week, available all year long, does not call in sick nor reports late to work but pulls in sales round the clock.
  1. SEO will stay and will never disappear. It will be around as long as there is the internet. It will continue to evolve so that your business can adapt the necessary SEO  techniques and methods to maintain your rankings.
  1. SEO is convenient. The Internet provides a favorable way for your business to be searched as it can be done in the comfort of your potential customers’ homes or mobile devices.  So, If you want to be found online, then you need SEO because a solid strategy in place can tremendously increase the odds of your business getting potential customers.
  1. Consider SEO as your digital calling card. It can multiply your impact by getting your website in front your targeted eyeballs.  It ensures that your website appears to the right people and gets viewed!  These eventually turns them into qualified leads and converts them into cash-spending consumers.

Based on how the search engines are developing,  SEO Orange County is more important now than ever before.  So why not embark on an SEO campaign that will make all these difference? Call Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375- 3058 and let our white-hat SEO strategies give your business ranking, traffic and investment returns.

28 Mar 2017

Steps to Sizzle Your PPC Campaign

Pay per Click is recognized as an effective advertising campaign solution to get traffic to the website and increase conversion rate. On the other hand, some owners would consider this a risky campaign because of their limited understanding on how to set up and run it.

Goal Setting. The most challenging stage is to set goals for your campaign. Campaigns fail because owners and marketers alike do not put enough effort in the preliminary stages.

Take some opportunity to decide what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.  Take a look at the latest PPC trends and perform an initial analysis to help you define clear and measurable goals.


Choosing Keywords. Determining what keyword should go with your marketing campaign is the next step. Looking for potential keywords for your business, beginning with the most precise and relevant phrases for your niche or topic, is one of the most important steps to optimize your campaign.


Budget. In any project, budget settings come as the next essential step especially when there is plenty of keywords competition. However, if you have a tight budget turning PPC campaigns on and off based on the season(s) or a holiday would be a comprehensive strategy for maximizing your returns on investment (ROI).


Ad Placement Targeting. Another strategy to work is to create a placement targeting of your Google Adwords. Placement Targeting allows you to choose websites or a section of where you want your ads to show. It is a strategy to test out advertising on a site or section of the site that has a rate card beyond your current budget. Decide on how and where your ad will appear and how to drive visitors to your landing page. Get it to your target audience.


Location. Target a specific location to ensure that people who are in the geographical market will see your ad.


Language, Network, and Devices. Ensure your ads will appear on specific devices, are available on your product’s dominant market language, and ad servers are up all the time.


To make your PPC campaign sizzle, synchronize the message you want to push in your PPC ads and the message in PR, online media buys as well as print advertising. Through this, your company’s presence, brand recognition, and product/service trust are solidified.  Determine which PPC strategy is best for your online business and always test which works best.

27 Mar 2017

Short Form Versus Long Form Content

A content marketing strategy can either have a long-form or short-form content. With people around the globe more connected than ever, long-form and short-form content can be a great tool to help online customers looking for answers to their questions about a product or service. For businesses, this offers great opportunities to reach new leads and engage with loyal customers.

But is the short-form content better for your business than the long-form content? Short form content may lack ideas and of little depth, and long-form as tedious. Each content has its potential downsides, but both types of content play an essential part in your business marketing mix for you to see the results you want. As business owners, you have the control on how to serve your company’s purpose by planning and executing good content. Digital marketers nowadays see to it that the content they want to read also meet their needs. Consider and understand the needs of your target audience and write impressive content that addresses their needs.

There is no proven process to determine the best length of content to write for your online marketing success. However, the best length of marketing content depends on your target audience, your product or service, and your business goals.

If you want to capture and gather engagement from your audience, then the short-form content is advisable. Short-form content is usually around 1,000 words. Examples of short-form content include blog content, infographics, and social media posts.

If you wish to educate and inform it is best that you go with the long-form content. Long-form content is typically around 1,500 – 2,000 words. Long-form content is the best marketing strategy when your product or services

a. require more commitment to purchase,
b. if you need to showcase the quality of your product,
c. if you’re into information-based marketing,
d. if you have a new product or service that your audience has little knowledge and you need to explain properly for a proper pitch.

Examples of long-form content include webinars, long blog posts, e-books and case studies.

You can try to convert short-form to long-form and vice versa to repurpose your marketing content and make it available to a broader audience. Need help with your content marketing strategies? Call Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375-3058.

24 Mar 2017

How LinkedIn Helps You Get Leads Or a Better Job

Online job hunting has never been this easy. LinkedIn, the number one social media networking tool has undergone a new makeover that presents new features to make your network of connections grow faster. The availability to connect to hundreds of millions of professionals around the globe makes job hunting even easier. This evolution of digital landscape gives you the power to utilize LinkedIn to its full potential.


Play smart and increase the possibility of landing your dream job by making use of the new LinkedIn updates.


  1. Your LinkedIn profile is the page that describes you. The latest profile design aims to let you and other LinkedIn users experience easier navigation and options to making your looks more magnetic so that employers can easily discover you when they search for top rank candidates. Update your profile and start attracting your dream opportunity. Create an impressive and interesting look that would position you at the top of search results by adding media that would show the blown-out version of your project with your description to your experience section. Recent posts and activity are highlighted in the new design making your profile alluring to the eyes of job recruiters.


  1. The new messaging feature allows you to not only stay in touch with people you already know but the responses to InMail lets you respond instantly to people who contacts you whether or not you’re interested. Getting back to their messages is so much simpler that it leaves you no excuse not to respond. It is always free to send a message to your list of connections, but take note, reaching out to a stranger for free can be done by sending an invite and clicking the “Connect” button.


  1. Reaching out to Job Recruiters. Who’s going to click your updated LinkeIn profile? Although it would be great if you can just sit back and relax and wait for recruiters to actively search you and reach out to you offering you a platter of different jobs, it is helpful and best to let them know you are looking for one. There is a new way to reach recruiters with the updated version of LinkedIn. Simply go to “Jobs” page and click “Update Preferences.” Here, you have the option to add a location where you would like to see jobs, select the experience levels and industry you are interested in and the size of the company you would like to work for. Don’t forget to toggle the tab “Let recruiters know you’re open.”

Get ready to land that dream job! For more info about the new LinkedIn updates or if you need to start LinkedIn marketing for your business, get in touch with Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375-3058.