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12 Apr 2017

Why Choose WordPress Web Design?

WordPress is considered to be a  fastest-growing CMS software in the market today. While its main functionality is to allow easy blog experience, this software has enabled the creation of sophisticated websites and over time it became its content management system.

It is the easiest to use CMS because of its friendly interface with some plugins that enable extension of its functionalities in various ways.

User experience. There may be many resources which are helping users customize and enhance WordPress but it’s still imperative to ask for professional help to ensure your business is providing a user-centric experience. A WordPress site may look great and may function well, but it’s essential that it serves its users as what is expected of it. With its automatic functions and friendly interface, WordPress experts know precisely what to do to achieve this.

Ready assistance in Every Issue. A web design company Orange County will not only provide you with solutions but also commit to offering you support whenever you needed it.

A WordPress web development company may let you hire WordPress designers for as long as you need. You may hire them for several hours of work, to tweak a theme for example or install web store applications, or you may engage in a long-term collaboration.

When any problem arises, you can ask for help right away instead of wasting time and trying to find the answer to your queries and learn how to fix your site on your own.

Time saver. Having a WordPress web development company working for you means you are saving weeks, maybe months of your precious time. You can better focus on your business so you’re free to concentrate on other matters at hand – money, investment, business partnerships, resources, etc., instead of trying to figure out how to build your site and make it work as expected.

Professionally Made Web Store Solutions. Professionals will select the best e-commerce solutions and make them work flawlessly on your website.

Brand Establishment. With a WordPress web development company or specialist, you can discuss your brand and create its identity from scratch.  There are a lot of room in every element of the site to convey your brand’s identity.

In the end, paying for web developers or a web design company Orange County to do the web design work may prove to be the economical solution as it is a no hit-and-miss.

10 Apr 2017

Tips in Choosing A Web Designer or Web Design Agency

In this fast-paced internet and mobile world, the speed, the degree of efficiency, and user satisfaction which your website offers can make or break your business. Social and mobile web marketing has dramatically changed over this past few years, giving the consumers the power to choose different purchase channels. That is why choosing a website designer or a web design agency can either bring you more business or drive your target audience away.

Here are the things to remember in choosing the right web design agency:

Proof. Ask the web designer or web design agency Orange County to provide you proof of their capabilities like case studies, client testimonials or illustrated samples of how they go about a problem and how they deliver a solution with an example of a site with similar features and goals like yours. Check out the different sites they have designed to see if their style impress you. Verify with them if they know about search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Understanding of your industry’s market. As a business owner, making sure that the site is developed with internet marketing in mind is your top priority. It is your job to find the right agency or people to deliver your company’s message in a responsive, cross-channel, and multi-performance designed website. Therefore, it is a must that the web design agency understand the many challenges you are tackling with your business, and you understand their approach as well. You will be able to see if the web designer or agency fits the bill if they understand what you want to accomplish, if they establish brand awareness for your products or services, if they maintain your customer base or if they build up your conversion of sales or return-on-investment (ROI).

User-experience. Hiring a website designer is like hiring a project manager for your site design. Your brand will suffer if your site doesn’t have visitors. So, how do you distinguish an experienced web agency and a novice? Start by asking about their focus or the most important things they have in mind. A web design agency may build you a site that they like or something that you like, but visitors may find it complicated and difficult to use. Make sure your site is designed not only to provide web experience but most especially to deliver the best user experience to its users who are accessing it on various mobile devices. User-centered design should be established to the highest level. Ask questions about site usability and what process or methodologies can they recommend for your site.  

Budget. You are responsible for your budget. Check whether they will stick within your budget or if they will keep on suggesting add-ons that elevate the cost of your site. Ask for proof that the web design agency Orange County can provide a service or website that brings ROI, then additional cost is not a deal breaker.

Drive Traffic Media can help people find your business on the internet bringing you traffic and a great number of potential customers who will enjoy user-experience with your website. Call us at (949) 800 6990, (866) 375-3058 or 310 341-3939 for your free website evaluation.


26 May 2016

Website Redesign And How To Make It Sell Better

It is an extremely exciting process to redesign a website! Yes, it is essential to have a great looking website to pretty much convert your visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, visual designers overlooked SEO, traffic, and content which are supposed to be the ultimate gauge in the success  of a website. Many have been fooled believing that the web design alone will increase or at least improve revenue. The reality is, the new design can increase a customer’s trust and only later will it turn or increase sales rates.

Here are some few strategies or better approaches we could use in redesigning a website:

Make Research or get motivated to do Research. Yes, the design agency that you will hire will do that but your company needs to do it as well. It is important that you have a website goal that will help you decide as to what direction you’re heading towards. And if you need changes made or content rewrites, communicate with your designer what you want and who your target market is.

Benchmarking is another way to test whether the existing information on your website works. Look what else is out there by checking the list of competitors, the most popular pages, which delivers the most leads or sales. Through this proven techniques, you will be able to compare their strengths and weaknesses but at the same time, get opportunities and features you can highlight and or avoid.

Website Structure is another great opportunity to enhance optimal visibility and conversions as well. It is where you can test the effectiveness of your website. Make sure that it is easy to understand. Remember that the main goal in redesigning is not just because you’re bored or your boss wants it red rather than blue. Focus on the result of having more visitors, bigger sales and the higher percentage of paying customers.

On the other hand, a website redesign can result negatively in marketing especially if you’re going to move pages. You need to find the assets of your website and protect it as these are considered untouchable in an SEO standpoint unless you or your designer knows how to redirect pages which your loyal web visitors are already familiar with. The website is considered to be a business tool and should deliver business results. Not an art gallery or a museum.

Give us a call at 1(888) 375-3058 for web design, SEO or other online marketing services. We can show you the portfolio of all the websites we designed and redesigned to get you to attract more website visitors which will ultimately convert to buying visitors.

25 May 2016

Non-Invasive Remedy to Your Chiropractor Presence Online? Here are Different Ways!

Not just anyone can do spinal adjustments. Neither can anyone run a successful internet marketing, SEO, web design and social media campaigns that focuses on your customer’s health and well-being that’s why companies like Drive Traffic Media is here to make adjustments so that you’ll get a healthier presence and ranking online.

SEO is highly known as the backbone of internet marketing; It is a powerful marketing strategy for most local chiropractors especially in attracting new patients and is most effective in increasing the site’s visibility in every keyword search a potential customer does. That is why it is important that your website for chiropractors is designed, written and coded well so that it will show up on the first page of their search results.

In this article, you will be able to discover and understand how stressful yet gratifying building a chiropractic website is. Here’s a  great start in drafting and creating a website of your dream:

  1. Your website represents you and your business professionally so instead of looking at it as a cost, consider it as an investment. Understand that having a website  can help in building good customer service and bringing in new patients.
  2. Simple yet informative. Get straight to the point. Don’t provide overwhelming content that your patients couldn’t understand.
  3. Good Content. Bright, professional photos and well-written content are always major customer turn on especially to to those who just visited the site especially if you also share those content on your social media accounts. It will attract their attention while giving them a glimpse of what the business is all about right away. According to recent surveys, 85%  consumers use the internet to find local businesses and 70 percent respondents said they will more likely to patronize a business that they have seen online and connected with in social media.
  4. Make your chiropractor website up-to-date and Mobile Friendly. Often overlooked, but it is very important and critical. When a customer goes to your site and sees that the article or blog you have posted is 5 years old with nothing new after that , it will get them confused and make them think whether you are still active in your practice or not. Updating your blogs mean that you provide your customers with the latest advancement in chiropractic healing and care.

Nowadays,  more people are surfing the web through phones or tablets while they are out and about. Occasionally they switch to desktops or laptops to view websites. There is a great chance that potential patients might look elsewhere for services  if your page is slow in loading and some content are not visible on mobile devices. So make the most of getting more leads by making your site mobile-friendly to users.

SEO, web design and social media for chiropractors is Drive Traffic Media’s forte. Give us a call and we’ll get your chiropractic business the right touch for it to soar to greater heights online.

20 Apr 2016

Web Design Tips You Should Know

To ensure that people stay on your website, find out what they are looking for and get to work with a web design that rocks to get you more sales for your Orange County business.

Design should be Clean. Clean and clutter-free from ads, banners, icons and pop-ups would draw a visitor’s eyes away from your page! Give them a break. Keep paragraphs short, make it simple and minimal with the most important content spotlighted. Sometimes less really is more.

Texts should be easy to read. The text is important and makes sure they won’t need a magnifying glass to read the content of your site! has be  reader friendly all the time. Create enough space between paragraphs and images to have space to breathe and absorb all the features the site. In choosing web fonts, keep in mind that people will be looking at your website not just on a laptop but on mobile devices also, so preferably universal font works!

Harmony. Make sure your colors work together. An appropriate color combination is considered to be one of the most important but yet often overlooked elements, Remember that people are used to reading the black text because that the easiest on the eye so no need to stray from that. As a rule, it is most recommended having 2 or 3 colors at a maximum. Never make your website a rainbow!

Make navigation simple. Reduce or eliminate drop-down menus and or multi-tier drop-down navigation that only a skilled mouse user can navigate because this helps your visitors guide to your most productive content rather than overwhelming them with links to every page.

Maximize Images. Images are another way to illustrate on how to market. It has the power to create an emotional response and a quicker way to manipulate  audience rather than a testimonial or a story in writing form alone. Videos in most researches that show the main feature of a website is a sure-fire way of getting visitors notice the product and give it a try!

Mobile-responsive. Get the most out of the mobile version of your site. After all, you don’t want to miss out any potential visitor/user or client just because they’re on the subway, do you?In today’s world, website builders come with a fully equipped intuitive mobile editor ready to be used to its full potential.

Need a responsive and attractive website design? Call Us at 1(888) 375-3058 to get web design samples of our work before you decide.


04 Apr 2016

Say No to Cart Abandonment On Your E-Commerce Website!


E-commerce sites are popular nowadays as shopping online from the customers’ mobile devices make it easy to choose the products they want and add it to their shopping carts. However, there are challenges by which e-commerce sites need to face, i.e. customers abandoning their shopping carts and thus the potential of sales. What’s the underlying cause? A poor website design. Let’s take a look at the factors below:


  1. Make the Check-Out Process Easy and Simple. Once customers already chose which products they’re after, they would all be impatient to get it  done and over with. The highest time they would normally spend is “window-shooping” not payment, and seeing a long form to fill out their purchases is indeed an ordeal they can do without.



  1. Coupon code is hard to find. Getting better deals off of the items that customers purchase is an additional attraction or incentive for them to buy the product; and not finding it easily could be quite frustrating. Proper placement of the coupon code is a must as customers who leave their shopping carts just to search for a coupon code have likely chances of not returning to their carts, or worse, they found better deals on other sites while searching for it.



  1. Payment security concerns. For customers, it’s hard to trust a store with their credit card information much more an online one as they don’t want to be victims of credit card fraud. Make sure that your website loads fast, it has social proofs like shoppers or customer testimonials, a mobile-responsive and professional website design and most importantly, that your brand is well-established and trusted.


  1. Live chat or customer desk at a ready. Your online products offer details of each items, but sometimes, customers have queries about certain products that your site might not have or they might ask for clarifications before making a final go at it. Installing a live chat support on your website will help you convince customers to take the product to the check-out and offer a certain kind of support that will make customers feel as if they are shopping on a department store instead of doing it online.



  1. Insistence on Account Creation. Perhaps this offers security for retailers or e-commerce businesses, however, this could become a hindrance to a successful online sale. Give customers the choice to shop as Guests with the option to create an account later.



  1. Not Offering Free Shipping. What better way to annoy your customers than for them to see a shipping cost while checking out? Instead, include the price of shipping on the price of your item(s) when free shipping isn’t something that your e-commerce business is offering. Otherwise, provide an option of having your customers enter their zip code to give them the proper shipping cost estimate. This is another way by which you can establish customer trust too.


Cart abandonment has risen by 15% between 2010 to 2015  and having your e-commerce site affected with this kind of issue does not only affect trust of customers to your brand but most importantly, your sales. Increase your online conversions by implementing the changes which are suggested on this article.

Wondering how to implement it on your Orange County website? Drive Traffic Media creates e-commerce website design that are attractive and are meant to increase your conversion. Call us at (949) 800-6990 for a free quote today!



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12 Jun 2015

Mobile Web Design- Not Just a Trend!

Mobile Web Design in Orange County- Trend No More!


The convenience of shopping online through mobile phones and tablets is the primary reason why web designs should incline more to being mobile-responsive. According to the infographic posted by Go-Gulf, 4 out of 5 smartphone users are using their mobile devices to shop online so it is a must for businesses nowadays in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County to have a mobile web design.

Imagine this, you want to buy clothes yet you’re too lazy to go out or otherwise the weather is bad that you prefer staying home. What do smartphone users do? They make online purchases. Of course it starts off with just simple browsing but the average mobile user spend at least 2 hours on their mobile devices EVERYDAY (hey! are you looking at me? Okay, I’m guilty! But so are you. ). But I am not just an example. It’s a known fact and what’s more surprising is, 70% of those who search on their phones lead to online action in a span of an hour.

55% of which leads to site conversion. That simple perusal of your mobile-responsive site actually ended up attracting not just window-shoppers but actual interested buyers who make phone calls to inquire more about the product/service or who make online purchases. Imagine the astounding amount of sales opportunities you gave up because you won’t adapt to the mobile-responsive change.

Now, let’s take a look at those businesses who already adapted to the “trend”. They are reported to have 62% increase in sales when they had their websites designed to work on mobile phones; and 64% sales boost for those wise businesses which adapted their websites to work on tablets.

With all the statistics mentioned, it is a foregone conclusion why a mobile-responsive website is a necessity nowadays. Sure, you’ll spend money getting your site rebuilt or built from scratch but you’ll reap the fruitful results in no time.

Drive Traffic Media’s objective is not just to provide you a flawless, elegant and attractive site but a mobile web-design in Orange County that your monthly sales report would be proud of. Call Us at (949) 800-6990 and receive a free quote today.

* Infographics Credit to Go-Gulf