What’s constant in Google are the updates that it releases. Sometimes, it would come as a shock to business owners. At times, all you can do is shake it off and look for better strategies that will get you back up to the ranking. Which SEO approach would work this 2016? For Irvine enterpreneurs and companies, SEO is more important than ever considering the hub of businesses, and competitions, coming to the city. What then, are the essential factors that would get your business noticed?


SEO is now based on User-Experience Index

Whereas in the past, optimization of the website for users is quite separate from its optimization for search engines, nowadays, Google and other search engines has bridged the gap as all of Google’s updates recently have one thing in common: to provide the best user experience to web vistiors and readers. It has grown in importance since two years ago-from a mere factor in SEO, it now became a major influence. So in optimizing your website, consider the speed by which your website loads, its responsiveness and compatibility to different devices and platforms, the way the content are structured and several others which would make browsing, navigation and reading of users so much easier.


SEO is Still Driven By the Right Keyword Research and Choice

Optimizing your content and web pages with the right keywords was never a lost cause. In fact, it just modified and become more sophisticated in a sense that keywords alone will not assure you ranking. Synonyms of those keywords should also be used as Google determines the over-all relevancy of the content topic. Topics should be organized and written based on the majority of consumers’ interests while at the same time inclusive enough for it to cater to the different minor groups who searches for it.

Another thing, long tail keywords are necessary nowadays especially as more and more people are into voice searches. Searches has become more conversational rather than a stilted two to five words as search engines’ focus is on the intent of the search rather than on the specific keywords that was propular before. Therefore, make sure that your keywords answer the basics of “why, who, what, where” of the topic you have chosen for your website or web pages to show on the SERPs when users, especially the mobile ones, search for them.


SEO is Influenced by Social Signals

Google has started to take into account the social presence of business websites into search rankings. Your business’ presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and several others are actually affecting your SERPs presence directly. Creating and nurturing your presence on these social platforms would also help your business boost its brand, increase sales and manage reviews or reputation.

So what else can you do? Don’t let good content remain stuck in your website as sharing would let Google know that you are a ‘force’ in your industry if you produce and share quality content. Social media platforms are also great sources of backlinks that are essential to search engine ranking.

When these factors are taken seriously and implemented, no amount of Google updates can move your ranking down drastically. Drive Traffic Media will make sure that these SEO factors are given importance when we write website content especially for Irvine business owners who want to rank in a white-hat manner. Call us at (949) 800-6990 today.



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