Branding is more than getting a new logo

Your brand is a repository of meaning and value. Your brand is the promise of an experience.

We do not decide on your branding by sitting in a room, ordering food for everyone, and throwing ideas at random. We start by asking questions. Many questions. Then by digging into mountains of information.

Our branding agency services for Los Angeles and Orange County are directed by a media psychology professional following the guidelines set by behavioral science and prevailing theories of persuasion. Our findings follow rigorous qualitative and quantitative research.

Emotions are directives of behavior.

Think of them as your operative system. They’re there to make sure that, whatever we do, we follow our ultimate goal of survival. Those feelings in your gut are the conscious perception of the changes produced by emotions.
Graphics Deliverables

It is not until we have decided on a messaging strategy that we start working on your logo and brand guidelines. We go from the abstract to the concrete.Identity Package: We will create a logo, a color palette, a catchy tagline, and graphics for stationery.Brand Guidelines: This is a cheat-sheet for how to communicate your brand meaning. From mood to technicalities such as font size and color and how not to use your logo.

Competitive Landscape

With so many options out there, it may be hard to prove that you are the best at what you do. That’s okay. What you have to show is that you are the right one. What makes you different from your competitors? What makes you the same? The competitive landscape is a summary of what your closest competitors are doing in terms of branding. You may all be offering very similar products. The difference relies on how each brand makes customers feel. What differences do you need to make salient?

Feelings have a strong say

Feelings tell us what we need to know when we most need it. Feelings are the voice of our emotions. Brand discovery is about finding the best manner to evoke those emotions. We do extensive qualitative and quantitative research to find your right audience, what your audience craves, and how to better communicate with them. Decision making is about weighing the pros and cons. Who gets to judge? Your brain—guided by your body.

Persona Development

A Persona summarizes relevant information about your typical or ideal customers and presents it in a way that is accessible and digestible to everyone in your company. Personas allow you to get into your customers’ shoes, understand what their goals, challenges, and desired experience are, and thus help you assess what features of your products and services are the most desirable and which ones the least desirable. In essence, a Persona tells you what your customers expect from your brand.

Messaging Strategy

Once we complete the process of brand discovery, we will present a document summarizing the concepts researched above full of tactics and suggestions on how to better convey your message. The document will follow prevailing persuasion theories and concepts from media psychology. From here you can continue on your own using the strategy as a guide, or contract our services for copywriting and content creation.

Your Brand’s Core Narrative

Your brand solves a problem. What problem is that? More importantly: Who benefits from that solution? Your brand’s core narrative summarizes in a short paragraph or two how your company improves your customers’ lives, how it makes them feel. Your core narrative is the promise of an experience. Like your brand identity, it should be consistent across all your messaging efforts. Under different scenarios and different characters, but it should always be the same evocative story


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