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Figuring out ways to keep your chiropractic business growing and getting new clients has radically changed in recent years, especially since everyone has started using online methods like Google to find everything they need.



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Today, if people can’t find your chiropractic business on the Internet, you are missing out on traffic and a great number of potential customers. Let’s get you found online.



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Social Media marketing for chiropractors should be driven by key phrases your potential customers are typing into Google. Let Drive Traffic Media focus traffic to your chiropractor website today.


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SEO for Chiropractors in Newport Beach and Orange County: Non-invasive Way to get you Rankings



Chiropractic or osteopathic practice and/or treatment is sought out constantly. In fact, the National Health Interview Survey of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reported that 19.4 million adults and 1.9 million children seek chiropractic treatment or help at least once in their lives. The report of the National Directory of Chiropractic (NDS) is slightly different but somehow close to the other report. In it, 22 million of Americans seek chiropractice treatment and help each year. If these statistics are considered, search engines especially Google should know you; and SEO for Chiropractors in Newport Beach and Orange County will help make that happen.

Eventhough word-of-mouth referrals are still effective, more and more patients are going online to search for chiropractors. A study reported by Spine-Health showed that 55% percent searched online to find and evaluate chiropractors and out of that percentage, 44% used at least two online resources and 15% used three or more. NDS  also reported that 20 million Americans choose chiropractic treatment over other health treatments. Are you or your chiropractic clinic found on any of the resources online to benefit from the growing number of chiropractor seekers?


Your competitors are already online. What about you?

Research shows that chiropractors are already ramping up their marketing efforts through multiple online channels in order to reach more patients. 5 online activities were reported from 59% of chiropractors who were surveyed, 3-4 online activities from the 25% of chiropractor respondents and 1-2 online activities from 16% of them. What are your Chiropractor online marketing efforts to beat them and get the most patients from the NCHS statistics?


Chiropractors Social Media Marketing is a great Practice Booster!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are just some of the social media platforms used commonly by 75% of chiropractors and if your competitiors are on social media, that’s enough reason that you should be, too! With Facebook’s 1.55 Billion monthly users and 250 million of them accessing it on their smartphones and tablets, Twitter’s 320 Million active users with 80% of them on their mobile devices, and LinkedIn’s 400 million users with 50% of them accessing it on their mobile devices, it is high time that you start your chiropractor social media marketing now to reach out and boost your business online!


Online Marketing for Chiropractors is a Strong Medium to get new Patients!

In acquiring new patients, online marketing for chiropractors is a must as 66% of chiropractors get new patients through their website, 14% new patients are acquired through social media and 13% acquire it from advertisements or PPC for chiropractors.

If you have a website, make it mobile-friendly, as more and more people are turning to their mobile devices to search services they need.

With SEO for Chiropractors, ranking is everything. It is reported that the top 1 chiropractor website on the rank gets 35% of the clicks according to the Chiropractic Marketing Websites, the top 2 on the ranking gets 13% of the visitor clicks and 10% of the clicks goes to the top 3 on the rank. If your practice is in Newport Beach or Orange county, being on top 3 is very critical in getting you a large portion of this searchers.

Building your brand, reputation and credibility might be tough but with Drive Traffic Media’s SEO for Chiropractors in Newport beach and Orange County, you can be assured of a non-invasive, white-hat marketing treatment that could get you results. Call Us at (949)800-6990 and get your free online chiropractic reports today.


Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors


Social media marketing for chiropractors has become necessary for the chiropractic businesses to expand and build their brand. Drive Traffic Media will help you build your audience and your brand with Social Media using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Instagram, LinkedIn “Let’s Get you Social”.


SEO for Chiropractors


SEO for Chiropractors is ever changing especially in getting your business ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We follow Google’s best recommended practices using content writing and posting to the highest page ranking social media sites in the world to get you more business.


Video Production

Drive Traffic Media is your video production and video marketing company in Orange County. Our director is prior MTV Director and the we have the most innovative video marketing you can find in Orange County and USA .Video keeps your potential clients on your website.

Web Design for Chiropractors


Drive Traffic Media has been designing Websites for over 7 years and have logged over 20,000 hours building sites! We are known to build sites in the eye’s of a marketer’s with mobile responsive, SEO Friendly and visually stimulating websites in Orange County.



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If your Orange County business need help with SEO, Social Media, Web Design, or Video production, we can help you improve the amount of traffic that goes through your content, and how to plan your business for scalability.



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You are busy running a business and like most businesses today, often working many more hours now than ever in the past.

The workable solution is us. This is where Drive Traffic Media comes to save the day as your SEO company in Newport Beach and Orange County.

We keep current on the latest developments and trends in generating and driving traffic to local businesses and national business’s, as well as the worldwide market. We also help business owners like you improve their conversion ratio more clients more money. Therefore, the visitors to your site are more likely to make a purchase, resulting in the growth of your business.

Grow Your Local Business Online

Figuring out ways to keep your business growing and getting new clients has radically changed in recent years, especially since everyone has started using online methods like Google to find everything they need.

Gone are the days of the easy leads from the yellow pages and ads in magazines and the newspaper. Therefore, we must now think outside the box and grow your business online instead!

Drive Traffic Media is your Internet Marketing Company 

Drive Traffic Media will find you a marketing strategy to fit your budget to get you the best results and more sales. We are a full service internet marketing firm in Newport Beach California. We create traffic from Organic Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Website Design, Video Production and Video Marketing. Contact Us and let’s start driving Traffic to your Website today.
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