Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is an advertising system where owners pay when the keywords they market or advertise are clicked on the search engine such as Google or social media accounts like Facebook. Drive Traffic Media offers PPC management to business owners to boost search engine ranking through the ads paid. When a particular web content is clicked or a search engine query is made with the advertiser’s keyword(s), a PPC ad will display on the website. The good thing about PPC ad campaigns is that your keywords appear on top of search engine results or on any web content that your web developer chooses to display your ads on. Of course, making sure that your ad appears on contents that are relevant to your chosen keyword(s). This form of ads are known as sponsored links, paid search or sponsored ads.

PPC Management for Orange County Business Owners to increase SEO Ranking

Drive Traffic Media, along with its team of researchers, use different SEO tools to find and pool together the right keywords for your business, especially those that are getting searched on Google to ensure that your business brand, products or services that you offer here in Newport Beach, Irvine and the rest of Orange County get the promotion it deserves and the search engine ranking it aims for.

Drive Traffic Media offers a complete Pay Per Click Advertising  package, starting from the development of your business PPC program, redesign or campaign overhaul of your existing PPC campaign, ongoing keywords optimization to keep you on top of Google ranking and other management services associated with a successful pay-per-click advertising.

We offer different PPC Management Campaigns Which Your Business Can Choose From:

*Facebook Ads– With over 1.44 billion Active monthly users worldwide, 936 million active daily users (161 million of which are from Canada and US alone) you can be sure that your business brand will make a great impression if you sign up for the hottest, popular and most-used social media account in the online world today. Facebook PPC advertising will drive traffic to your business website, thus, ensuring not just web visits but sales too. You can be sure that your business message will get across to millions of Facebook users everyday with a robust and strategic PP campaign offered by Drive Traffic Media.

*Google AdWords– Being the prime Search Engine, Google PPC advertising will get you seen. With 11.944 billion monthly searches, a US search market of 75.2% and 87.1% of searches done on mobile devices in the US alone, your business keywords will get the ad clicks and visits it needs to boost ranking and traffic. What more? Enrolling in this type of campaign allows for testing of the effectiveness of your keywords, thus, maximizing your SEO strategies as well.

*Bing PPC Advertising– With over 6 billion monthly searches done on Bing, your brand has the potential to reach 162 million searchers accounting to a search engine share of 30%. Drive Traffic Media will optimize our PPC management to get your business the most out of your Bing advertising.

*Remarketing and PPC Audits– Drive Traffic Media will make sure that you stay on top of Google or Facebook with the keywords that are ranking. We also provide audits to improve your advertising efforts to make sure that you get your dollars worth in the ads you pay by the amount of online conversion you get.

Included in Drive Traffic Media’s PPC Management Services are:

  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Creation of Ad texts
  • Landing Pages Optimization Assistance
  • Tracking of Ad Conversion
  • Submission of Ads
  • Monitoring of PPC campaign
  • Management of PPC Ad-spend
  • Improvement and/or Modification of the PPC Campaign
  • Research of Ads used by Competitors to Rank Higher

Every type of campaign is unique depending on the number of keywords you choose to link to your business, the duration of the ad you’re willing to spend as well as various factors that needs to be considered for the campaign to be a success so we could not provide a fix quote of price for the Pay Per Click Advertising management services we offer for businesses in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County. Call Us at 9498006990 to discuss your advertising needs and get ranked now!