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28 Mar 2017

Steps to Sizzle Your PPC Campaign

Pay per Click is recognized as an effective advertising campaign solution to get traffic to the website and increase conversion rate. On the other hand, some owners would consider this a risky campaign because of their limited understanding on how to set up and run it.

Goal Setting. The most challenging stage is to set goals for your campaign. Campaigns fail because owners and marketers alike do not put enough effort in the preliminary stages.

Take some opportunity to decide what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.  Take a look at the latest PPC trends and perform an initial analysis to help you define clear and measurable goals.


Choosing Keywords. Determining what keyword should go with your marketing campaign is the next step. Looking for potential keywords for your business, beginning with the most precise and relevant phrases for your niche or topic, is one of the most important steps to optimize your campaign.


Budget. In any project, budget settings come as the next essential step especially when there is plenty of keywords competition. However, if you have a tight budget turning PPC campaigns on and off based on the season(s) or a holiday would be a comprehensive strategy for maximizing your returns on investment (ROI).


Ad Placement Targeting. Another strategy to work is to create a placement targeting of your Google Adwords. Placement Targeting allows you to choose websites or a section of where you want your ads to show. It is a strategy to test out advertising on a site or section of the site that has a rate card beyond your current budget. Decide on how and where your ad will appear and how to drive visitors to your landing page. Get it to your target audience.


Location. Target a specific location to ensure that people who are in the geographical market will see your ad.


Language, Network, and Devices. Ensure your ads will appear on specific devices, are available on your product’s dominant market language, and ad servers are up all the time.


To make your PPC campaign sizzle, synchronize the message you want to push in your PPC ads and the message in PR, online media buys as well as print advertising. Through this, your company’s presence, brand recognition, and product/service trust are solidified.  Determine which PPC strategy is best for your online business and always test which works best.

27 Mar 2017

Short Form Versus Long Form Content

A content marketing strategy can either have a long-form or short-form content. With people around the globe more connected than ever, long-form and short-form content can be a great tool to help online customers looking for answers to their questions about a product or service. For businesses, this offers great opportunities to reach new leads and engage with loyal customers.

But is the short-form content better for your business than the long-form content? Short form content may lack ideas and of little depth, and long-form as tedious. Each content has its potential downsides, but both types of content play an essential part in your business marketing mix for you to see the results you want. As business owners, you have the control on how to serve your company’s purpose by planning and executing good content. Digital marketers nowadays see to it that the content they want to read also meet their needs. Consider and understand the needs of your target audience and write impressive content that addresses their needs.

There is no proven process to determine the best length of content to write for your online marketing success. However, the best length of marketing content depends on your target audience, your product or service, and your business goals.

If you want to capture and gather engagement from your audience, then the short-form content is advisable. Short-form content is usually around 1,000 words. Examples of short-form content include blog content, infographics, and social media posts.

If you wish to educate and inform it is best that you go with the long-form content. Long-form content is typically around 1,500 – 2,000 words. Long-form content is the best marketing strategy when your product or services

a. require more commitment to purchase,
b. if you need to showcase the quality of your product,
c. if you’re into information-based marketing,
d. if you have a new product or service that your audience has little knowledge and you need to explain properly for a proper pitch.

Examples of long-form content include webinars, long blog posts, e-books and case studies.

You can try to convert short-form to long-form and vice versa to repurpose your marketing content and make it available to a broader audience. Need help with your content marketing strategies? Call Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375-3058.

22 Mar 2017

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

We live in a world where our society has a voice: we have the right to talk, take pictures, interact with others and create positive or negative buzz about experiences with businesses we patronize.

It is a reality that some people just want to complain. No matter how perfect your business is, regardless of how amazing your customer service is, you will still encounter less-than-complimentary reviews from time to time. Unfortunately,  negative feedback that you don’t deserve.  Don’t take it personally, though. The reviewer is only responding about their experience with your business just as they would with any other. It is definitely is not a reflection of you as a person.

Use these tips to handle negative comments and reviews the best way possible on Social Media like Yelp and Facebook:

  1. Always keep calm. Avoid a screaming virtual match even if the review is completely wrong.  It is expected for you to feel angry and even defeated, but you have to remain professional and remain above any negativity. If you think a review violates Yelp’s term of service, you can flag it for evaluation by their support team.
  1. The good thing about Yelp is that they give you the option to respond to a user either publicly, or privately.  After a  bad review,  it is a good idea to first upload a public reply and send the reviewer a private message separately. Personal greeting and an apology can supplement a thoughtful public response for everyone else. Through this, you can minimize the fallout from a bad review by being calm and considerate while still making an effort to show goodwill to the reviewer.
  1. Do better business, and the public will notice. Despite the unavoidable negative reviews, providing quality service or products is the mark of a truly world class business.  Be consistent and active in reading and responding to every review as it will provide you insights on how well your product or service resonates with your customers.

It is a given fact that Yelp can sway the opinion of the online community toward your business, yet don’t be offended once you get a negative review. The key to enduring negative reviews is just to remain professional, be attentive to your customers, and learn from their feedback. Every company has to deal with negative comments; you are not alone.


26 Jul 2016

Transform Your Business With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a artificially-generated computer environment that lets you experience a different reality. Virtual Reality are images that are fed to your eyes from the two small lenses with a headset that fits around your head so whatever space you’re occupying it will not separate you visually. It is created with software and presented to the user with beliefs and acceptance as if it’s a real environment.


From the digital production that was unveiled by Ivan Sutherland – a computer graphic pioneer in 1965, virtual reality has always sounded fantastic in theory. He  described it as the “Ultimate Display” concept.  It can make the impossible possible just by manuevering your eyes and brain into thinking you’re someplace else. You move, look and play just as in real life except its a computer-simulated world.


While it is predicted to have its first billion dollars this year with about 700 million dollars in hardware content as a multiple application for both consumer and enterprise, VR is expected to have a vast majority of commercial activity that focuses more on video games.  


However, it will also be a year of experimentation as a range of companies  will benefit from the use of Virtual Reality for sales and marketing purposes besides the capacity that enables the client  to make changes before work starts.


Virtual Reality is moreover considered to be a fantastic innovation that  demonstrates the cutting edge of what technology we are capable today. It has now rapidly advanced in the last couple of years  and is now ready to explode.


By “being there” without the need to businesses could certainly save up millions of dollars in the Operations and will lessen the requirement for manpower.


As much as television and the internet have, as time goes on and the technology progresses, Virtual Reality will make its presence felt and eventually change the way we perceive things.


Thus, we will not only be limited by our imagination in the future but rather what we make out of it.




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15 Jun 2016

Logos And Why It Is So Important


Do you want to make an impression and grow in the marketplace?  You need a logo.

A logo that can convey the message to millions of people every day.

For many years, logos are created in its simplest form through the use of a mark or icon that identifies your business. It represents a person, company or an organization through a graphic symbol.

In creating an eye-catching design, there are many things or important elements to consider in making and choosing a logo.

It should be Simple. A simple logo design allows easy recognition and at the same time should feature uniqueness that should stay in people’s memories. It should be something  that can be easily explained in words and can be recognized by someone who had never seen it before. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to describe it compared to a complicated or busy logo.

It Should be Memorable. Behind the principle of the logo’s simplicity is that it should be unforgettable. Best logos are effective when they can be easily remembered. Limit it only to having one element that is related to the company name or something that will help retain people’s interest. It should be timeless and should remain effective for decades or more.

Use the Right Color. Colors convey certain emotions depending on your company’s goal. Remember that color psychology is real and chances are it can be used to your advantage.  Many designers follow the black and white concept initially, for this allows them to focus and shape. Relatively,  a versatile logo doesn’t really need to have any color. Simplicity is king when it comes to selecting it.

It Should be Scalable. Scalability is critical too so an effective logo must be clear even when scaled down to small size. The graphics should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications and should be functional both in vertical and horizontal formats.

These may not guarantee a success but it can definitely go a long way towards the backbone of a good logo design.  A logo is not just  a mark but it reflects your business. Whether literal, simplified or abstract, it should bring the message to your audience.


15 Jun 2016

How to Convert Online Leads to Sales

Making good money online has become a trend nowadays. That is why increasing conversion rates are considered very crucial. It can vary wildly and is totally unpredictable.

If cash is not flowing into your business one of the first places to look is your sales and activities in lead generation. Traffic is something to consider, it should transform everything.

How do you do it? Let’s take some simple guidelines, it may sound a lot simpler than you might think.

A good working website gets good traffic as surveys said. Stick to the basic aspects like its speed in loading, optimization of the landing page and whether it tested great on different tools. Ignoring these simple things may fail to get you more traffic on the website. Statistics show that most of the visitors notice the loading speed of a website or how it’s perfectly optimized. Minor things play vital roles, remember that.

The effectiveness of social media can  always increase the chance of selling your products and services. These four major social media works to get leads. Facebook Advertising, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn groups and Twitter chats. Give valuable stuff like ebooks, interviews, videos etc. Giving something extra will definitely increase the chance of getting more leads that  will ultimately transform the traffic to sales on your site.

Trigger your potential customers’ curiosity to something that will inspire them to act. It ensures that they will open your email, promote the content and even purchase the products. Just leave some sort of a teaser with the answer just lying beyond it. We humans  always love novelty. It makes our brains feel like there is a possible reward waiting for us around the corner. It helps motivate us to seek and find out.

Most small businesses adopt a one-size fits marketing approach, sends the message and calls everyone. Apparently it is a failure as it does not work that way. Every customer has a unique need and  different status in life so your marketing should reflect on this. Remember that leads simply meant the details like the name, contact number or email of an ordinary person until that very person is converted as your potential customer. Convert them to buying customers through an effective website or landing page, through social media and through a call to action that inspires clicks.

Need other tips in online lead conversion? Give us a call at 1(888) 375-3058 today.

10 Jun 2016

Online Marketing Strategies That Work Today

In today’s fast paced environment, many businesses instinctively know that they need to look for various ways to ensure that their business succeeds. What is going to get them more money? Online marketing! The problem is that most business owners are unsure on how to do it and where to start.

First, you need to make sure you have a budget. Now, how much budget should you allot for online marketing? You need to spend at least 10% of your business income. You need money to run or maintain your website, to pay your employees, software that you use and all kinds of marketing needs. These are the things that you need to prioritize. Business people cut their online marketing budget at the first sign of slow business. Marketing should have been the last thing that you want stopped. Cutting it out means to stop your most productive means of lead generation and the potential to get more clients. Cutting it out means that you won’t have any way of turning these potential clients to paying clients and that means your revenue loss.

Look for a marketing plan that works for you and your business. Online marketing  is by far the best strategy because the internet world is where customers now seek answers, products and services they need.

Here are the important online marketing strategies that work best:

The first best way by far is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Organic or white hat SEO will make your website as a reliable and trusted industry source by the search engines. Go after some focus keywords- the exact terms that you want to be found for and implement it through blogging. Share it on your social media, offsite blog distribution sites,social sharing sites, forums, etc. Make sure that your URL structures are implemented properly too.

The second trusted and most effective way is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. Most of the traffic is in the multi dollar company Google. You can pay Google to run a good adwords campaign for you.

Next step is Pay-Per-Click marketing in social media. Different social media accounts have actual ad platforms like LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest marketing, twitter placement ads but the most powerful is Facebook. Facebook has the most information on people to get more leads. As what we mentioned in our previous blogs, you need to be consistent with your social media marketing. Make sure that you are consistently posting relevant and interesting content about your business.

Email marketing by sending out email messages to solicit sales, request business or to build brand awareness is also an effective online marketing strategy.

Don’t get left behind! Your customers and your competitors are already online, you should too! For more online marketing strategy to help your business succeed, call Drive Traffic Media at at +1 888 375 3058.

25 May 2016

Benefits of Accepting Interns in the Company

Get a job while you’re still in college! Internship is a hands-on opportunity  offered to students to work in their desired field. Based on research, employers point out that internship experience is an essential factor in hiring a fresh graduate for a full-time position. It is considered as an excellent way to “try out” on a job and gives you a valuable insight to help you choose your career path. Having several internships while in college could be very impressive to potential employers too.

Internship Program in most colleges is a school requirement that normally last for three long months and is usually offered to graduating students. It is available in a wide variety of fields from both the private and non-profit sectors.

Whether it’s an unpaid, paid, voluntary or actively engaged internship, there is a greater privilege in engaging to multiple projects and interact with anyone. Countless rewarding and worthwhile perks await students like gaining experiences, developing skills, making connections and assessment of their interests and abilities in their chosen field.

As a small business, interns could be very  beneficial. When top talents go after big name companies when they’re looking for work, internships are seeking more of learning experience or hands-on training and is considered among the most highly motivated members of the workforce. As a company, it will allow you to get the extra set of hands and take advantage of the fresh ideas and specialized strengths and skills interns provide. For many companies, the process of hiring is considered a drain on company’s resources while existing internship programs help make this process easy. “Trying out” a candidate through internship results in getting fewer mistakes and avoids training a new hire plus the company isn’t forced to pay staff fee with interns.

Though employment is not guaranteed at the end of an internship, many employers use this as a way to train and evaluate future employees.   Employers are more interested in hiring an applicant with the necessary knowledge and skills especially those that don’t have the tendency to leave the job.


25 May 2016

Ways to Get LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn has become one of the most respected and oldest business network tools since its started back in 2002. With active users of more than 400 million as of April 2016 with 2 new people signing up every minute, recommendations can be very credible as it influences the opinions of potential customers, vendors or professional contacts even for small businesses.

A recommendation is mostly written by a LinkedIn member who recognizes  a colleague or a business partner. These are comments from people who value your work, service or products.

In planning to include recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, you need to make sure that the recommender can enhance and give meaningful recommendations- someone that can actually speak of your skills, work ethic or experience.


Here are some 5 Best practices when asking for a LinkedIn recommendation:

Make it personal. Although LinkedIn has an auto-generated email requesting a colleague for a recommendation, the response rate will more likely increase if it’s written personally as it will make them feel good.

Ask recommendations from a colleague. LinkedIn is a professional site so request an endorsement from someone who: could actually speak of your experience, an individual that you have worked directly  on a specific project for years, someone that can attest to what is it like to work with you- these could help set the stage for the readers as to why your colleague is writing the recommendation. It spotlights qualities that could go above and beyond and would also indicate to your readers or profile viewers that you’re a  “real” person.

Don’t overdo it. Collect several different recommendations but not too much. Just request at least one recommendation of your different abilities and or experiences. You can also add feedback from your previous employers as this will give readers a more comprehensive view of you as an employee and as a person.

Request your recommender to end it with how he/she felt working with you, their hopes for your career or prediction in the future.

Consider recommendations as part of building up your LinkedIn profile. Send a few requests to former or current co-workers and make sure to return the favor. If someone asks, be courteous to complete it in a professional and timely manner.

Need other LinkedIn tips to help your professional image? Give us a call at 1(888) 375-3058 to find out what our LinkedIn marketing strategies include.


25 May 2016

How To Choose The Right URL For Your Business

When creating your website the first thing that pops up in your mind is most likely to what you want to call it. In accordance, your domain name and your website title (or website URL) must be the same with your business name. Your URL should have the same name as your offline name or if you have an actual business for the purpose of uniformity and t for possible customers to distinguish your online business.

Here are some few pointers in selecting your URL or your website name:


Make it Short and Simple. Making it easy to read and type, uncomplicated to remember, and plain to say. Clarity, straightforwardness and ease of remembrance are the core values of advertising your website. If you can make a URL that is not more than two or three words and has no strange spelling, you are on your way to making a website name geared to help you succeed.

Your website name or your URL should also be a representation of your industry or your business. You want a URL that best describes what you do or at least something which web visitors can easily understand. The best way to do it is to plan and discover what’s acceptable for your business.


Domain Extension. For the domain extension, we know that the .com extension is most widely-used so for purposes of easy remembrance, you would want your web extension to have this. There were fewer selections of extensions for your domain name back then and the popular ones are – .com, .net,  .org, etc, and a lot of them had additional extensions relying on what country you were in. New ones now include .biz, .info, .me, .shop – that explains your work name  more properly. However, you have to always remember most people’s minds return to “.com” when trying to remember URLs so a strange name could mean you’ll likely to lose out on traffic.


The SEO Viewpoint. Website owners, especially those with businesses,  expect to rank well in Google. Choose a domain name with keywords that are most searched by potential customers looking for your business. If you have keywords in your URL that refers to your page content, the better your SEO results as it will more likely create additional website traffic for you. However, you would also want a domain that is not just SEO-beneficial but also appealing. It doesn’t have to be boring just so it ranks well.

Want to know more about creating the best website URL or domain name for your business? Call us at 1(888) 375-3058 and let us guide you to make your business more productive and to get those sales going.