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15 Aug 2017

Digital Marketing Concepts That Can Elevate Your Business

For a marketing program to work, it should include special ingredients such as good strategies, realistic goals, and a wisely targeted audience. You need not be a marketing guru to become successful. You simply have to listen to the voice of the experts and not take for granted the opinions of your customers.

Here are some ways you can elevate your Internet marketing programs:

Make the most out of the misfit advantage

Don’t be afraid to explore new things and unleash your creative side. A lot of times, it’s the misfit that gets noticed more easily. Show the world what you’ve got.

Supercharge by doing less

A huge majority of visitors online don’t spend much time on websites. You, therefore, need to come up with some short, yet high-quality article, video, or infographics. That way, the chance your readers will get back to your site will be a lot higher.

Engage your community

It’s very easy to overwhelm customers with tons of information. You can establish trust in advertising by asking them to participate in marketing campaigns. Engage your readers by posting content that’s fun, educational, and creative.

Improve customer experience by being authentic

There are two things that effectively connect customers to brands: purpose and authenticity. Enhance customer experience by organizing your insights based on their questions, actions, and feelings. Also, invest in your brand so it can make a human influence.

Regularly audit your social accounts

Take time to search your products and brands on all social networks. If there are things you don’t like, you’ll likely need to improve the way you’re managing your digital reputation.

Be relevant and remain updated

You can improve engagement on your page by updating or adding content on your site that is relevant to the current situation. You can also extend your reach by building internal links to your new article or video from existing content. Hint: Use Search Console or Google Analytics to search for top pages that drive organic traffic and conversion.


So what now?

Don’t get stuck to one strategy and don’t be afraid to explore what’s in and what’s out in the marketing world. Be an influencer in your own way. Moreover, collaborate with experts and engage with your customers.

This is easier said than done, but you can get things positively going with the help of an SEO company such as Drive Traffic Media. Contact us today at (949) 800-6990.

09 Aug 2017
SEO mistakes to avoid

Common SEO Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

Running a business is never easy. Aside from the investment, you need to be determined and be always willing to learn new things. The fact that you’ll be multitasking, for the most part, makes you prone to committing some mistakes.

As an expert SEO company, we’ve observed a couple of SEO faults that small businesses repeatedly do. We hope that, by avoiding all these, you’ll be able to grow your online business faster and enjoy the fruits of your hardwork.

Here are the SEO mistakes you should avoid:


Expecting very quick results

Putting in a lot of work to perfectly optimize your website does not necessarily mean you’ll get to the online search ranking fast. In reality, it takes quite some time as you would have to first establish your expertise and online reputation. You can achieve this by regularly publishing quality content.

Writing content mainly for SEO and not for people

SEO is important for your website to rank favorably in online results. However, you should take into consideration the people who’ll be reading your content.

While it’s good to strategically play with your keywords all throughout the article, it’s also important that they make sense to the people reading them. This means your keywords should sound and fit naturally to make a good read.

Focusing alone on traffic

Much of your efforts are undoubtedly focused on driving more traffic to your website. However, don’t get too excited with the traffic your site is getting. Focus on what’s important — conversions. By analyzing which pages are giving you the highest conversions, you’ll easily know what needs to be improved to make your business grow.

Overlooking the alt-text of the image

As we know, images or videos are good ways of drawing more visitors to your website.

Search engines don’t have a means of identifying or processing images except by reading the alt-text or the “alternative text.” Be creative in your alt-text by giving your images a helpful and meaningful description and by incorporating relevant keywords.

Underestimating the importance of social media

Social media is not only for lazy or bored people who don’t have something to do during their free time. Through the years, social media has emerged as an essential place where customers share their experience, buy goods or services, and a lot more.

Make the most out of social media’s popularity by adding links to your FB or Twitter pages on your website. You can also add your business on local listing sites such as Yelp and Google for Business.


Are you ready to take your SEO efforts to the next level?

If you are, contact Drive Traffic Media today at (949) 800-6990. We’ll help setup your site to let customers find you easily. Most of all, we’ll get it to drive more sales for your business.

28 Mar 2017

Steps to Sizzle Your PPC Campaign

Pay per Click is recognized as an effective advertising campaign solution to get traffic to the website and increase conversion rate. On the other hand, some owners would consider this a risky campaign because of their limited understanding on how to set up and run it.

Goal Setting. The most challenging stage is to set goals for your campaign. Campaigns fail because owners and marketers alike do not put enough effort in the preliminary stages.

Take some opportunity to decide what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.  Take a look at the latest PPC trends and perform an initial analysis to help you define clear and measurable goals.


Choosing Keywords. Determining what keyword should go with your marketing campaign is the next step. Looking for potential keywords for your business, beginning with the most precise and relevant phrases for your niche or topic, is one of the most important steps to optimize your campaign.


Budget. In any project, budget settings come as the next essential step especially when there is plenty of keywords competition. However, if you have a tight budget turning PPC campaigns on and off based on the season(s) or a holiday would be a comprehensive strategy for maximizing your returns on investment (ROI).


Ad Placement Targeting. Another strategy to work is to create a placement targeting of your Google Adwords. Placement Targeting allows you to choose websites or a section of where you want your ads to show. It is a strategy to test out advertising on a site or section of the site that has a rate card beyond your current budget. Decide on how and where your ad will appear and how to drive visitors to your landing page. Get it to your target audience.


Location. Target a specific location to ensure that people who are in the geographical market will see your ad.


Language, Network, and Devices. Ensure your ads will appear on specific devices, are available on your product’s dominant market language, and ad servers are up all the time.


To make your PPC campaign sizzle, synchronize the message you want to push in your PPC ads and the message in PR, online media buys as well as print advertising. Through this, your company’s presence, brand recognition, and product/service trust are solidified.  Determine which PPC strategy is best for your online business and always test which works best.

27 Mar 2017

Short Form Versus Long Form Content

A content marketing strategy can either have a long-form or short-form content. With people around the globe more connected than ever, long-form and short-form content can be a great tool to help online customers looking for answers to their questions about a product or service. For businesses, this offers great opportunities to reach new leads and engage with loyal customers.

But is the short-form content better for your business than the long-form content? Short form content may lack ideas and of little depth, and long-form as tedious. Each content has its potential downsides, but both types of content play an essential part in your business marketing mix for you to see the results you want. As business owners, you have the control on how to serve your company’s purpose by planning and executing good content. Digital marketers nowadays see to it that the content they want to read also meet their needs. Consider and understand the needs of your target audience and write impressive content that addresses their needs.

There is no proven process to determine the best length of content to write for your online marketing success. However, the best length of marketing content depends on your target audience, your product or service, and your business goals.

If you want to capture and gather engagement from your audience, then the short-form content is advisable. Short-form content is usually around 1,000 words. Examples of short-form content include blog content, infographics, and social media posts.

If you wish to educate and inform it is best that you go with the long-form content. Long-form content is typically around 1,500 – 2,000 words. Long-form content is the best marketing strategy when your product or services

a. require more commitment to purchase,
b. if you need to showcase the quality of your product,
c. if you’re into information-based marketing,
d. if you have a new product or service that your audience has little knowledge and you need to explain properly for a proper pitch.

Examples of long-form content include webinars, long blog posts, e-books and case studies.

You can try to convert short-form to long-form and vice versa to repurpose your marketing content and make it available to a broader audience. Need help with your content marketing strategies? Call Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375-3058.

10 Jun 2016

Online Marketing Strategies That Work Today

In today’s fast paced environment, many businesses instinctively know that they need to look for various ways to ensure that their business succeeds. What is going to get them more money? Online marketing! The problem is that most business owners are unsure on how to do it and where to start.

First, you need to make sure you have a budget. Now, how much budget should you allot for online marketing? You need to spend at least 10% of your business income. You need money to run or maintain your website, to pay your employees, software that you use and all kinds of marketing needs. These are the things that you need to prioritize. Business people cut their online marketing budget at the first sign of slow business. Marketing should have been the last thing that you want stopped. Cutting it out means to stop your most productive means of lead generation and the potential to get more clients. Cutting it out means that you won’t have any way of turning these potential clients to paying clients and that means your revenue loss.

Look for a marketing plan that works for you and your business. Online marketing  is by far the best strategy because the internet world is where customers now seek answers, products and services they need.

Here are the important online marketing strategies that work best:

The first best way by far is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Organic or white hat SEO will make your website as a reliable and trusted industry source by the search engines. Go after some focus keywords- the exact terms that you want to be found for and implement it through blogging. Share it on your social media, offsite blog distribution sites,social sharing sites, forums, etc. Make sure that your URL structures are implemented properly too.

The second trusted and most effective way is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. Most of the traffic is in the multi dollar company Google. You can pay Google to run a good adwords campaign for you.

Next step is Pay-Per-Click marketing in social media. Different social media accounts have actual ad platforms like LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest marketing, twitter placement ads but the most powerful is Facebook. Facebook has the most information on people to get more leads. As what we mentioned in our previous blogs, you need to be consistent with your social media marketing. Make sure that you are consistently posting relevant and interesting content about your business.

Email marketing by sending out email messages to solicit sales, request business or to build brand awareness is also an effective online marketing strategy.

Don’t get left behind! Your customers and your competitors are already online, you should too! For more online marketing strategy to help your business succeed, call Drive Traffic Media at at +1 888 375 3058.

14 May 2016

Internet Marketing Budget: How Much Should You Spend?

It takes money to make money in order for your brand or product to boost sales and grow your business fast. So first we need to invest money into digital marketing so we become visible in the online world. Why? because most of your potential customers are turning online too looking for products and services they need; and of course, many of your competitors are into internet marketing too. Will you pass the chance of losing these potential online customers?

So how much should you spend on digital marketing?  If you spend too little, your  message might not be delivered to the audience and  if you spend too much, it might blow up your marketing budget. So, here are some of the effective tactics we can use :

  1. First, we need to start with a clear direction. You have to have a marketing goal before setting up the budget. Are we doing this marketing for brand awareness?To increase customer base in a certain percentage each month? or  just to engage better with the existing customers you already have? These are the things we need to consider as it will be a great help in narrowing the focus of our goals.
  1. Allocate budget to different strategies based on their success and not the actual cost. For projects that did not go well, figure out on how to improve them or spend the money elsewhere. We do not recommend throwing your money on ineffective marketing channels.
  1. Research on what your competitors’ marketing strategy is; and be updated on the industry trends before engaging in any campaigns to ensure that website  is not only current but is search engine-friendly and mobile-friendly too.

It depends on your tactic to either catch up or stand out. If this works with others, make it work for you. But if you see it stumbling, figure out how to stand out and get ahead!

We advise and recommend that you invest 10% of your gross annual revenue into your strategic marketing as a start up or if you are to launch a product or service. And if you want to ramp things up, invest from 20 to 30% of your projected annual gross revenue. Again, you have to spend money to make more money.

Need other internet marketing tips for your orange county business? Call us at 1(888) 375-3058 today.

12 Feb 2016

Domain Name as an Internet Marketing Tool for Your Business


Each computer has what we call an Internet Protocol (IP) address which is a set of four numbers separated by periods but we can’t remember all our favorite websites with just number combinations, can you? That’s the reason why domain names were created, that way, we don’t have to memorize as each of those numeric IP addresses are given unique names instead.

Why would businesses care for domain names, anyway? As an Orange County business owner, owning a domain name is not just limited to getting a technical shortcut of the numerical combination. In the world of internet marketing and sales, it could make your presence known to the cyberspace or it can ditch your business to the netherworld.


  1. Credibility. Buyers would trust your services and products if you have a domain name. Why? Because if you put effort and invested money to buy a domain name, that would signal consumers that you’re also willing to place effort in creating products or services that have value.


  1. Mindset for the Future. Owning a domain name implies that you’re ‘trendy’ and “future-oriented” in a sense that you keep your business on what’s latest on the technological breakthroughs.


  1. Uniqueness. A domain name which is similar to your business name reinforces reinforces the value of your brand to your consumers so it’s easier for your customers to remember your business and return to it. The possibility of passing it along to their friends also increases when they talk about your business amongst themselves.


  1. Portability. You have the choice of transferring hosts if you have your own website or domain name. You also have the option to transfer it to your own in-house server if you have one. On the other hand, if you don’t own your domain name, you will have to change or take a new URL, thus, destroying the branding which you have built up and nurtured with your old website URL.


  1. Search Engine Value. Search engines give importance to unique domains than those which are just sub domains or a part of another domain name and once your homepage is optimized, you get to enjoy the website traffic which is important for you to get even more web visitors and online conversions.


  1. Professionalism. Your domain name gives you the ability to create email addresses that are patterned after it and which you can use for the different roles or various departments in your organization or business.


Building the online reputation of your business is tough but if you really want to leave an impression or lasting mark to your online presence, boost your brand and get conversion in the process, then you have to understand the importance of owning a domain name. Need help in your internet marketing especially here in Orange County? Call us at (949) 800-6990 and receive your free online reports today.



Why Domain Names Are So Important by allBusiness

Importance of Domain Name and Why you should own one? By Steps to Make your Own Website



03 Nov 2015

How to Defend your Orange County Online Reputation from Negative Attacks

How to Defend your Orange County Online Reputation from Negative Attacks


Audience nowadays are very active in their roles as customers, thus, a need for businesses to manage their business online especially since the buying tendencies of consumers are influenced mainly by the number of positive reviews they read about the company they want to buy from. In fact, Yelp has it that nearly 90% of Yelp users are making purchases from the businesses they found on Yelp in a span of a week with 51% of these Yelp users making a purchase decision after they have visited the business website. Such is the power of online reputation and the need to manage it.
Aside from its influence in the consumers’ buying decision, online reputation management also addresses public criticisms and feedback made by disgruntled and unsatisfied customers especially since 45% of consumers nowadays share their bad experiences of a company product or service through social media. Sadly to say, some of them were posted by fake customers, underhanded competitors or even the company’s ex-employees.
These bad reviews couldn’t be ignored as the presence of just one negative review will cost a business 30 customers. Another survey stated that 24% of consumers won’t purchase a product once they have read at least 2 bad reviews and 39% of them won’t make a purchase after they have read 3 negative or bad online reviews. Negative reviews that are not addressed are ultimately your competitors’ gain.
So how do we protect our Orange County businesses from bad reviews and defend our online reputation? Here’s a few tips your business need to note of:
• To prevent a negative criticism from escalating, address any bad reviews your company gets immediately. You can activate Google alerts to assist you in monitoring for new reviews ‘as it happens.’ As I mentioned earlier, the public these days are very vocal about their opinions and 58% of them are now sharing their customer experience of a product than they did 5 years ago. You can use private messaging to communicate with your reviewer and see to it that you use calm, professional and friendly responses when providing resolution to your bad reviewer’s issue or issues.


• Look at negative feedbacks as opportunities to improve your product or service instead of responding negatively about it too. From your negative reviewer’s standpoint, seeing you correcting the issues they have help rebuild their trust and wipes their bad experience off.


• As for fraudulent reviews that were posted on your business, post only one public polite comment and then ignore it completely.


Online reputation management is not just about reacting immediately though. It’s also knowing when and how to react to certain scenarios and taking a proactive yet positive approach in dealing with customers who are less than satisfied with your brand.

Never let bad or negative reviews ruin you. Drive Traffic Media will help your Orange County business attract good reviews that will streamline your sales and drive more happy customers your way. Call Us at 9498006990 today!




Infographic, When Yelp Attacks!
Online Reputation Management: The Basics by Gyles Seward of Elementary Digital

28 Sep 2015

Want Clients to Give In? Social Ad Marketing is Key!

Want Clients to Give In? Social Ad Marketing is Key!


You got quality contents and you’re very excited that it’s going to get so much engagement so you post it on your social media accounts to let your viewers see the benefits of your content and then…BOOM! Just one or two ‘Likes’ and worst case scenario, you get nothing at all.

Let’s face it. Regardless of the fact that you spent so many hours on a great content, in the hopes of providing your readers the answers they need about your products or services, only a few of them gets to see your content on their newsfeeds. It is very difficult to get organic results in social media marketing nowadays, especially for Orange County businesses which are utilizing social media to promote their web contents.

The question is, why is this happening and how would a social media company address this? Here are a few insights from Kelly Shepsko of Business 2 Community.

1. To get social media engagement, you need a social ad budget. Do you know that even if you have thousands of social media followers on Facebook, only about 1-6% of them gets to see your company update on their newsfeeds? That’s right! And with that depressing percentage in mind, only a few get to actually see it as it is piled up with other updates on their newsfeeds. Not really a happy thought, eh? So since social media platforms are making it difficult for business owners to promote their contents, which you either paid or spent many hours to create, you need to promote it via Facebook ad marketing. Why? According to Kelly, even the HubSpot founders agreed that you need to allocate a social ad budget for your business to survive. As I mentioned earlier, gone are the days where high organic social media marketing results are obtained easily.

2. You need to implement Social Ad Retargeting until your potential clients are ready to Buy or use your service. Have you noticed that when you visit a certain shopping site, the items you click are the same items you see posted on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages? This is called social ad retargeting and it’s a very powerful tool that would allow you to “nurture grow and convince” your potential customers even after they have visited your website and moved on to their respective social media accounts. The good thing about this is that they’re the ones who expressed interest in your product or service, the only thing that the social ad retargeting would do is to “follow-up” with them until they buy or subscribe.

3. Social Media Marketing is cheaper compared to other marketing campaigns. Instead of thinking of the costs, think of the returns this will give your company. Ad marketing and remarketing are not limited to large business corporations anymore, even small business owners need to do it as only a small percentage of your followers get to see your updates (Remember, only 1-6%). Your contents need to be seen and appreciated so you have to boost it and give your viewers the ‘push’ to buy in. Besides, ad marketing is way more effective but cheaper compared to traditional means of marketing so why not boost what’s helpful and necessary to your audience?


Drive Traffic Media implements ad marketing along with our social media marketing for Orange County businesses we serve in order to get your audience to view, engage and channel their interest towards sales for your company. Call us at 9498006990 to find out more and receive your free quote!



Source: Social Media Advertising: The New Kid on the Inbound Marketing Block by Kelly Shepsko of Business 2 Community

09 Jun 2015

Attributes of an Internet Marketing Manager

Attributes of an Internet Marketing Manager


We have been in the hype to get the best web-design and the most catchy video but we forgot that the key element for any online campaign is a good manager. Whether the business is a start-up or an established one, internet marketing  should be considered, as people nowadays turn to the web to search for things or services they need to purchase or subscribe to. Depending on your marketing budget, target audience and goals, your internet marketing manager should possess several of these things:

Reputation. If you’re looking to hire a manager for internet marketing in Orange County, ask for referrals from other businesses with successful online campaigns. Referrals come in handy as it will gauge the manager’s capacity to handle your marketing campaign. Remember, you are investing not just money but your brand and without a manager that knows his way around internet marketing, it might cause your company’s growth and progression or its decline. Checking for testimonials or reviews from previous clients of your prospective manager can also help as it will verify the expertise (or lack thereof) of the person who will become your voice in the online world.

Knowledge. Well, it’s pretty obvious. You wouldn’t want to hire a manager who does not know what he is doing. Set up a meeting or go over proposals with your selected candidates to find out what their strategies are in helping your campaign. This is another way of checking whether your manager has the same goals as you are to promote your business.

Trust. You wouldn’t be comfortable discussing your business strategies and plans with a person whom you don’t trust. Without an amiable atmosphere between you and your manager, ideas will just bounce back and forth without implementation. And worst, you’ll be leaving the campaign with less money and no proof of success.

On your part, though, make sure that you provide your manager all the details he/she/they need to run a successful campaign for you. All of your social media credentials, photos, logos, pictures, etc. should be provided in advance for your manager to device a plan that would work best for your campaign. Remember, it takes two to tango so without cooperation on your part, your manager or the team’s best wouldn’t be enough. It would also help to set proper goals and expectations at the start of the campaign and be clear and reasonable with what the plan or package you subscribed to includes. You can’t expect your internet marketing manager to work on a new web design if you only paid for social media management. Similarly, you can’t expect your manager to do all things at once. Campaigns, in order to be successful, needs a lot of time -time to build your online presence and your business’ reputation.

Drive Traffic Media’s reputation and its team’s knowledge on internet marketing in Orange County is tested and proven. Ask around. We’re more than capable of bringing your business the success it deserves. Call us at (949) 800-6990 and receive a free quote today.