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28 Sep 2020

The Benefits Of Social Media On Your Brand

Social media has changed the way marketers all around the world traditionally do their marketing. No matter what social media platform someone uses, a successful and efficient marketing strategy will utilize these platforms to gain exposure and traffic to their businesses. According to Drive Traffic Media, an Irvine SEO company, social media is crucial to finding more success, potential customers, and brand awareness.   

Whether you are marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, having a solid social media marketing plan can help take your brand to the next level. Here’s a list of benefits social media will have on your business: 

More Interaction, More Insight.

Since social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are meant to be “social”, businesses can interact with users on a more personal level. Thanks to features on social media, you can see feedback and reviews users are leaving about your products/services in the comment section. This is positive in the sense that you can adapt and perhaps develop your strategy to help receive more positive comments and increase user interaction. 

Instant Reaction.

While there is an upside to this, there is also a downside to consumers being able to engage with your brand on social media. Negative reviews can make a business look bad, but the positive aspect of this is that you can instantly help the consumer since comments are always there and ready for whatever action is needed. Consumers respond better to businesses with quick response rates than to those who respond slowly or not at all. It shows that the company genuinely has an interest in what the consumer has to say and is making an effort to fix their problem. 

Potential Customers Are Easier to Find.

One feature that you should utilize in your social media marketing plan is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to be found as well as finding topics you are interested in. Using specific keywords that relate to your brand can help you spot potential customers who may not know who you are but have an interest in what you are selling. 

Improving Brand Awareness

Having the right content but not having your content on a social platform, or nowhere at all, can affect how your business gains awareness. In order to make sales, customers must know about your brand and where they can go to find your business. Social media is a possible solution to gaining more exposure and traffic from both potential and existing customers. There are millions of users on social media every day, so an opportunity like this is not one to pass up.      

Increased Brand Loyalty

According to a recent study, over 50% of Americans have an increased loyalty to brands that they follow on social platforms than to those they don’t. As previously stated, instant responses to both positive and negative comments can help businesses look better in the consumers’ eyes, which also has a positive effect on brand loyalty.   

Increased Sales

With social media marketing building more brand awareness to new and existing customers alike, this strategy can also contribute toward an increase in sales. Active use of your social media accounts will significantly increase the chances that a customer will make that purchase of your product or service. 

To have a successful business in today’s environment, you should have an online presence on social media. Consider taking your brand to social networks and expanding your reach through these platforms. If you don’t know how, reach out to an Irvine SEO company like Drive Traffic Media. 

17 Apr 2020

Marketing Tactics Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Most businesses are finding it necessary to adjust marketing campaigns in order to be sensitive to the COVID-19 pandemic that everyone is facing. Companies are not only trying to stay relevant in a time where people have less tolerance for the superfluous, but they are also trying to maintain customer loyalty by reaching out in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Irvine SEO copywriters note that this shift in brand messaging is important to the success of any current business.

Stay-at-home and social distancing policies have drastically impacted the habits and the perspective of the consumer. Irvine SEO copywriters share their advice for marketing in this time of crisis. 

The risk of implementing haphazard marketing in the time of a global pandemic warrants serious consequences. People are rightly concerned about the outbreak of COVID-19 and will not respond well to marketing that belittles or ignores the situation we are all in. SEO copywriters in Irvine say that it is important to evaluate your brand message for sensitivity. Are you contributing something useful or inspiring to consumers? Or are you exploiting the situation we are in for more sales? Now, more than ever, consumers will be attuned to your marketing tone.

With social media users on the rise, poor marketing tactics could lead to a very public, long-lasting walk of shame. So, it is always better to err on the side of caution. This may mean slightly altering the tone of your brand. If you are usually upbeat and funny, then you may want to consider a more thoughtful and serious tribute to the situation our world is facing. Your attention to consumer feelings will be rewarded in the future when they remember how you responded to this crisis. 

Keep a healthy balance of seriousness and optimism. Your customers want to know that you can be respectful to the fear and anxiety that many are facing during this time. However, you also don’t want your marketing to be depressing. So, maintain a reasonably positive attitude and provide helpful information that will inspire others to stay safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. 

Language is important. You want to make sure that you pay attention to the way your content is being conveyed. There are some obvious triggers that one should avoid using casually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a list of them:

  • Kill, killer, killing
  • Contagious
  • Infection, infectious 
  • Virus
  • Sick, sickness
  • Dangerous, danger
  • Die, dying, death

If you happen to be one of the fortunate companies that is profiting during this time, approach your marketing with the mindset of helping others (not helping yourself). In other words, use your marketing as a tool to increase visibility and access to information that shows customers how your product or service will improve their situation. Perhaps you are even donating some of your proceeds to a greater cause or organizing a donation drive in order to share the success of your business. Consumers want to know that you are thinking of the community and not just taking advantage of your fortune when most other people are suffering. 

If you are one of the companies that is struggling during this uncertain time, you need to be careful with sounding desperate or money hungry. Instead, remind customers why your product or service still matters during this time and convey your desire to stick around when the going gets tough. Consumers will respect your ability to serve their needs even in a financially unstable time. Maintain your foundation of trustworthiness and quality assurance and people will want to support your company’s aims. 

While you are marketing for your brand, it is important that you remain a reliable source of information for your consumers. When you mention COVID-19 in social media posts or blogs posts, make sure that you are spreading accurate information. Copywriting untrue facts can lead to very serious consequences for the reputation of your company. Here are some credible sources you can reference:

  • Centers for Disease Control
  • World Health Organization
  • The Department of Public Health 

Another important factor of good copywriting is spelling and grammar. This is always something you should be aware of when you’re marketing for your brand. However, it becomes an absolute essential when you are referencing serious matters like COVID-19. Incorrect language can undermine the tonal significance of your campaign and make your company seem less educated. Improper language can also confuse the meaning of your copywriting and, thus, confuse your consumer when it is crucial to spread accurate information about what’s going on. 

Copywriting in the time of COVID-19 needs to be positive without being unrealistic. In other words, don’t make promises to your consumer that you can’t keep. When you are referencing the future, remain optimistic without making detailed predictions or assumptions about how things will be. The worst thing you can do is get people’s hopes up with unrealistic expectations, only to disappoint them with a striking reality. 

Everything we are facing is unprecedented, which means that every day is an opportunity for news that changes the situation as we know it. In this case, it is best to make copywriting that can be flexible. Without sounding too vague, keep your copy at a somewhat neutral stance so that you do not have to make dramatic changes every few weeks.

When you are offering products or services during this time, you should avoid a call to action that pressures consumers unnecessarily. Messages that tell people to do something “before it’s too late” or that tell them not to “miss out” will invoke a rather insensitive tone with customers. Right now, urgency is only appropriate for serious matters regarding COVID-19, not your product or service. 

For companies with a brick and mortar store, your call to action may need to be adjusted since customers are not able to go to you directly. Have your messaging tell consumers to check out your online market or at least learn more about your company from your about page. Emphasize your attentiveness to the situation with language like “remote,” “virtual,” “delivery,” and “at home.” If you are doing business differently in order to accomodate customers during this time, then that should be the main focus of your copywriting. 

Many businesses utilize scheduling tools for their campaigns. If this is the case for your company, you will want to double check your scheduled posts and automated emails in order to ensure that they are sensitive, relevant, and appropriate.

Copywriting in the time of COVID-19 will take an extra amount of awareness and sensitivity in order to generate positive results for your brand. However, it will not be all difficult. Here are some tips to make the most of your situation:

  • Only make changes to copy that is immediately affected by COVID-19. You don’t need to rewrite your whole campaign. Some things can stay the same. 
  • Keep track of your copy changes. When you need to reassess your campaign in a couple of months, you might want access to previous copy.
  • Keep track of ideas. Even if now is not the right time for a certain strategy or campaign, there will be a time and place for your good ideas. 
  • Maintain quality copy. While we may be facing extraordinary circumstances, you should always generate copywriting that you are proud to share. Stay motivated to keep up with your standard of quality and don’t rush things. 
23 Mar 2020

6 Elements Of Website Usability That Contribute To Its Ranking

Nobody says SEO is easy. For most marketers, SEO is all about going through the rigorous process of finding the perfect set of keywords that you can rank to keep your visitors longer on the website. However, many other factors contribute to the website SEO. Although significant keyword optimization is a single factor, all other factors contribute equally.

Search engine algorithms not only rate the keyword relevancy in the content and the meta tags, but it also evaluates your website based on the inbound and outbound links, page views, broken links, bounce rate, and the dwell time. 

Let’s explore a little further on how website usability contributes to a significant ranking factor. According to an SEO company in Irvine, the following factors play a critical role in defining website usability. 


Accessibility or availability is the central aspect of website usability. If your users are trying to access your site, and if it is not accessible due to any reason, then it becomes worthless. Your visitor won’t only be frustrated, but they will never give a second try and head to the next available website to get what they are looking for. The following are the basics of accessibility or availability. 

  • Make sure the server uptime is maximum. Invest in a good hosting that you can depend on. 
  • Double-check all the broken links and the dead links and remove them, if any. 
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly, and it should work even with slow connections. 


Whether it is customer journey or visitor retention, the core of usability is clarity. Anything that confuses or distracts your customers will push them away, and they will forget why they visited your website altogether. In short, an exceptional user-experience is essential to ensure visitor retention and enhance the usability of your website, as it is one of the significant contributing factors to your website ranking. 

  • Great clarity is achieved through the simplicity of its design and the familiarity of the target audience – it means anything you publish on your website should address the needs of your targeted audience. 
  • Consistency- Give your audience a great experience consistently. Don’t try to get cute. 
  • Guidance- don’t expect your visitors to explore the website themselves, but show them how to use it easily.


Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Your visitors should not face any trouble while exploring your site. If they spend most of their time exploring how to use your websites, they will be spending less time finding what they need the most i.e., the product or service you are offering. Plus, if they fail to find what they are interested in quickly, they will navigate back and will never come back again. Sad yeah?

Always make intuitive designs that are easy to explore through. Please keep it simple and add visuals that can help them remember your site forever. 


Every single day a new service provider pops up on social media or search engines promising to provide you the best services or product. Given this, it is pretty hard to find whom to trust. It makes it hard for people to find credible brands or service providers. If you lack credibility, then the website and the content you have on it becomes worthless. One of the great ways to increase reliability is to add your About Us page on the site. You can also add your phone number, customer reviews, and the physical address. It will strengthen your credibility and reputation. 


Lately, one of the significant aspects that most of the brands lack is relevancy. Pay closer attention to what exactly your target audience is looking for and then create content and design the website accordingly. Clarity and learnability are not enough to develop long run results. A great way to ensure relevancy is to meet your target audience in person and ask questions. Once you get all the answers, then tailor your content creation and design your website accordingly. 

Test, test, and test over again to ensure the usability of the website according to the SEO company in Irvine. Remember, nothing happens overnights, and you have to put effort, do the research, and adopt an iterative approach of constant testing. 

21 Dec 2019


Google loves secure websites, and it’s a no brainer. Although Google revealed back in 2014 that switching your website to an HTTPS would give a minor boost in ranking, not all sites have a secured website today. 

If Google says its worth it, then let’s do it. 

Both small and large companies need to understand the difference between an HTTP and HTTPS, how these both vary, and if switching from HTTP to HTTPs is viable for your business in the first place. 

Understanding the basics: HTTP vs. HTTPS

Whether you are developing your site or you are the user, a great online experience tends to involve proper encryption and a trusted third party. To understand why does Google favors it over HTTP sites, let’s first learn the basics.

HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol

An HTTP is a process for receiving and transmitting information all across the internet. Its focus is on how the data and information are presented to the end-user. However, it does not care about how the data gets transferred from Point A to Point B. 

Secondly, the process has to be “stateless,” meaning it needs not to remember anything about any of the previous sessions. As a result, there is less amount of data to send and thus an increased speed. 

When is HTTP most beneficial?

HTTP is mostly used to access HTML pages. It is essential to realize that all other resources can be utilized by accessing HTTP. Therefore, all those websites which have HTTP do not store data such as credit card information. 

HTTPS: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTPS was developed to allow secure transactions and authorization. While we browse over the internet, it is essential to prevent unauthorized access, which an https does. HTTPS is identical to HTTP in so many ways because it follows almost the same basic protocols. The HTTP establishes a connection to a server on a standard port, whereas HTTP offers an extra layer of security because it uses SSL to move data. 

In short, for all purposes and intents, HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP.

Google’s opinion about HTTPS

SEO company in Irvine suggests that Google prefers websites that are certified and trusted, and it’s not a surprise. It is because when a website has HTTPS, it guarantees the site will encrypt their information to have an extra level of security. It has higher benefits associated with it, and therefore getting a certificate involves a real job. 

Now let’s break down the process of acquiring a certificate. So when a website goes under the process of obtaining a certificate, the issuer plays its role as a trusted third party. So whenever you browse a website, the browser uses the information provided in the certificate to conclude whether the site is secure or not. Anyone who knows the difference can now buy with confidence. Due to this credibility, businesses today have started e-commerce. 

To dig a little deeper, information sent through HTTPS is secured via the Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS). It provides three significant layers of protection. And, due to this reason, Google claims that the website will have a little boost in ranking. 

  • Encryption – to keep the data secure 
  • Data integrity – It does not allow corruption or modification of data during transfer without being detected. 
  • Authentication ensures that the users are communicating with the intended sites. 

SEO advantages of HTTPS revealed by SEO company in Irvine

So far, it must be clear that that HTTPS offers security, and if your website has HTTPS, then for sure, it is in Google’s good graces. Apart from this, it has some additional benefits that you should pay attention to. 

  • It may increase your rankings – This one is obvious because Google favors secure websites. 
  • It’s more secure and more private – It encrypts all the data, including credit card history and browsing data. 
  • It preserves referrer data – the secure referral information is protected when traffic passes to an HTTPS site.

Along with some specific SEO benefits of HTTPS, switching to an HTTPS will help you be in good graces with Google. It is a far more secure system for your site to operate. In short security of your user and your website are the most significant aspects of switching from HTTP to HTTPS. If you want to boost your website ranking via HTTPS, reach out to an SEO company in Irvine. 

28 Sep 2019

Create A Killer Ecommerce Keyword Strategy With The Following Tips

If the majority of potential customers arrive at your website through the organic search, congratulations, you already have a successful SEO strategy. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to improve your SEO strategy. SEO Company in Irvine reveals it is an ever-improving strategy, and you have to work on it regularly so that the ranking of your website doesn’t get hurt. Secondly, it is critical for the success of your eCommerce website. 

Whenever we conduct research online, we come across tons of resources that promise to create a perfect library of keywords that will guarantee your website to rank. Unfortunately, these resources are seriously misleading. In spite of the fact we have all this information regarding how to get website ranking, Google is secretive about what are the real determinants of the rankings are. 

Experts have conducted research and have suggested a few strategies for getting your website ranked, and these strategies are backed by the data. Let’s have a look into all these strategies and how they can impact your ranking. 

Make sure your website is structured according to the SEO perspective 

The general layout of the website and how it operates greatly affects its ranking. According to the SEO Company in Irvine, 24% of the organic ranking factors, and 14% of the local factor ranking are based on on-page signals and particularly the domain and the page authority. It reveals that the ranking of your website is affected by the hosting service you choose and how it stands in the search engine. 

Choose a hosting service that has provided a great user experience in terms of its design and layout. It must include customizable navigations, onsite search bars, seamless checkout process to provide a great user experience. Search engine always takes the trustworthiness and credibility into consideration, so if you are using a domain platform which has tons of issues, chances are your ranking will hurt. 

Secondly, augment your pages for the highly searched keywords, and it is one of the straight forward tricks to help your eCommerce website ranked. Look for the popular eCommerce SEO features like customizable URLs, page titles, and most importantly meta descriptions. Adding social media icons and extensions will benefit you a lot. While some platforms have these features like built-ins, others may offer add-ons or the extensions you can choose from.

Take into consideration the loading speed of your website, a slow webpage always boosts the bounce rates, and it directly hurts the reputation of your website in search engines. Use tools like Pingdom to conduct the speed tests regularly. It helps you to measure the speed of your website from anywhere in the world. It can also grade your perform and identify the areas you need improvement. 

Don’t dismiss low hanging fruit keywords

No matter which resource you are following to build your SEO strategy, SEO Company in Irvine suggest is to always look for the highly searched keywords which could drive more traffic. While this sounds great advice, in some cases, it is misleading. 

As a general rule, if a specific keyword or the set of keywords are ranked up to the top of list, it’s doesn’t mean it is commonly searched by the users. However, it also means it is the keyword that most of the website have already use, and therefore the chances of getting this keyword ranked on the website is extremely slim. Therefore, you should also include a list of additional keywords to stand out of the crowd. 

You should look for the common keywords that are not already used by many of the websites. This is where the concept of ‘low hanging fruit’ comes into play. These are the highly relevant keywords which are less common that your customers may be likely to search as they are more specific. 

To make the process easier, you can use tools like KWfinder. It is a great tool which can help you discover all the hidden gems. KWfinder even helps you find out how hard the keyword is to rank and how hard the competition will be based on the domain and page authority of your competitors’ website. In short, it provides your new strategy a true leg up on the competition. 

Add reviews

It is critical to make reviews part of your SEO strategy 

I know we all are afraid of review because it negative review means you will have a negative brand image. But it isn’t true. If you have some negative reviews, embrace them because they provide you an opportunity to grow. And customer reviews can do more than just helping the new customers make a new purchase through your eCommerce store. While reviews are a powerful tool, they can do double duty by providing additional value to the keywords strategy.  

A review can contribute to your ranking factors, particularly that are in written form as they determine the validity and the trustworthiness of your website or business. 

Focus on topic relevancy 

In this age of generalization, it is critical to stick to a certain topic. To compete with the retail giants like eBay, Jet, and Amazon, your eCommerce website should have content that stands out. One of the best ways to do it is to knock your topic relevancy out of the park. Your website topic relevancy is based on various factors, including the number of keywords that match up to the search engine inquiry, the number of relevant inbound links and outbound links that your website has. Together all these parameters can impact the ranking of your website to a large extent. 

As the digital world is growing fast, the eCommerce industry is not easy to win at. You have to make sure you have an extremely great strategy in place that can attract the right audience. 

12 Sep 2019

Get Your Potential Customers Off Your Website and Into Your Store

In the 21st-century digital world, most people prefer to buy things online from the comfort of their homes. It helps them to save a lot of effort as well as time. But the challenge is, how will you convince someone to come to your store physically once they land on your website? You may have a good website, it may have high-quality content, and it may have great SEO rankings; but if you are not able to get people into your store, you are missing the opportunity. In this article, I will explain some healthy methods suggested by SEO Company in Irvine to convince your website visitors to come to your store.

Explain your intent in a clear and persuasive way 

Explain your vision on the website. Mention your call to action appealingly and clear manner so that it will prompt your customers to take action. Ask them to perform some tasks. For example, do you want your customer to fill the signup form or do you want someone to download your courses? Guide them to make them understand what they need to do and how to do it once they land on your website.

Offer Something Free

One successful marketing strategy that the SEO company in Irvine also suggested is to offer a reward to your customers when they visit your store for the first time. This is a trick which every big vendor uses to attract customers. It will not cost you big, but you will reap a big chunk of success off of it.

Offering a small discount can really convince your customers to avail of your service. You may gift your site visitors something when they visit your store.

Take part in Charities

Social work is always a preferred strategy to market yourself. Always take part in charities as these are acts that can really add respect and social status to your company profile. You should contribute even if it’s just a small amount to share a story with your customers. 

Giving inspires visitors to know more about your store and buy your product/service, especially in this modern society where we need social work more than ever. You don’t have to contribute money; your helping hand can be your act of charity. For example, WeWood is a company that sells wooden watches. The company plants a tree with every watch they sell. Isn’t it awesome?

Inform your customers that they can contribute to your charity when they use your product. Make them feel good by mentioning that their money is used in social activities to improve the standard of society. This is a healthy idea to pull someone from the website to your store.

Offer a Value

In this modern era, there is a huge competition for almost every product/service. Selling is not an easy task now, even with a quality product. Whatever your product/service is, always add value to it and give the evidence to your customers why you are the most trustworthy seller in the crowd. Your objective is to gain your customers’ trust more than the money you earn.

Marketing is not an easy task anymore. You have to make smart decisions to stand up in the crowd. Build a strong relationship with your customers while offering value to gain their loyalty. 

Get Feedback From Customers

Another way of making a good relationship to get your customers’ feedback about your product/service. Give them a chance to express their opinion freely. This strategy will help you understand what type of product your customers want. Once you get the feedback, process it, and try to improve according to your customer suggestions.

This is something which large business frequently used to research customers’ behavior. After all, you earn money from those who are happy and satisfied with your product. Make a form on your website and ask customers to post their feedback.

It may not be easy to convince customers to visit your store while visiting your website, but with the above-mentioned smart strategies given by the SEO company in Irvine, you’d be able to turn them into online buyers. 

09 Aug 2019

Revive Stagnant Digital Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Knowing that all business and marketing campaigns have a finite existence can be real anxiety, but the fact is nothing lasts forever (except taxes and the Simpsons, of course). SEO Company Irvine can help minimize your fears by implementing viable strategies to ensure the long-term success of your business. 

Each marketing campaign brings a unique set of challenges, it’s a no brainer! Given the unique situations that can appear, a cookie-cutter solution won’t work at all, and each unique problem needs a unique solution. While there are plenty of mainstream marketing strategies that campaigns use, there is definitely a point where a lack of creativity will hurt. 

So how to make sure you breathe new life into your business marketing campaign that seems to have reached its goal? If you do research, you will be surprised at how many cards you can have at your disposal that can assist you in achieving your targets. If you are still confused SEO Company Irvine can help you get greater results with your latest campaign. 

Step One: Observe

Before you make any changes, you need to identify what issues you need to address. Analyze the who, what, when, where, and why of your customers and their experience with your website, as user testing is a significant way to collect information on how your site looks from their perspective. Use several tools to find the issues which you can later patch on. 

Create interesting content through various mediums

You don’t have to create long blog posts and written content every time you need to put something out to your audience. Much like a stale dish, you can garnish your content to make it engaging, to make it appealing to your targeted audience. Try using infographics, sounds, videos, and GIFs. You can even use cartoons to add a little spice to your content! Never limit your content to a single medium, one format, or a single content type. SEO Company Irvine can help you create SEO rich content for your business. 

A good example is that tweets with images get more impressions and retweets than those without, with surveys revealing that tweets with images receive up to 150% more retweets! Make sure you also stay consistent with a single theme for your campaign, for nothing loses an audience like consistency. Secondly, your business will come across as being more organized.

Do a thorough cleanup 

Much like a spring cleaning, a faltering campaign may need cleanup from head to toe, as the contemporary customer is choosier than ever before! Online shopping is the most popular forms of shopping now, and potential buyers have online reviews and citations that can help them with making a purchase decision. 

While negative reviews are not completely bad, it is essential to sort them to find damning ones. Take time to look at the reviews that were put there with the direct purpose of undermining your business You can also use a review management service to make your job easier. 

Go with the trends 

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to go with the trends. For example, you can’t negate the power of social media marketing. You need to understand that anything that becomes viral is surely going to have a positive impact on society. Follow the trends. Adding popular social media tags during social media campaigns to increase your reach. 

Show support to the specific social movements if they are popular with your customer base, and it shows you care for what is essential for your customers as well. 

Alter your message often to stay current with your audience

It may feel prudent to target a general audience to achieve the most reach for your product, but the practice has shown that businesses usually achieve better results when they target a specific audience. You will be surprised at your success!

Create genuine content which provides value to your targeted audience, and avoid sounding too much like a salesman. Most audiences are already familiar with most marketing tricks, and will likely avoid clicking on anything that even remotely resembles an ad. So be sure to alter your message so that it can match their needs. 


If anything can do real magic for your business, it is a giveaway. Announcing giveaways regularly because is a great way to create social media buzz, and can also improve brand awareness and help you extend your business reach. Tailor your giveaway in your favor by asking the customers to like your page, follow on social media, or subscribe to the email list. 

While this seems like a great deal, you will also have to follow specific guidelines to achieve your target without any trouble. If this is not something you are good at, you can also hire a social media agency to do this task for you. 

To wrap it up, there are several methods you can adopt to give new life to your stagnant marketing campaign. There will be times when the sale is too weak, or you have minimal traffic, but you don’t have to worry once you have these strategies in place! 

07 Aug 2019

Business Audits That You Need to Conduct for Survival

Auditing is not just a term for tax season. It is also a way to make your business function properly both externally and internally.

Most of the successful businesses will conduct a variety of audits frequently to locate their weak spots and financial mistakes, as well as design meaningful reports for the future and current reference. The Irvine SEO Company conducts audits of its a client to ensure long-run success!

Annual financial audits are for the complacent, for if you want to indicate to investors and shareholders that your business is operating efficiently and truthfully, then you must conduct regular audits. Below are the three types of audits that you should conduct to keep your business both happy and healthy:

SEO audit

The first kind of audit that comes on our list is the SEO audit. Reach out to an Irvine SEO Company to learn more about it, as SEO is a large beast to tame on its own. That’s the reason why global companies have spent a combined total of $613 billion on improving their search engine rankings and increasing their digital presence. In an environment with constant innovation, general website growth, and the modifications in the search engine, it is important to check that your online marketing strategy is clear and consistent. And the only solution you have at your disposal is – an SEO audit.

Before you start with an SEO audit of your website, keep in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and that a successful and meaningful audit can often take weeks to complete. A success audit may, however, discover minor and significant issues that prevent your website from getting ranked in the search engine and avoid it from gaining the traffic that you deserve. You will also identify problems relevant to the content, backlinks, and organic search results. The good news is that you don’t have to perform all these tasks on your own, there are various SEO tools for the SEO audit that you can use. A tool like SEOptimizer, Zadroweb, and SEOMATER can make your life a lot easier, and you can also help find errors more easily.

Although you may feel it is easier to look at your website from an SEO perspective, it is a lengthy process. A comprehensive look into your SEO results will help you determine issues with your content where it may otherwise appear sound. It is a good thing, though. A technical SEO audit will always help you point out areas and issues which can be improved and fixed. This practice can help you improve the overall health of your website and guarantee better search engine indexing. Plus you will have a clear idea of what your target audience is looking for!

The SEO audit that the Irvine SEO Company did for you a few years ago is not reliable today. With all the updates and changes in Google algorithms, you have to audit your website almost every year, for Google makes up to 500 annual changes to its search engine algorithm. To adapt to the new updates, you have to schedule annual SEO audits, which will ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Website audits for the better UX

Your business website is the online face of your business; it’s a no brainer! If your site is hard-to-navigate, unappealing, or broken, your customers will lose faith in your services and your business altogether. Therefore regular website audits are also essential – you need to find what out what the weak points of your website are and how you can properly fix them.

One thing that you need to understand is that a website audit is a multi-staged process that dives into everything from data statistics to performance enhancements of your website. This will not only help you point out the issues with your website, but it will also help you understand the issues that your customers may face. The business audit goes from collecting vital information from your targeted audience, your website, and, of course, the website of your competitor.

Apart from identifying outdated features and broken links, one of the main things an audit can do is optimize it for mobile devices. According to surveys, almost 80% of online users prefer to access websites on their mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, chances are your potential customer will go back and land on your competitors’ site.

Operational audit

Let’s take a break from the online traffic and your website and talk about the productivity and efficiency of your team.

An operational audit is as important as an SEO audit and UX audit. It can give you a clear picture of how your team works, where the productivity is lagging, and how you can implement the right strategy to fill this gap. The process will determine what the team members need to do to achieve your present and future business goals.

Operation audits consist of a series of in-depth reviews, and you should think of them as improvement and performance plans rather than inquisition into your staff. As you carry out every step, you may find significant problems that you were unaware of, and the resolution of which will speed up overall team productivity. It will lead to a happier work environment and process in the long run.

So auditing is not just an extra business expense, as a successful business understands that clearing up inefficiencies and gaps in your operations is the key to an excellent, sustainable performance.

06 Aug 2019

How To Turn your eCommerce Business into a Conversions Machine

There are a variety of the optimizing strategies that the SEO company Irvine CA recommends which you can apply to both your eCommerce business and the service-based business. When it comes to getting more customers and having the best digital marketing strategies, eCommerce always need a unique approach. 

Following are the best practices by SEO company Irvine CA that can help business improve conversion rates and address unique challenges of the eCommerce stores. 

Cross-sells, Upsells, and Bundling 

One of the primary goals of an eCommerce store is to improve a customer’s average order. The primary ways to accomplish this goal is to cross-sell, up-sell, or bundling. Suggesting these ideas is pretty easy. At the point of purchasing, you can convince your customer by saying, ‘hey, look at this product too, and these are often bought together, maybe you will like it too.”, “Customers have already purchased this item ten times faster during the last week.”  This way, you are not only increasing the average order volume and your overall revenue as well, but you are adding value to the purchaser as well. So it’s a win-win situation. 

Make sure the bundling should be data-led. Let’s put this differently, and you should base it on what the other customers have bought. Never create a bundle on your own. It will not produce long-run results neither leave it to the other customers but create a bundle based on data to get the highest conversion rates. Let the data create some best bundles for you. 


Rewards are simply the discounts businesses offer to the clients. How many times have you bought something just because you found an email that specific business gives you 10% on your next purchase? Discounts create an emotional trigger, and the rewards systems are the best ways to encourage customers to make a new purchase and improve brand loyalty. It works best with the small repeated purchases. 

You can try another way to go about it too. There are several businesses which offer free products with the repeat business. Few other companies enroll their customers in a point program – so the more discount they will get the more they buy over time. Never forget the famous punch card strategy, buy seven items, and then get the eighth one free! 

Partner programs 

I am a big fan of the partner program. With this one, you can purchase an item on one site and then get a discount on another. This strategy is perfect for those companies which have complementary products. If a customer buys from you, let them know that you are also associated with the other company A, B, and C. Then offer a discount code valid for a limited time at any of your partner sites.

Finally, you also the long-term subscription discount. It works well in the long run. If you offer a specific service for ten dollars per month, be sure that you also provide a yearly subscription of the same service at a reduced rate. 


You can apply Gamification to many services, websites, tools, and processes. Whatever the activity you choose, the core ideas is to make it more like a game and encourage customers to win a particular challenge by competing against others. Whoever wins the challenge gets an award. The whole process builds loyalty and improves engagement. 

Psychologically, this process always resonates with the visitors because it provides them a sense of control the value they take away. When they spin that wheel, it turns out to be valuable for you as well. It is a powerful tool to convert a researcher or browser into a potential customer. 


You can get a lot of value from retargeting. Research shows that on average, there are six to eight touchpoints before a purchase is made. It is a great way always to stay top of mind, particularly when a regular visitor has come close to purchasing from you but has a last-minute change of heart. 

Reducing abandoned carts 

Besides retargeting, there are several ways to reduce the abandoned carts. Whichever path you choose, you aim to realize why the visitors are abandoning carts in the first place. Try to find what the main reason was. Maybe the price was too much. Perhaps they were just randomly browsing without any aim to purchase it, or they were looking at the products so that they can find a discount code that you recently announced. May be the checkout point was too dodgy, and they could not trust you with credit card information. 

Once you can find the core issues, it is time to counteract that objection, so that you can meet the problem head-on and then it will improve the chances of a sale. Some of the options that you can encounter are having a real-time chat feature, providing credibility indicators, including high-quality images, and reconnecting with email.

With all these strategies by SEO company Irvine CA in place, you will be able to turn your eCommerce your business into a conversion machine. 

02 Jul 2019

7 Effective Video SEO Tips To Drive Traffic

It should not surprise you that videos are an essential part of your overall marketing element. Paying a closer to video creation and its SEO should not be an afterthought. 

Quality video content is a go if you want to promote your brand and drive more traffic to your website and ultimately, sales! When creating your video, pay closer attention to YouTube SEO. Irvine SEO services can provide you the best SEO practices for your YouTube SEO. 

Let’s dig deeper into finding why you should pay closer attention to YouTube SEO. 

With over than 3 billion hours of videos watched per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine. The total number of YouTube users are over 1 billion per month, and the number is continuously escalating. 

And, here is another interesting fact, more than 5 million YouTube videos are watched per day. Majority of the YouTube user fall into the age group 18-49 years old. 

I am sure these are pretty enough statistics to convince why you should focus on content video, and it’s SEO. Let’s go a little further to know that:

YouTube Keyword research

Just as the blog SEO, your YouTube channel also need keyword research to ensure it receives enough traffic. Therefore, it is crucial that you do the video keyword research before even publish your FIRST EVER video. 

The simplest way to start doing YouTube SEO is to see if your chosen keywords have significant  YouTube results. As a rule, the search engine displays videos that involve tutorials, reviews, how-to videos, and anything related to fitness and sports. 

To find if your keyword shows up in the search result, go to the search bar, type in your preferred keyword, and check the auto-suggestions. Apart from this, you can keep an eye on Google Trends and find the total search volume of your keywords. If you are a beginner, this will help you understand if the audience is interested in your niche or not. 

If you are starting with your YouTube channel, it is always great to begin targeting low-competition keywords. It will allow you to drive a higher volume of traffic to your videos. There are a variety of tools available for keyword research, but the one I would recommend is Avail Irvine SEO services to know more about the best tools. 

Know Your Audience

This tip is an absolute no-brainer, and it is one of the critical part of your video creating process. 

To capture the attention of your audience, you should know what they are genuinely interested in. Learn what makes your audience tick, and then everything automatically flows in. 

Put yourself in audience shoes, and it will help you a lot. You can do market research without spending too much money. 

You can conduct online surveys via the following ways: 

  • Create online polls either on your Facebook page or Instagram page
  • Run a search over google and gather information via authentic sources

Optimize your video title

Optimizing your video title is as important as creating a video. A video title serves the same purpose as the title of your blog post. Therefore it should be short, yet catchy that could grab audience attention. 

Never try to trick your target market into watching your video using an entirely different title. It could save you from suffering over a long time-period. 

Your video title should at least have five words, and it must include your main keywords. The general rule is, place the keyword at the beginning of the title. 

Optimize your video description

Try to be clear when you write the video description. Not only your audience but search engines i.e., Google and YouTube also rely on it while indexing a video. 

Add your website link to the description, and it will drive traffic to your website. Plus, it will help to get it ranked. Make sure your video description is at least 250 words long. 

Use keywords in the description, but be sure not to overuse them. The frequency of your keywords should be 3-4.  With the right keywords in place, write your video description in a flow and natural way. Do not write video description which feels forced, and this diminishes the credibility of your videos. 

Use a great thumbnail

No one loves to watch a video with a blurry thumbnail. Just try it out today, and you will see the result. A thumbnail catches audience attention and then gives a glimpse into your video. 

Use a thumbnail that represents your video. As soon as you upload your video, YouTube gives you three autogenerated thumbnail options to choose your thumbnail, choose the one which is the most suitable. 

If you do not like the ones which are autogenerated, then you can have a high quality customized thumbnail with dimensions 1280X720 pixels. 

Add tags

Adding appropriate tags to your YouTube video can drive traffic to your channel. If you are wondering what tags are, they are the keywords which you have already in place before even creating your first video. 

Promote your videos

Congratulations! You have already achieved the first milestone. Now it’s time to promote your video. Promote your video across various marketing channels, including email, social media, and relevant forums and add a call to action to get more views and engagements. 

Don’t be shy! Because your video is a representation of your brand or business. If correctly done, YouTube SEO can help you get your video ranked in no-time. Avail Irvine SEO services to rank your youtube channel.