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02 Jul 2020

6 Free Methods To Steer More Traffic To Content (Part 1)

With the way the economy is going, it isn’t a surprise if your content advertising budget has been shaved down. Perhaps, you never had the luxury in the first place. Or every piece of content that you produce, whether it is an article, blog, e-book, or video all the opportunities to perform on its own before selecting the ones you feel are worth your while investing your paid promotion budget for. 

No matter what prevents you from going that extra mile to promote your content, you can use these resources to let your audience find your content without having to spend oodles of time and tons of financial resources. 

Prepare In Advance For Traffic

If you want people to see, hear or watch your work, Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO expert, suggests before you begin to produce it consider how people will get a hold of it. It is common to downplay traffic plans and leave them for the promoting phase of the cycle, but that increases the liability that the promotion will just be a mere second thought. 

During your planning stage, you need to start thinking about where and how you will direct people to your content. Throughout this stage, most of the work consists of SEO, however, your general plan most probably will use a mix of SEO, email alerts, social promotion, newsletters, channels, and personal outreach. 

For content to be prosperous with search engines, it has to provide the information requirements of the people doing the searches. Obviously, not every piece of content is meant to be a search magnet. Nevertheless, determining how your content can accommodate your target audience’s information requirements will most probably help with your email and social promotion as well. 

Think About Search Intent

The Orange County SEO expert believes the most crucial process in the planning stage is to empathize with your readers, viewers, and listeners. What are their questions regarding the topic you want to discuss? How would they word their questions? What type of content are they searching for – transactional, navigational, or informational? 

In order to achieve this, you should spend some time brainstorming on the questions you have a feeling people might have so the person creating the content can focus on them.  

Also, you don’t have to make assumptions and use your innate intuition. You should be able to find little hints by just checking out the Google search results on the topics you probably will use. 

For instance, you could take a look at the SERP elements to find a given word or phrase. For instance, let’s say you have created an editorial plan for a gardening company that consists of posts about dandelions. Place the word ‘dandelions’ into the Google search engine, then examine the results page for clues as to what people looking for the term ‘dandelions’ might be searching for. Here is how that would look like:

Image and video carousels

From some of the video title suggestions in the carousel close to the top of the page, you can notice that people searching for dandelions are trying to find out what dandelions means for their garden’s well-being and whether they can use them as a superfood. Also, Google believes people are intrigued by video content regarding dandelions. 

Look at people also ask, related searches, and autosuggest

Just above the video results are more hints in the “people also ask” box:

What are dandelions good for?

Can I eat dandelions?

Are dandelions weeds?

Is a dandelion a flower?

Are dandelions bad for your yard?

Should I pull out dandelions? 

Don’t overlook the bottom of the SERP page to study the “searches related to” area for more questions, or also known as ideas for answers to place into your content. 

One of the easiest hints about what people are looking for is one of the simplest to ignore – this is the autosuggest feature in Google. When you type in a question or search term, Google refers to what you might be searching for. 

A good tip to keep in mind is to use SERP hints to plan out parts of your content or add them to your idea folder for future content. If you work in this manner, your content will be found before you even produced it!

Keyword Research

Examining SERPs for terms significant to your content should provide you a lot of ideas about what your target audience is thinking about. Keyword research helps you pinpoint the ideas and understand what content already ranks high for these topics. In a nutshell, it is a good indicator of how much competition you are going to have, the predicted volume of search,  relevant keywords, click-through rate, and so much more. 

Create structure content and build relationships for backlinks and social promotion

Keep in mind that the main aim of all this SEO work is to bring traffic to your website. Of course, you will need people to click on your content from the SERPs, this is when coordinating your content to their search intent helps out. However, if your content is not doing its part when ranking is concerned, your probabilities of getting people to click on your content will take a hard hit. 

When you are dealing with ranking factors, it is important to have backlinks to your content. Obviously, you can’t bring in backlinks until the content is live, but you can draft the content to be a backlink magnet. 

One of the methods of doing this is to carry out and plan content based on original research. Or else you can create content that features interviews with experts in your area of expertise. This helps to validify your post and essentially guarantees that the post will be shared since it will be promoted by the quoted experts. If you strategize your content promotion in this way, you set yourself up for optimum success. 

If you enjoy these free ways to promote your content, make sure to stick around to read part two. 

24 Jun 2020

5 Ways To Make Your Content Marketing Endure The Pandemic

The coronavirus has many businesses that work with SEO companies rethink their business strategies and budgets. Also, it is probably fair to say that this pandemic will have an ever-lasting effect on supply chains. 

The last time businesses faced such tribulation was the Great Recession of 2008. It all started when New York-based investment bank Bear Stearns went belly up and Lehman Brothers declared insolvency. That is when your average SEO company and many other businesses in Orange County realized that this financial crisis should not be taken lightly. 

At this moment, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking over every aspect of our lives, businesses should still give importance to their content marketing strategies. Why? Because many businesses, including your competitors, are trying to cling on, but there are establishments and brands that are still pushing out consistent content that is building an audience. 

And just like when the recession blew over in 2010, these businesses that persistently published content to the masses quickly became market leaders since they took the time and effort to invest in their audience for those two years while others went quiet, or even went bust.

Therefore, it is important for businesses to concentrate on what their audiences and customers require instead of the products they sell. The best way to do that is to arrange your primary content creation and incorporate paid advertising to push your message to add significance to your customer’s lives. 

It’s surprising how much goodwill brands can create during a crisis. However, it is currently very difficult to accomplish this with just advertising. That is why Drive Traffic Media says that now is the time to increase your content marketing. No time is better than now to build and grow an audience. 

Check out these eight approaches content marketers at Drive Traffic Media, an SEO company in Orange County are using today during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rethink Your Objectives

Whether you are in the mood or not, you have to be ready to make a few alterations to your content marketing strategy. In many circumstances, the requirements and desires that the audience you connect with have to be changed. You will find that you have to be flexible in your strategies. 

Ever since the pandemic started, many businesses are working with fewer resources, which means many difficult decisions have to be made. So, it is a good idea to go back to a project or plan you had started and take a new look at why it was initiated at all. 

If you carry on with a strategy that was given the go-ahead before the coronavirus, without any alterations, you could be heading for failure. 

Concentrate On Your Loyal Consumers

Now is not the moment for expansive communication and content efforts. You should be working on loyalists within your audience. For instance, you have to ask yourself the following:

Within your target audience, is there a subdivision that is more lucrative than the others?

Does your content marketing strategy rely on drastically altering people’s perception and behaviors? If so, it is very challenging to do so in this economic environment. You might want to reconsider and concentrate on bringing together individuals who are already interested in what you are promoting.

Whenever there is an economic crisis, it is always best to zero in on a smaller, more lucrative audience group. When the economy starts to rebuild again in the future, you can certainly open up your audience base. 

Return To Your Content Tilt

The Orange County SEO company explains that the content tilt is that area of insufficient to no competition on the Internet that really provides you a standing chance of entering the market and becoming relatable. It not only helps your business to stand out, but it also makes you unique so you get your audience’s attention.

When you don’t “tilt” your content to tell a different story, you will probably notice your content dim and disappear forever. Therefore, now is the time to concentrate and get down to business. 

Your Audience – Can you concentrate on a niche audience or an unaccommodated section of your audience group?

Positioning – Can you discuss the topic in various ways? For instance, how many businesses are creating content based on DIY projects? It begins to all sound the same. Maybe it would be best to name it something different and begin a movement?

Platform – Do you have a content gap on a specific platform? Perhaps there isn’t a podcast or a YouTube series about your topic. 

Subject Matter – Maybe your topic is just too far-reaching. That is when you should go niche, even if you think you are too niche already. Because there is no such thing as being “too niche”. 

Create An Internal Content Marketing Resource

Believe it or not, internal marketing is more important than external marketing. Your frontline employees, the ones that face customers, and not external marketing pushes customer acquisition and retention. 

Now even more so than ever. It might not be the right time to create more content, but you should try to make it work more efficiently. 

This can be accomplished through an email newsletter for your salespeople letting them know of your new content initiatives and various ways to use it. You can create a weekly podcast discussing the company news or a regular employee newsletter getting them up to speed on how the company is dealing with challenges. Also, you could do this through a Slack group. Keep in mind that your employees are constantly your best marketing resource. So, let them take part in the content you are creating. 

Divert The Audience

Currently, your audience is made up of people who are not just sticking around for your content. They are too busy engaging themselves in mobile, video, audio, and textual content for informational or entertainment purposes. While this pandemic is ongoing, your audience and customers have absorbed a ton of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and loads of Disney Plus to keep the kiddies occupied. If you are ever going to get their attention, you have to somehow (and it isn’t easy) direct them to your content. 

Most B2Bs use influencer programs that appear on a podcast or write original content. However, sometimes the best thing to ask from an influencer is nothing. Just begin to create content and advertise their efforts and know-how. Integrate it into your content programs.

This could happen through these methods:

  • Research project
  • E-book
  • Traditional book
  • Blog series
  • Podcast shoutout

Therefore, if you want your influencer project to pick up quickly, don’t ask the influencer anything in the beginning. However, do let them know you have included him or her in your project and how you are helping them with their own exposure. There are many people who are willing to do this kind of work.

When you have built a rapport with the influencer, you can ask them if they want to help in creating original content with you or even be a guest on your podcast.  As your relationship continues to grow with these influencers, they will share what you are marketing and you will attract their audience to your platforms. 

17 Jun 2020

How to Create An Alluring About Us Page that Converts?

As Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO company, explains, your website’s About Us webpage has two specific audiences. The first one is visitors with no knowledge of the brand, and the second one being visitors who know the products/ services and/or brand quite well. 

Therefore, your objectives for this page should two-fold as well. Firstly, they should be memorable enough for first-time visitors to even think about becoming your customers or joining your community; and secondly, convincing them enough to get good leads so they ultimately purchase from you. 

So, what are the best ways to use your website’s About Us page to connect with customers? 

Should The About Us Be A Page Or A Site? 

This question is quite a curveball for many SEO company clients. However, many Orange County businesses set up websites to outline their values, give a look into daily operations, and share the leadership story.

The primary advantage of a separate website is that it can lead to several positions for a branded search in Google, provided that Google is actively moving to give more varied results by including only one or sometimes two domain names in the rankings. 

If you don’t have a separate website, prospects, or clients doing a brand-related search on Google will only view your website once. This could make it more difficult to bring in visitors who might get sidetracked by other results and click away even though they have been searching for you in the first place. 

When you keep your main domain and an About domain, you have better reign over your customers’ behavior, guaranteeing that they will end up on your property. For instance, Amazon’s About property is second when you conduct a search for Amazon. 

Also, the About site is at the number 1 position for other branded queries such as innovation amazon and amazon company culture, which cements a solid brand’s presence when doing an organic search. 

If you choose to create a separate website, think about registering another variation of dot-com domain. It is advisable to go with top-level domains to boost the memorability of your brand, such as dot-press, dot-fun, or dot-store. 

In the case that your brand name is not actively searched online, maintenance of numerous websites is challenging, or if you don’t have a lot to mention about your company, you most probably would be better off by keeping your About page on your original website. 

What Type Of Content Should I Add? 

Tell Your Story

About 66% of consumers believe in a company’s head leader to have a reasonable or significant deal of influence on the company overall. 

This outcome is very predictable since people find it easier to connect to a person rather than a corporation. This is why it is so valuable to humanize your brand by telling your founder or CEO’s story according to an SEO company in Orange County

For example, Google does an amazing job telling the founders’ story. It isn’t too long-winded and gets to the point within the headline. Google had humble beginnings in a garage, an unconventional start in an unconventional story.  

There are times that visitors to an About page want concise, to the point information. For instance, writers who require general information about a company usually go to the About page. Google intelligently includes basic details as a standalone item on the left. 

HubSpot’s About page is a good example of envisioning the company’s story through a timeline. Furthermore, it explains in detail its mission, history as well as its story. 

Publish A Video

Adding a video to any landing page is always a brilliant idea. Videos are not only a very popular medium but they are very effective as well. 

When you include a video on to your About page, you disclose a lot of information without taking up too much space on the page. Also, they are very relatable and can provide a look behind the scenes that no other content format can offer. 

Don’t Leave Out Your CTA

If you want visitors to keep on reading your website or to purchase from you, the About page should make both directions obvious. 

Utilize Schema And Semantics

Besides making your business a trustworthy brand, the About Us page acts as another vital purpose, which is transmitting important signals that Google will use to classify the site’s rankings. 

Google invites its human raters to assess how trustworthy the website is by checking its About Us page to get a feeling of how real and authoritative the brand is and if it belongs on the first page of Google results. 

It is a good idea to build your About page the way Google understands it. Online communities such as, which promotes structured data, starts to step in at this point. Schema, a unique type of code, is used to convey the meaning and the content structure for the algorithm machine to interpret. 

In regards to the About Us page, it is most probable that you will use organization schema, which also links to your official social media channels for Google to make those crucial relationships.

If you want to advance even further and help Google link you with the appropriate industries, use semantic analysis to create a copy for the About page that Google can understand and properly place inside its knowledge base. You can use the Text Optimizer tool to help you out. Just run your extensive topic through its “optimize” section to generate the list of crucial links and related entities that can help Google put everything together. 

Should Everything Be Implemented? 

You may be thinking that using all these recommendations will make your page look overwhelming. However, you should prioritize the ones you consider to have the most significant effect on your audience. 

Look at your About Us page as a content hub. You don’t have to put all your content there, but the page should link to everything else, such as mission statement, media coverage, blog, contact information, and so on, when it comes to your brand.

16 Jun 2020

How To Make Money Online With SEO

If you want to monetize your Orange County website, use the art of SEO. For those with some SEO knowledge and experience, this is more of a choice. You know what this is and how to do it. You may even make a handsome amount of money.

However, if you are not a big-name guru, and customers beat your door and threw thousands of dollars at you every month. You also don’t have a website empire with a high ranking and cannot bring you substantial monthly income.

If you are an expert you can make a lot of money using these skills.

The main problem with search engine optimization is that it takes a lot of time. You have to find a market segment, research keywords, build a website, write content, find monetization methods, get links, and more. Also, you have to wait for the rankings to come. That can take months or even years in some cases.

Then you have to do it again. Usually, you don’t make a lot of money from each website. Therefore, it takes a long time for you to make enough money to sustain your life. In it’s worth it, but if you need to make money now, it hinders your progress and makes you feel at a loss.

So what you want is some way to bring in significant revenue while continuing to develop a long-term SEO strategy, and this is precisely what this post is for!

Below are some ways you can use to make money through SEO almost immediately:

1) Provide your SEO services

Go to internet marketing forums (eg, warrior forums) and Facebook groups, and provide your search engine optimization services.

2) The freelance site

Another thing you can do is take your service from step 1 a step further and provide the service on freelance sites (eg, Upwork, guru, etc.). Generally, this is one of the best ways to make money on the internet for the average person who needs some extra income.

3) Fiverr (and Konker) SEO performances

If you are able to design a great profile and be professional, then you can shine on Fiverr. This will be especially useful if you have specialized expertise: blog promotion or social signal or PBN. You won’t believe how many people need these things and are ready to pay suppliers to take care of them.

4) Local Business Customers

There may be hundreds of local Orange County businesses that need your services, most of which don’t even know you. Local SEO is usually much more natural than doing SEO globally, which may be something you are currently (or trying to do) yourself.

In many cases, small business owners rarely know how to do SEO, or even what SEO is at all, but almost everyone can benefit from it.

Talk to some businessmen in your area and provide them with your SEO services (for a monthly fee). Not everyone will hire you, but some people will hire you, and you can work on your site for long-term residual income and earn considerable income from the front end.

That’s all for SEO consulting, one of the best ways to build a business online today. Every one of us needs a higher ranking and more targeted traffic, so if you have search engine optimization skills, you can write your salary!

5) Launch Jack-Up Video

You can quickly make affiliate sales by making videos on current upcoming products. Go to a website like Muncheye to see which internet marketing products are currently being released, and then make a YouTube live commentary video on them.

Live videos tend to be ranked very quickly (especially if you improve it with your SEO skills) and usually stay for a few days and then back down. If you choose the right time, then you can use this method to make real money today.

Not all of your videos can rank or lead to sales, but some videos accumulate over time. Over time, the cumulative effect will make it faster and easier to make money from your videos. This can be done in any market segment, but more manageable in smaller, more targeted market segments.

That’s it. There are several excellent ways you can now benefit from your SEO skills. You may not get rich by doing anything, but they can be an excellent complement to your income when you build your online business empire.

Now you know how to make money online with SEO, why not implementing all these ideas for your Orange County company?

Let’s get started immediately!

10 Jun 2020

How To Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus

Today every SEO company in Orange County needs to care for its customers more than ever before. The current pandemic has forced them to maintain and build relationships with their customers when their world has been upended. Most of the businesses today are under the stress of coping with the extreme downturn and threats to the livelihood that have altered preferences and priorities. 

The current economic downturn is very real particularly for the small SEO companies and businesses in Orange County and the new ventures that lack resources and diminished cash flow to survive for a longer period of time. On the other hand, large companies have been affected equally. The rule of social distancing and the fear of uncertainty have pushed backed both customers and businesses to comfort zones. Customers are setting strict priorities, and they are spending lesser, while enterprises have already started cutting their costs, reduce prices, and postpone new investments. In such a scenario, what a smaller, newer, and more vulnerable business can do to strengthen their relationship with customers in times where personal interaction is eliminated, and social distancing is encouraged? 

Seventy years of combined experience in education, research, and business practice reveals the following five key strategies that help  Orange County SEO companies to outlast the customer relationship amid this crisis. These strategies are called the HEART framework required for the sustainability of companies. Adopting these strategies will help you what to say and what not to.  These strategies will educate your current and potential customers regarding your companies efforts to support them in providing value. 

Let’s illustrate how this HEART framework works.

Humanize your company

By engaging your employees in this challenging time, let your customers know that you care for them in these difficult times. For example, if you have a restaurant, then engage your employees in delivering food instead of laying them off. In the same pattern, financial companies are forgiving upcoming payments. This is a great way to promote goodwill and trust. Keep your message brief and classy when communicating with your clients. 

Educate about change

Educate your customers about the new ways of operating business. Communicate with your clients the customer service availability, staff reduction, ordering options, facility closures, and the latest working hours among all the changes. Although everyone knows the need for these changes, it is very important to let your customers know it’s all because of the government regulations to cope up with the pandemic. 

Assure stability

It is essential to assure your customers that good times will be back again and your company’s values will continue. Elaborate and make them realize how despite this downtime, you are operating, and you will continue to provide services. Doing so will help your customers to remind the value proposition of your company, which is your worth to them. 

Revolutionize offerings

This pandemic has forced companies and businesses to adopt innovation and revolutionize the way they have been providing services. Apart from assuring your customers the existing value proposition, make them realize that you are too revolutionizing the way you were providing services to deal with the ongoing pandemic – which was necessary. Do anything possible to make your customers’ lives a little better, and it will have an added benefit humanizing your company a little further. 

Tackle the future

Although we all are moving into an uncertain phase in these unprecedented times, it is still very important to reevaluate the changes that business is incorporating. Do anything possible while complying with the government-imposed limits. Doing something above and beyond will make your customer love your company forever. Make every effort evident in your company’s new business model until everything else falls into its place.

Adopt a customer-centric approach because most of the people today need awareness. It will help you cultivate long-lasting goodwill past the corona pandemic and ensure these customers will stay will you forever. 

02 Jun 2020

How To Find And Use Keywords On Websites

There are some clients that use Orange County SEO services who believe that because Google is getting better at interpreting language and search intent, we can lay off the keywords. Unfortunately, they are totally wrong about that since keywords are still vital indicators of how people use to search. Although we can ease up on using the exact keywords, an analysis of keywords provides ideas for content that is appropriate to searchers and reveals gaps that your content can execute. 

The SEO company in Orange County says that keyword analyses provide ideas for more significant content and filling up any content gaps. For this reason, these seven free keyword research tools, from extensive to slightly excessive, can help you out. 

Keyword Surfer

If you are looking for a deeply engaging keyword research experience, then adding the Keyword Surfer Chrome extension is your best bet. It takes control of each of your Google searches by showing keyword statistics in the search bar. Also, it adds a side panel to the search result page, providing the top 10 keywords that are very much like the current query. 

However, Keyword Surfer is not meant to be your main keyword research tool since that data isn’t totally complete. Nevertheless, it is still a very helpful tool to have working in the background just in case something grabs your attention while you are browsing. 

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a good mix of finesse and ease. On one side of the coin, it is a Google SEO tool so it gains entry to one of the largest and the most reliable keyword databases. But it does not allow a lot of research customization and divulges only the most basic of keyword quality metrics. 

Put in a few seed keywords and receive a list of semantically similar keyword suggestions, not lacking any metrics such as monthly search volume, competition, and bid ranges. There will most probably be thousands of results. There are handy sorting and filtering options to narrow them down. Most particularly, you can leave out negative keywords, so you won’t view the results for searches that consist of those words. 

Although you can see a lot of keywords, the variation is limited and probably won’t inspire original content ideas. Yet, Keyword Planner is still a good way to initiate your keyword research. When you eliminate the irrelevant results, synonyms, and hardly-ever searched terms, you are presented with a keyword list of about a dozen basic but actionable terms. 

Question DB

Question DB is another question-oriented keyword finder that extracts a keyword list from a database of over 48 million questions that are asked on Reddit. 

Normally when a person posts a question to Reddit, they ask something that cannot be answered by Google at a drop of a hat. According to the Orange County SEO experts, this becomes your cue to create a special piece of professional content. Also, you can add it to the topic’s Reddit thread when it is prepared. 

Every now and then this tool brings back nothing fruitful, but there are other times it can return great stuff. For instance, by just searching for a “winter jacket,” there was a question about how to use a rain shell and a sweater to create a winter jacket and several questions about form-fitting jackets. This provides you with two out of the blue but encouraging content ideas. 

Rank Tracker

In contrast to other SEO tools that are featured on this list, Rank Tracker is a group of nine research methods. Those paths can be comprehensively categorized into two distinct classifications such as snooping on your competitors and having fun with keyword semantics.  

Rank Tracker locates the highest-ranking keywords for a competitor and reveals the keyword cracks on your website. When it comes to semantic research, put in a keyword, and receive a list of related searches, related questions, and autocomplete suggestions. Keywords gathered in this manner are a rich source for content creators since many of them already appear to be similar to article titles. 

Furthermore, Rank Tracker merges with Google’s SEO tools, consisting of analytics, keyword planner, and search console, so you can view specific quality metrics, such as organic search volume and keyword difficulty. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is not really about finding the best keywords but more about prioritizing content ideas. It exposes keyword popularity over time and across geographic locations. You can plan and compare many keywords on the same graph. 

For instance, Google Trends shows “winter jacket” and “down jacket” are not as transposable as they appear to be. Searches for “winter jacket” reach the pinnacle in early November and are rapidly engulfed with searches for “down jackets.” Maybe the individuals looking for winter jackets find out about the types and end up thinking that down is the best type so they enter “down jacket” in the search. Once they learn about various down jacket brands, an uptick in “Arcteryx” searches are evident. 

When you have this information made available to you, you should create and schedule a series of articles based on keyword priorities throughout the calendar year.  With this model, a content marketer can create a guide on different types of winter jackets with a listicle of the best down jackets and then publish a detailed review of the finest Arc’teryx models. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows someone to find opportunities for keywords which are already being utilized on your website. 

Google Search Console offers a list of keywords that a website ranks for, consisting of SERP positions and click-through rates. The technique used is that each SERP position has an extensively CTR benchmark. For instance, a keyword in the first position should anticipate gaining a CTR of about 30%. Every consecutive position falls around 5%, and the last four positions on the first page of SERP get a CTR of roughly 3%. 

You can check to see if a keyword is lagging behind its SERP position CTR benchmark. To increase the CTR, you could concentrate on your snippets, think of a captivating title, optimize the meta description, apply schema markup, or even rewrite the page to make your content a better fit for users’ anticipations. Making these improvements will help to attract more traffic than attempting to rank with new keywords.  

14 May 2020

Importance Of Copywriting And Content Marketing

From social media to brochures to website content, your Orange County company can attract audiences, disseminate information, and develop its brand through the joint efforts of expert copywriters and SEO strategists. 

In fact, among other efforts, an expert copywriting can glue up with SEO strategies to get the most out of content marketing for your Orange County business. This is critical so that small businesses can drive sales as they grow and build their communities and industries.

So here’s how small businesses use copywriting. 

Copywriting can cover multiple areas, such as advertising, web pages, and other corporate promotional materials. Overall, this is the time when businesses write text to increase brand awareness and drive consumer action.

Use the art of storytelling in your content marketing to increase customer engagement that can help you strengthen the SEO strategy of your Orange County company. 

The best way for small businesses to get involved and start driving sales is to use high-quality copywriting. Combining persuasive and attractive copywriting with other marketing strategies and adding a call to action, can transform potential customers into leads customers and helps build a business that grows as an industry leader.

However, if the advertising of copywriting is too profane and primitive, consumers will not notice or agree with it, which will be detrimental to growth.

Introductory copywriting skills include:

  • Use of headlines
  • Reveal your corporate personality
  • Keep content simple
  • Tell a story
  • Give customers what they want

How small businesses use content marketing

In recent years, excellent and recognizable content marketing strategies have increased. For example, everyone has seen Coca-Cola’s advertisement for the “Share Coca-Cola” campaign, and its sales have doubled after this ad. This is why many marketers follow the golden rule of “content is king” when formulating strategies.

In the past, companies focused their marketing efforts on developing ads for television, magazines, and postal mail. However, this is no longer the case. With the popularity and necessity of online marketing strategies, marketers are focusing on websites, blogs, and other digital media.

The continued rise of online content marketing is also why businesses of all sizes are adopting social media, which is especially useful for establishing a direct connection between businesses and consumers.

Mainly small businesses should target audiences online. Also, whether it’s a comment on a Facebook post or a Google review when consumers see how businesses react, they trust and tend to prefer that business.

Tips for effective content marketing strategies:

Below are the tips for making an effective content marketing strategy:

  • Keep content personalized, relevant and entertaining
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of social media
  • Go where the audience is
  • Promote your content through SEO and other strategies
  • Use quality copywriting
  • Be consistent

Overall, businesses truly benefit from copywriting and content marketing, especially when building relationships with customers, increasing engagement, and increasing sales.

But for smaller businesses, taking the time to create compelling content can be a challenge.  Look for help with copywriting or developing a high-quality content marketing strategy for successful marketing.

08 May 2020

5 Tips For Writing Promising Sales Emails

Have your potential emails been ignored lately? If yes, you are not alone. Today, most salespeople are struggling to write sales emails that translate into a real business.

Before emailing your potential customer, you have to keep something in your mind. Longer emails won’t work because no one has time to read detailed information carefully! Your potential customers are more likely to scan across the email and quickly decide which ones are worth their time and which are not.

If your potential customer does not respond immediately, it may be lost forever. Emails from your Orange County SEO company must be good enough to capture the attention of customers.

Check out these five essential tips for writing sales emails for your business. If you follow these tips your potential customers will open and read emails more than often. 

1. Focus on the subject line and the first sentence

Too many salespeople spend all their time writing the message body of a sales email, and then they quickly enter the subject line at the last second. Instead, you should focus on the subject line and pay special attention to the first sentence.

Why? The majority of your potential customers scan their email on a mobile device or in an email program that displays a preview of the subject line and first sentence of each email.

When you send an email to your potential customer,  you have to be strategic about these two components. First thing is to make sure that your subject line provides compelling value upfront, and it should be simple and clear. The first sentence of each email should look like it was written specifically for each potential customer.

2. Abandon formalities

Don’t try to impress potential customers with the quality, structure, and form of their writing. Often your potential SEO company customers don’t care about these. In fact, in today’s business world, formal-sounding emails are more likely to be deleted.

Keep sales email friendly, low-key, and informal to reassure potential customers and significantly increase your chances of setting up sales meetings.

3. Research and personalization

Although you don’t have to do a lot of research for every email you send, you should do enough to show who you are and the biggest frustration of the recipient you’re going to send it to.

Use social networks and search engines to find out the current position, recent projects, and other relevant information for each potential customer, which will significantly increase your chances of opening, reading and replying to emails.

Also, always personalize your sales emails by greeting prospects with their names. Never send the same message to everyone! If your prospective customer even thinks you’re copying and pasting the same email to multiple recipients and just changing the name, make it look like it’s customized for a particular customer. 

Instead, include a challenge or achievement for the lead organization to show that you have completed your homework.

4. Keep your information as short as possible

Writing so many sales emails is not a good idea, remember that your goal is not to educate potential customers. Potential customers don’t want to read multiple paragraphs explaining what your product is. They are more interested in knowing how your product can help. If your message is too long, they will move on quickly without responding, even if the subject line and the first sentence caught their attention.

Your sales email must be no more than five to six sentences-shorter is better. Email copywriting will help your SEO company in Orange County boost sales and have potential leads.

5. Always ask a question

The purpose of a sales email is only to get a response. It is better to ask a question at the end of each message. Do not end your emails with phrases like, “If you have any questions, please tell me” or “If you want to say more, please tell me.” Instead, encourage potential customers by asking, “Is this something relatable?” A simple question can make it easier for your prospective customers to respond and participate, ultimately leading to further conversations.

Always try to keep your emails simple, informal, and friendly. You can easily win a potential customer by building a good relationship with them.

23 Apr 2020

Orange County SEO Companies Evaluate Market Trends in a Time of Global Uncertainty

Orange County SEO companies are currently witnessing the global impact of COVID-19 on market trends through the shift in consumer demands. Few could predict the dramatic effects of this worldwide pandemic before the last few weeks happened. Now, with most business employees operating from home, schools closed, and social distancing policies put in place, everyone has to adjust to a new way of life.  

Many businesses are needing to temporarily close brick and mortar shops, restaurants, offices and transition to online markets and delivery services. While this is certainly an unprecedented time, Orange County SEO companies urge businesses not to give up. With a better understanding of the current market, businesses can start to adopt campaign strategies that will strengthen their brand and invite buyers in when things have settled down. 

Social Distancing and Store Visits

One of the most apparent market shifts since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak is the decrease in visits to brick and mortar stores. Shelter-in-place and social distancing policies have forced non-essential businesses to temporarily close and other businesses to adopt strict regulations to limit shopping traffic.

Store visit numbers began experiencing a slight decline at the end of February. By March, numbers had plummeted by 24%. As infection rates increased, stores experienced a 46% decline in the second week of March and then an 80% decline by March 12th. These numbers were motivated by the CDC’s recommendations as well as a growing concern from all sections of government. April sees the lowest numbers yet with a 90% decrease in store visits. 

Online Markets

Now that businesses are unable to sell to consumers directly, it has become increasingly important for them to create an online marketplace with their products. SEO companies in Orange County are noting a relatively steady trend in Google searches, which means that companies need to focus on their digital presence. Here are some of the best ways to increase brand visibility online: 

  • Create or improve your company website. Your website should be user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Make sure that your copywriting is polished and your information is accurate and up to date.  
  • Use Google My Business. You will want to showcase your address, phone number, business hours, and reviews through Google My Business. With more people searching businesses online, you want to make sure that you are visible and attractive to potential customers. If business operations have changed since COVID-19, be sure to update this on your account. 
  • Communicate to customers through social media. A lot of people are on social media right now and are using these platforms for their source of information. So, you want to make sure you are posting in order to show up on people’s feeds. Give brief company updates and share information that will engage your consumer. 
  • Offer products through an online market. While brick and mortar stores are experiencing a decline in customers, eCommerce is experiencing a great increase. By offering your products through online markets, you are improving your opportunity for sales. Make sure that you optimize your online shops with attention to product descriptions, titles, and images that will work well with search engines.  
  • Focus on digital marketing. You will be able to drive more traffic and sales to your website by implementing digital marketing campaigns. For the best results, you can hire Orange County SEO experts to create and maintain your company strategy.  

Trending Searches

As one might predict, key phrases like “COVID” and “coronavirus” have been dominating search engine traffic since last month. Now, these kinds of phrases are paired with more mundane searches like “restaurant” or “travel.” 

Now that we are facing a changing environment, new topics are trending on search engines and new internet users are participating. This means that digital marketing has become an even more important way of reaching out to audiences. In order to stay relevant, it is important for your business to pay attention to keyword search reports, find negative keywords in advance, and take advantage of COVID-19 trending topics. 

Mobile Searches 

Interestingly enough, reports have shown that people are doing far less internet searching on their phones and, instead, searching on their laptop or desktop computer. Mobile searches tend to rank high in normal circumstances where people are constantly on the move. Mobile devices are small and portable, after all. So, now that people are at home, many companies are seeing a decrease in mobile search traffic for their campaigns. 

Since March 16th, mobile searches have declined by an average of 24% and tablet searches decreased by about 19%. However, desktop searches have only noticed a slight 18% decrease during the weekdays and 7% on the weekends. 

With a decrease in Google search ad traffic, especially among mobile devices, companies are looking for ways to readjust pay-per-click campaigns and save themselves money. The best way to do this would be to look at device bid adjustments from the past in order to learn how traffic has shifted and then look into flexible bidding strategies that will help you reach your goals within your budget. 

Network Opportunities 

Even though Google search has experienced a decline in numbers, the fact is that more people are on the internet nowadays. Current research shows that internet use is up by 50% since the COVID-19 outbreak. So, this means that consumers are integrated into other networks. The Google Display Network has expanded by 13% in the beginning of April and YouTube views have grown by 21%.

It is important for businesses to keep up with Google SERP adjustments by joining new networks and, thus, gaining visibility. Marketing ads should transcend the usual Google search methods and reach new eyes in this time of uncertainty. Consider applying Google search partners to your campaign in order to increase traffic and, eventually, sales for your business. Also, you might want to start publishing video campaigns on YouTube. This platform is saturated with users now that everyone is at home and looking for ways to fill their time. Use YouTube as a tool for reminding customers why they like your brand and keep directing them to your website.

There are so many ways that our world is changing in the wake of COVID-19, which is why it is important for businesses to stay informed in order to prepare for the coming weeks. Companies will be navigating a strange time in the market. However, with digital technology at our fingertips, this transition may be a little smoother. And that’s something to be grateful for.

14 Apr 2020

How To Responsibly Use AI To Fight COVID-19

The global health emergency today has left the world in turmoil. Almost every corner of the world is affected by COVID-19. According to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, as of April 8, 2020, the global COVID cases have increased to 1,431,900 with total deaths of 82,172. This situation has affected everyone, whether directly or indirectly.

Law agencies, governments, and security services are imposing the limitation of movements, they are implementing lockdowns, and ensuring closure of the borders to protect people from any harm. All these bodies play a critical role in preserving public health and halt the spread of this pandemic. 

Traditionally many of the SEO companies in Orange County have been incorporating A.I. in their business plan. However, in a case like this, many agencies and law enforcement bodies are turning to A.I. to protect public health specifically. Data science and A.I. are supporting these agencies in innovative and unique ways. They help to monitor, detect, and survey, which is the highest priority of the security agencies today.

The good news is A.I. predicts any future epidemic and provides enough time to prepare. For example, Blue Dot sent out a warning as early as on December 31, 2019, to avoid traveling to Wuhan. WHO did not send out any warning till January 9, 2020. Blue Dot identified the risk before the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention or WHO. 

During the early stages of the outbreak, the authorities in Hangzhou relied on facial recognition to identify the infected person who traveled to Wuhan. They instructed him self-quarantine. Later in this epidemic situation, police in Spain and other parts of China started using A.I. to enforce quarantine and broadcast audio messages and patrol utilizing a drone. Hong Kong airports introduced monitoring bracelets backed by A.I. that would alert the authorities if people have breached the quarantine by leaving their homes. To cope up with a situation like COVID-19, a surveillance company in the USA introduced thermal cameras to detect fevers while the airport officers in Thailand are using fever-detecting cameras for a biometric screening system. 

Although countries implementing lockdowns are increasing, and the number of deaths is escalating every day, we assume it won’t restrict the technological innovation based on A.I. amid this global crisis. Given this, it is critical to use the data responsibly. 

Data anonymization 

The U.K., Italy, Belgium, and Austria are using anonymized data to monitor the movement of the people. This approach helps governments to collect data of the COVID affectees. The downside of this approach is, it minimizes the risks of infringing data privacy rights. 

Limitation of the purpose

The data collected to track the spread of the COVID should not be used unlawfully. Relevant authorities should ensure that the large set of medical data sets are exclusively used for achieving public health objectives. The law regarding the limitation of the purpose is already enforced in Europe under the regulations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. 

Sharing knowledge and data access

Solidarity and viable action are crucial in a global pandemic like COVID. They should be enforced at all levels because we can’t win this fight alone. All those agencies and entities that are using A.I. to cope up with this crisis should collaborate with civil society and other key stakeholders. Transparency should be promoted, and data should be shared for knowledge purposes. 

Time limitation 

A.I. is not only used by SEO Companies in Orange County but today it’s more like a weapon for security and health purpose. Artificial intelligence does not only warn us about the impending epidemic but it also helps us develop new vaccines faster than ever before. It also helps us minimize the fatalities and manage an outbreak by reducing the burden on healthcare professionals. Are you already using A.I. in your SEO Company in Orange County to help halt this pandemic? Let us know.