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23 Sep 2015

How to Convert SEO Non-Believers to SEO Faithfuls

How to Convert SEO Non-Believers to SEO Faithfuls


In our world where a lot depends on search engines to look for solutions, there are still non-believers of the power of SEO. Whether you give them sound proof of success, monthly searches of products or services on the web or results of studies and testimonies- it just wouldn’t make them believe. How can you, as an SEO expert in Orange County, break through their ‘ice’ and change their views? Here’s a few of what Search Engine Land’s Clay Cazier suggested which Drive Traffic Media also implements.

1. Use Google Analytics. Google analytics helps businesses view their websites exactly how Google sees it. If a non-believer tells you that the data are not important and it just so happen that Google doesn’t like him at the present month, use Google Analytics to:

  • Mine year-to-year growth in organic traffic and revenue over time. This will tell you the brand’s growth (or decline) if web presence on the top page is not maintained. Companies or brand’s online presence and position in the search engine ranking is due to SEO efforts. How many local searches for “best orange county restaurant” turned to actual customers? That’s because customers turn online to search for products or services they need everyday and without your brand or business on the top rankings of Google, you lose the opportunity to get those customers to dine in your restaurant in favor of establishments which they saw first when they queried.
  • Calculate organic traffic and revenue’s contribution percentage to total website traffic and revenue. Company or brand’s traffic is attributed to SEO efforts. Do you think distributing prints or advertising on yellow pages got you the revenue? Think otherwise.
  • Check referral traffic and revenue. If SEO efforts were not driven through content distribution to social media, social sharing and offsite accounts and high quality link building were not established, referral activity will be null.
  • Differentiate First click with the Last click attribution. This will help determine whether your website visit(s) were effects of the SEO efforts on different channels or funnels to create sales conversion or just because of other means.



2. Use Google Search Console. If your IT team is very diligent with their task, you don’t have to continue reading. But if there’s any doubt in your mind whether they have covered everything or not, try checking this:


  • Go to your Search Console> Click on Search Traffic then select Manual Actions. If you see anything there, ask your IT team if they did their work properly.
  • If there are no warnings on Manual Actions, then click on Crawl then click on Crawl Errors. Broken pages or links are signs that your IT team were a little sloppy with their work.
  • Or you can also try clicking on Search Appearance then go to HTML improvements to check if all your contents have meta tags or description which are big help in the overall ‘searchability’ of your site to your web visitors and of course Google.
  • When you click on Search Traffic and then Search Analytics, you can obtain the Queries Report of the keywords that have been used by web visitors to view your business site online. You can further check this out by exporting the queries report to a spreadsheet and removing your branded keywords in the process. The keywords that are left are the results of the traffic driven by search engine optimization and are not in anyway attributable to your traditional means of marketing efforts.


3. Use Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If your reputation or brand has a very solid foundation, then your industry dominance can be seen by checking any of these:

  1. Brand Search. If you search for your brand and see your competitor on the search results, or say, you saw negative feedbacks then it’s high time you invest in SEO. Remember, SEO establishes your authority in a particular industry and the negative reviews you see about your company will be overlapped with positive reviews once you maintain a steady and authoritative presence in your industry online.
  2. Local Listing. If you don’t invest in SEO, searches or queries made will reveal your competitor’s name or listing instead of your own. Local listing, and its consistency, is due largely to a well-rounded SEO.
  3. Influencer Content. If your site is well optimized, there’s a likely chance for your contents to get your industry’s influencer vote once it’s distributed. Distribution and relationship-building with your industry’s influencer is a part of a good SEO campaign.


Remember this, regardless of how good your brand or product is, you will be outranked by your competitor who is less an expert than you are if you don’t have a solid SEO campaign in place. Google only knows an optimized page, it doesn’t know how well you perform in the services you give or the product you make.

To get Google to know how outstanding you are in your industry, consult with the SEO expert in Newport Beach and Orange County like Drive Traffic Media. Call us at 9498006990 and get your free 13 online presence report which you can use as a starting point in a successful SEO plan.


Source: Converting SEO Non-Believers: How To Overcome Objections And Get The Budget by Clay Cazier, Search Engine Land


19 Sep 2015

Blogging Helps your Orange County Business Get Top Ranking

Blogging Helps your Orange County Business Get Top Ranking


For consumers to trust your business in a particular niche, you have to be a reliable and trusted source of information. What better way to do it than through blogging?

First, let us define what a blog is. A blog is a derivation of the word ‘web’ and ‘log’ which typically means a website entry or journal about a particular topic or subject that other people can comment or engage in. Drive Traffic Media, an SEO expert provides blog creation as one of our SEO services since we consider it as an excellent way to improve website traffic and establish brand and business reputation not just in Newport Beach but the rest of Orange County.


Why is there a Need for Blogging and How will Businesses Benefit from it?


1. User-Index. Google and other search engines wants to provide its users with the most current and newest information about a particular industry. The reason for this is quite simple. When users type in a keyphrase or query about a particular topic, Google ranks websites based on an algorithm known as Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) which means that the fresher your contents are on the site, the more relevant and deserving your business is to get the top spot.

2. How Keywords are Optimized. In the hopes of getting on page 1, business sometimes make the mistake of stuffing keywords on their blog that the entire content is not making any sense anymore. It is best, then, to create a blog based on the context of your keyphrase, which you think your customers are normally searching when looking for your type of business and which is/are inserted or incorporated in a natural way all throughout the content.

3. Size of the Website and the number of Pages.The more pages there are on your website, the more keywords and contents can be written which correlates to greater opportunities for each of those pages to get indexed by Google. It is important to note, however, that you cannot change your homepage every month

4. Relevant Backlinks. Everytime you post blogs that are informative and relevant to your industry, you increase the likelihood of other businesses within your niche to use your link as a useful resource. Google values websites that have relevant backlinks because that means you are an expert in that field.

According to Search Engine Watch, for your business to succeed in blogging and thus rank higher, you have to think of key phrases that your consumers normally query on search engines and use these key phrases normally all throughout your blog. Interlinking your blog to your site pages ( most likely your Products or Services page) or cross-referencing your blog with another relevant blog in your industry will also be a big help. It is also considered good practice to share and promote your blog to your social media accounts and on your emails. Of course, organization skills should also come to play as blogging about certain topics need to be planned and scheduled ahead of time.

We know though that writing takes your time off from the  thing which you love the most – which is making your business grow. That is why Drive Traffic Media, an SEO expert here in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County provides SEO services that includes the creation of fresh, quality and useful contents which are intended to make you a very useful resource for your consumers and businesses within your industry. Not only that, we create blogs that are sure to get you to the coveted search engine’s Page 1. Call us at 9498006990 to know more about our SEO services and receive a free quote today.

08 Sep 2015

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment. Internet Marketing in Orange County.

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment. Internet Marketing in Orange County.


Making sure your Internet Marketing is done properly is a huge concern, especially in Orange County. There is so much competition and so many people, that getting those top spots on Google can add so much to your bottom line. Luckily for you it isn’t hard to find an SEO expert in Orange County.

“It took ages to get the website to look and work right. Working with that design team for the logo was a pain. Everything works great now but nobody is coming to the page. If nobody is coming, then we can’t make sales, and then all hope is lost. Why is this happening!?” said one customer.

It’s probably because your website wasn’t search engine optimized.

SEO is like a property investment. This is a great analogy for how SEO works and should be incorporated into your online platform. Let me explain. A good piece of property is comprised of 3 key components:

1. A solid foundation

2. A good property structure

3. A good neighborhood

The foundation is the most important part of any home. If the foundation is solid, then the house on top doesn’t have much to worry about. Except hurricanes. If the foundation is mushy, the house will not be able to stand for very long.

In SEO, keyword research is the foundation. Everything is built on top of keywords. These must be precise and tailored to your customers. Internet marketing in Orange County is very specific. Knowing how the customer will search for you is the first step to building a great home.

Having solid blueprints to designate which parts go where, which materials to use, and how -when put together- will be aesthetically pleasing, form a good property structure. Online, a good property structure is made up of good web site coding, and good web site content.

Good code lets Google Spiders check out your site without hassle, and good content is everything else. The great lawn, the abstract artwork, the reason to look = good content. Having valuable content is what will make people come visit, hangout and come back.

The headings, titles and tags of your content, all lay on top of your foundation of keywords and these work together to maximize your SEO.

Lastly, the neighborhood of your house is what will determine if the property value will go up or not. From an SEO expert‘s perspective, your neighbors are your links and having good links will help bump you up. Who are you linking to? Who is linking to you? Is their ranking high? These are questions will help form a net that determines your relevancy and your place on the web as a business owner in Orange County.

04 Sep 2015

Tip #10 SEO through Facebook Business Page

Tip #10 SEO through Facebook Business Page



Your social media efforts especially on your Facebook business page won’t succeed unless you know how to “throw your weight around” in the search engine world where business ranking means your success or your failure according to an seo firm in Orange County. With Facebook users checking their individual accounts at least 14 times a day according to Factslides, you can’t ignore how valuable Facebook business page optimization is and the backlinking role in the whole process.

First, let us define Backlinking. According to Business 2 Community:

Backlinks are links that go back to your website. It is also known by other terms like inbound link. Backlinks are good indicators of the popularity or the importance of the website. Google give high regard to websites that have a lot of good quality backlinks. Google considers websites with good backlinks as legitimate ones and more relevant compared to others that appear in the search query.”

When your Facebook business page have backlinks pointing to your website, the search bots of Google tries to determine whether your links are relevant and counts the number of high quality backlinks you have. It is important then, that you also have quality contents on your site to make your backlinks count. Backlinks won’t be of good use even if you load your site and your Facebook page with a multitude of keywords when you don’t have any relevant, informative and valuable contents.



Where do you Incorporate your Backlinks on your Facebook Business Page?

 1. About Page of your Personal Page. I have mentioned before that posting about your business frequently on your personal page might alienate your friends who don’t want to see constant advertisement about your business but it doesn’t mean you can’t optimize your about section. Most often than not, if you post on your business page, people will be curious about the profile of its owner and they would look for information on your About Page so make sure that your About page is set to Public so that anyone will have access to the information (and the links) you post there.

2. Business Page Posts. Whether you post a picture, video or article on your Facebook business page, you can:

  • use your keywords as part of your post
  • use your keywords as tags
  • paste your website link on your post

 3. Your Business Page’s About Tab. You can use your keywords on the company overview page and of course place your website address on its own field. These are two great opportunities where backlinks can be placed to point to your site.

4. Business Page Profile & Cover Photo. If you are really creative, you can use these for backlinking. You have to use a cover editor like  which would then allow you to place text about your keywords, your great contents and/or your website address.

5. Groups. Joining as well as creating groups which are of relevance to your industry is another means for you to optimize your links. You can either pin posts to your own groups or post links about your website address and keywords together with a video, photo or article.


Facebook backlinks shouldn’t be relied on exclusively though as this is not the only means to optimize your search engine presence, however, its importance shouldn’t be ignored or deemed worthless either. According to Search Engine Journal, posting backlinks to the website of Facebook business owners is highly effective since business professionals also tend to be bloggers. So if they post about your links on Facebook, they will also do so on their blog. In addition, the connection you get from businesses which are of your similar niche or industry can lead to lasting business relationships especially in sustaining your SEO optimization efforts through your Facebook backlinks.

All these tips of course are mere guides to help your Facebook business page become a success. If you’re a business owner in Orange County who wants to get your brand seen and your optimization efforts enhanced on social media platforms, other factors should also be considered especially ensuring that you have quality contents where your backlinks will point to. If you need a social media marketing strategy which could help your optimization efforts, an seo firm in Newport beach Drive Traffic Media is here to render our services. Call Us at 949-800-6990 or fill out the contact form for a free consultation.

29 Jun 2014

The importance of on site seo and off site seo

The key to having a well optimized seo campaign is to have your onsite SEO optimized to the fullest so when all of your off site seo directs back to you site with ease. On site seo consist of an immense amount of optimization you don’t even see from the website. Some of the more simple onsite seo consist of having a site map, keywords, Google map intigration and images properly tagged. Off site seo consist of any link that is directing back to your website like Social Media, articles, blogs forum posting and much much more. The key to having the proper amount of onsite and off seo will determine how Google ranks you. This is why we have 2 employees just running test campaigns to see what is working best and to make changes to get the edge on your competitors. We have learned that posting manually with no automation is the key so every post is done by hand.SEO Drive Traffic Media