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16 Sep 2021

The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

What many people don’t consider about social media and social marketing in Orange County is the increasing role of AI. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. Now they are within the internet systems where we can see as plain as day how they affect many aspects of social marketing, such as SEO. To better understand how much they affect this medium, let’s take a deep dive into the role of AI online. 


Natural Language Processing

NLP or Natural Language Processing is one of the most basic means AI can affect those that are connected to social media. NLP is what allows AI to have a better understanding of the human language, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Considering how popular this concept has become with organizations such as Microsoft and Google, it should come as no surprise that it has, in turn, become popular with search engines. By analyzing keywords and other text online, these bots can greatly assist in sorting out useful information that certain people might find interesting while also disposing of spam or other information not considered worth the time of web surfers. It’s for this reason that your digital marketing strategy should include relevant and useful content for readers. That way, the bots will sort, approve, and move it up to a better place in the SERPs.


One item in which AI is greatly used, which people may have not initially realized, is on online imagery. There are untold images online that were personally created or uploaded by people. Manually sorting through all of these pictures sounds like a nightmare if done manually, especially if you’re attempting to do this for search engines. With the assistance of AI, however, the process becomes manageable. The entire social media platforms use AI to gather data on these pictures, so it’s imperative that your digital marketing strategy should include placing image texts and descriptions on all images you upload or post. That way, the social media monitoring tools can capture them and display whatever product or service photos you’ve uploaded on your social media platforms to the people who need them.


Besides sorting text or images, some companies and/or organizations will go fully into the idea of allowing AI to help manage search engines, programs, and even websites. AI makes life easier for those managing content in different forms since it allows them to sort through the content from the relevant platforms. With this, it will be easier for them to cater specifically to what their customers want or find interesting. You can also apply it to your social media or digital marketing strategy as AI can help you choose relevant content that you can then post or write about for your clients.


Managing data is a pain. Whether you’re taking surveys, analyzing what people are clicking onto with interest, or observing which keywords are currently gaining traction, it all adds up to a ludicrous amount of data that you need to sort through to make sense of it all. Thankfully with the inception of AI, it becomes a lot easier to sort through them all. Understanding customers’ needs become a much easier prospect than what we were originally led to believe. The AI essentially gathers all the relevant information for companies that can use it to accommodate their customers better. 


Another useful route that AI is often used for is the targeted advertising. Having to physically look up what each person’s preference is and making an advertisement for that can be a major pain for a human. AI can sort through heaps of data on a daily basis easily. They can send advertisements that are targeted as well as precise, thanks to the data that they have already collected, streamlining the whole process for digital marketers.

Engaging Customers

There will also come a time where you need to engage with customers on your site through conversations on your website. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself lacking in the ability to communicate with those customers since you might not have the time nor resources to do so. AI can engage with customers and assist them through the coined responses that it can generate. Even if they can’t solve all the problems, they can at the very least buy the organization time until a human response becomes more readily available, assisting the process greatly.

Slack Bots

Companies make a great deal of content every day in order to get their customers engaged in and interested in their products and or services. However, it can often be a guessing game to understand which bit of content will interest customers the most. Slack Bots can assist in this trying task as it sorts the best among the content and chooses what customers will most likely be interested in.


If you’re trying to excel in digital marketing in Orange County, employ AI to make your job easier to accomplish. It will help you better accommodate your customers’ needs, and when you do, search engines and social media platforms will also rank you higher since both are customer-centric. 

26 Nov 2020

Why Facebook is Valuable to Your Marketing Strategy

Among the many different marketing channels there are, Facebook has emerged as one of the best of them. This social media giant is the largest social media site in the world with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. As impressive as that is, it brings in 1.73 billion active users daily! With the abundance of so many different audiences on Facebook, the opportunities are there for businesses that are willing to take them. Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO company shares some tips on why you should be utilizing this social platform to promote your business.  

Get Your Business a Page 

Making a Facebook page for your brand is key to getting started and noticed on this social platform. Putting basic but key information like your name, contact information, and address is one of the first things potential customers look at. Adding a short bio of who you are and what you do can help people get familiar with your brand. You can post a ton of content on your page like your history, your impact, and even your employees so new and existing customers can learn about and interact with your business. 

Share Visual Content of Your Business

It has been proven over the years that users are reacting more to visual content instead of text alone. Luckily on Facebook, you can use both! Posting pictures or videos that display your products and services can help potential and existing customers get a better understanding of what it is you have to offer. Posting a photo or video with a short caption is what most people do when posting content. To get more engagement, your caption could include an open-ended question that can help users interact with your post more by replying in the comment section. 

Another feature of Facebook is the “tag” feature. Users can tag other users in their posts or in their pictures, which can help a business gain exposure to new customers. If you post a picture of someone on your page you can invite that person to tag themselves in it, and that will post as an update on their account. This is beneficial because this post will be shown to their friends, giving it word-of-mouth feel to make the post and your brand more interesting to the user who is viewing it.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Including your website link on your Facebook page or in your posts can help push users to visit your website. Users who visit your website through Facebook have a higher chance of being receptive to your website and what products you’re offering because of the familiarity they gained through your page. Compared to the average visitor, visitors coming from Facebook are more likely to make a purchase/conversion since they were already motivated to dig deeper into your business. 

A Good Bang For Your Buck

Compared to other marketing channels, Facebook is a relatively cheaper option. Other channels may cost up to thousands of dollars per campaign while on this social platform it will only cost a fraction of that. This is very beneficial for all businesses but more specifically for small businesses that don’t have an abundance of a marketing budget.

Just because it’s the cheaper option doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective. Facebook has a great marketing platform where you can target audiences that fit your ideal customer. You can choose an age range, location, gender, interests, and even income if users include that information on their profiles. There are so many options that you can include to help target specific users based on who they are such as if they have kids, their education level, and whatever other information they share. 

No matter what you are using right now, Facebook should definitely be something you incorporate into your branding strategy. The number of users who are on this social media platform gives you an endless amount of eyes to reach and promote your brand too. These tips from Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO company should help you get a better understanding of how Facebook can help your business grow and become more successful. 

11 Aug 2020

How To Have a Consistent Presence on Social Media

Juggling between multiple social media platforms can be difficult when it comes to your Orange County business. One way you can help your business is by keeping your posts and theme consistent. Keeping your accounts updated and keeping a consistent brand image is the key to maintaining your customer’s trust and loyalty. 

In order to keep brand consistency, here are a few tips for staying on track:

Brand Structure

Before creating your social media presence, you must know who you are as a brand. Your brand shouldn’t constantly change every now and then, it should stay the same for the most part. Things that should remain unchanged are simple things such as the logo, the business colors, the message, brand tone, and even the font. Regularly mentioning your business’s values and mission is something that will help new and existing customers know what they are getting from you. Having this consistency can help portray the image of expertise in your business. Using this strategy helps you grow your audience through reach and engagement due to your profile being recognizable.


##LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for keeping clients and also getting new ones. ##makingmoney ##DriveTraffic ##socialmedia ##Marketing

♬ Motivational – Martin E. Insaurgarat


After you have figured out your brand structure and where you want to go with it, you can start shaping your social media accounts in order to follow that message. The first thing customers see is your brand logo, and that is something that should remain constant across all of your accounts. This allows for easier brand recognition and will give them a familiar environment. Along with the logo, your brand’s values or message should be instilled in your brand’s bio. This bio should be included in every account that allows one to be inserted. 

Your Posts

Consistency does not mean identically the same, it does not mean you can’t customize your posts to the specific platform you are on. Each platform has its own feel to it and you should post according to that. For example, Instagram is a visual environment where users post pictures or videos where you can write a caption for the post. Twitter, on the other hand, is more of a microblogging platform where you have a 280 character limit per post and are able to attach pictures, GIFs, polls, or links in bite-sized portions of information. LinkedIn is used by businesses and professionals to network and showcase their professional achievements and skills. Your values, logo, and bio should remain the same but you are free to get creative with the things you post on the different available platforms. Posting regularly will help get your message across in different ways to show users what value your product or service offers. Showing your value through posts is a good way to generate brand awareness and establish a consistent theme for your audience. Whether you are creating original posts detailing your products/services or sharing content that relates to your brand, you will be maintaining current buyers and inviting in new potential customers.

Your Story

How was your company founded? Why did you start your business to begin with? Having a strong story for your business will let your audience know the background of your values, logo, and message. They will remember who you are and have that consistent image in their mind of who you are and what you provide. This will show why you are who you are and how you are unique compared to your competitors. 

By posting regularly and having a consistent theme, your brand presence will start to develop a certain reputation. People will trust your business more due to the fact that you aren’t constantly changing your values but staying true to what you represent. Implement these social media tips for your Orange County business and the results will follow.

02 Jul 2020

7 Easy Ways To Get More Instagram Followers This 2020

If getting more followers for your Instagram is your top business goal this 2020, we are going to make the process a little easier. Follow these easy ways suggested by social media marketing agency in Orange County and make the most of this incredible platform.

Instagram claimed to have 25 million business profiles in 2019. When you don’t know a better way to get more Instagram followers, #likeforlike and #followforfollow seem like the right approach, however, there is more than that. 

Nowadays, just having a huge number of followers is not going to help you achieve your business goals, you should attract the right followers. Use tips by social media marketing agency Orange County to attract the right audience and scale your business to the next level. 

Get more followers by optimizing your IG Bio

The first impression of your profile on new users can dramatically affect the growth of Instagram. Turning a follower into a client takes only a tenth of a second. To make this happen you should clearly display who you are, what product your offer, and how your product/service can help your followers. Adapt the Instagram strategy suggested by the Orange County social media marketing agency.  

Make sure there is a keyword in the title immediately after the brand name. Doing so will boost the visibility of your business page. It is one of the best strategies to attract more Instagram followers through organic traffic.

Organize/format your bio using a bulleted format. You can use an abbreviated version of your company mission statement or slogan, but keep it as short as possible. Put a personalized and brand tag on it.

Don’t forget that the call to action attracts Instagram users so much that they often click on your URL.  Be sure also to include a line that proves your reputation.

Attract more followers by creating juicy content

Instagram tells a brand story through images. Every post should be of high quality and should support your brand image. Always ask: “How will this increase my Instagram account?” Your grid must fully reflect the beauty of the company. A Meh picture may break the grid.

Apply the same filter and stick to a single palette. Choose a theme and surround it with images. Photos and videos should be attractive and convey value. 

You can apply the 60/40 rule as one of the best tips for growing your Instagram audience. Out of every ten pictures, six should belong to your product/service, and four should belong to lifestyle, stock photos, related quotes, and user-generated content.

Perfect your Instagram header

Instagram is designed for images, but adding a caption can do some magic. Captions should provide your company’s background information, value, and insight. Instead of describing the photo, use the brand’s voice to tell the story behind the photo to make a connection. 

Ask questions and ask users to tag friends. 

Feeling tags

A hashtag can increase engagements by more than 12%. Make a perfect combination by brainstorming the list of hashtags your customers use to describe your company.

Thinking like a customer is one of the top strategies for attracting more Instagram followers. Follow the community and find happy intermediaries between popular tags and tags that bring you results.

Although you can use up to 30 tags, popular brands use between 10 and 20. Try a formula where ten tags are used to promote the content of the post, another ten tags are used for the target audience, and ten more tags for positioning and brand relevance.

Storytelling in practice

Stories are a powerful marketing tool. Includes behind-the-scenes, quick updates, and exclusive features that build a brand identity and connect you to your brand right now-beyond your grid.

Use brand your brand voice with images and text to expand your reach. Keep in mind that these should have a “live view” feel. The story will last 24 hours so that you can be cheesy. No one will complain about it!

Use the map feature to include locations and related hashtags so your story can be on the Browse page to expand coverage. Use the questions feature to connect and save your best stories as crucial content to retell your brand for visitors and new followers. Focus below your creature and serve as an interactive description.

Participate in giveaways

The number of brands hosting competitions grows 70%  faster than those who do not launch giveaways. Giveaways reward followers and attract new followers.

Choose your budget, prizes, and competition goals. The best input methods are comments, followers, posts, and hashtags. Ask followers to comment on a photo and tag at least one friend for double exposure.

Try to collect as many user-generated reviews as possible so you can create a gallery and embed it on your website. Doing this will increase engagement and drive sales. Generate brand and giveaway specific tags to include.

Encourage influencer marketing

Most influential people, especially those just entering the industry, are eager to work with brands. 90% of marketers believe that influencers are an effective way to increase customer engagement.

The general cost is $1,000 per 100,000 followers. If this is high for your budget, choose a micro-influencer. Find out who is in your niche market and ask for collaborations. 

You have it! Seven simple steps to optimize your Instagram growth strategy. Harnessing the power of these Instagram growth technologies will give you even more significant influence.

30 Jun 2020

8 Ideas For Increasing Sales Of Businesses On Instagram

With the popularity of Instagram, it has changed consumer behavior over the past few years. Today, more and more people use the platform for product discovery. Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County social media agency, reveals Instagram as one of the leading platforms. 

In short, people are ready to discover and buy their products in-app. But more than 25 million businesses and 2 million advertisers want to attract the attention of potential customers, so you need to double your efforts and improve the customer experience on Instagram.

To encourage your followers to be your customers, it’s essential to optimize your account so it can streamline the buying process.

Find eight Instagram post ideas that your business can use to increase sales on the platform.

Let’s dive into the most significant ideas that the Orange County social media agency suggests:

Announce the launch of new products

Whatever your area of ​​business, whether you are in the fashion or tourism industry, it is essential to launch new products or services to retain and acquire new customers.

Why? People have a variety of products, so their needs are changing, and brands should provide something new to keep their target audiences attractive. Also, the announcement of a new product is a great way to stimulate customer interest.

From uploading up to ten different images of various products to displaying product details, there are so many different ways to tell your followers about new product launches and promotions.

Upload video tutorials and getting started videos

Do you want to increase sales? 

Tell your Instagram followers the benefits of your product or service. Modern customers buy solutions, not products; they look for solutions that can help them solve problems, and you have to prove to them that your product is precisely what they are looking for.

Upload a video tutorial or instructional video to explain why it’s worth trying your product. Videos help keep your audience engaged and provide more information about your product.

Share Limited Time Offer

Limited time offers have a significant impact on the customer’s purchase process. Share quotes to increase customer satisfaction and encourage followers to make purchases, so you don’t miss out.

No matter if you are selling physical products or digital downloads, sharing limited-time offers is a great way to attract your Instagram followers to try out your product or service.

Why? Its does not only help people save money, but it also creates a sense of urgency that encourages people to make purchasing decisions faster.

Talk about your online sales or clearance

Most of the customers will agree that discounts make us happier. The deeper the initial discount, the more interest you generate. When your brand decides to launch a promotion or clear a product, it’s essential to share the good news with your followers.

Both online sales and clearing are based on the principle of urgency, so potential customers make purchase decisions quickly. For brands, this means the opportunity to increase sales rapidly.

Leverage user-generated content

Sponsored posts and paid advertisements have bombarded users on all fronts, so it’s no wonder they crave authenticity and social proof.

Most Instagram users claim that user-generated content (UGC) can help them determine if a product is worth trying. Therefore, companies should leverage user-generated content to increase sales.

It’s great if your customers take pictures of your products. If you want to motivate them to create UGC, consider looking for a brand ambassador.

When people use brand labels, it is easier for brands to collect UGC.

Post-positive customer reviews

With so many products on the market, customers can make intimidating purchase decisions. People rely on customer experience, and positive reviews make 91% of customers more likely to buy from businesses.

If you receive positive customer reviews, it’s best to reuse it for Instagram marketing and post on the main feed. Not only will it increase brand loyalty and trust, but it can also ease the concerns of potential customers.

Promote your referral activities

There is no other better way to attract new customers faster than relying on loyal customers. When people are satisfied with your product, they are more likely to tell their friends a positive customer experience.

This is an organic way to spread your company’s message, often called word-of-mouth marketing. Most marketing executives consider this the most effective form of advertising.

If you want to encourage customers to promote your product, set up a referral event to reward your loyal customers, will encourage new consumers to rely on your product.

Also, Instagram is the perfect place to promote your referral activities.

Give away brand giveaways

Instagram giveaways are viral among users. If you run an Instagram business, you must know that giveaways can expand your reach, increase engagement, and attract followers. But if done right, Instagram giveaways can also increase sales.

Have you heard of the power of zero? When people get something for free, not only do they have lower expectations, they also feel obliged to return the favor. So giving away brand freebies can help give your potential customers a chance to try out your products and increase sales.

Instagram is working as a gold mine for brands from the past few years.

With the popularity of Instagram shopping, it’s easy for customers to discover new products and buy them in-app. For brands, this means increased sales opportunities, and the above Instagram post ideas can help you turn followers into customers.

Creating a great social media plan for your Orange County agency is critical. Have we missed anything? Which Instagram posting ideas are useful for your business to increase sales?

19 Jun 2020

4 Innovative Ways To Enhance Social Media Marketing With Email

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing channels, with a reported incredible ROI of $38 per 1 spent.

Not surprisingly, email newsletters and trigger emails are widely popular strategies that attract customers and increase sales, and most e-commerce businesses rely on them every day.

In addition to excellent sales, email is a valuable strategy to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing techniques in Orange County.

Here is why you should combine social media marketing strategy with email marketing in Orange County.

  • Most customers browse social media and email on mobile devices, which means that combining the two strategies will not interfere with the customer experience.
  • Email and social media are the two channels that want to connect with most online customers (46.4% and 38.5%, respectively). Where you want to communicate with consumers about products and services to enhance social media
  • 42.5% of millennials prefer to communicate via social media before they could make a purchase. So by combining email marketing wit
  • h social media marketing, your company can meet an essential requirement in your online business: Finding out where your customers hang out.  

If you want to get started, read on the below article. You will learn how to enhance social media marketing through email marketing in Orange County and how this strategy benefits your business. 

1. Build your social media

This is a common goal for businesses using social media marketing, and email can help achieve that. The fastest way to increase traffic to your corporate social media pages is to include a link to every email you send to your customers.

Although you should place a link to social media in each email, pay special attention to the welcome email- the first email to your customers. They generate four times more open times and five times more clicks than regular emails, so they are more persuasive, and more people visit your social media pages.

2. Increase awareness of social media competitions

It would help if you used each marketing communication channel to promote upcoming social media contests (by the way, this is one of the best ways to interact with potential customers).

Email is great for this because newsletter subscribers may be more interested than people who have never heard of your business.

For example, you can create an email that clearly and concisely describes the rules and conditions of the contest, represents the awards, and provides a way to become a participant quickly.

3. Promote live social media videos

Live videos on social media changed the game. Not only they help you attract more customers, but they also build relationships with them.

Facebook and Instagram algorithm updates indicate that posts that boost interaction will be prioritized and displayed in users’ feeds. Live videos are best because they generate up to six times the interaction.

Not only that, your brand can benefit from a variety of live videos. For example, if you’re shooting behind-the-scenes footage of a company, it means your followers have the opportunity to talk to you face-to-face. Keep in mind customers appreciate authenticity.

If you’re planning to broadcast a video on social media, it could be a Q & A session, a webinar, an interview with someone, an intro video, a podcast, a behind-the-scenes video, a conference or a live broadcast – advance notification of your email subscribers via email.

4. Improve brand credibility with user-generated content

User-generated content is currently huge. Most customers see it as the most authentic content. 60% of customers consider content created by other real customers to be the most trusted.

So if improving brand credibility is one of the goals of your social media campaign, it may be a good idea to share some testimonials with happy customers.

Using email marketing makes a lot of sense because it sits the direct way to connect with people, and in this way, you can let more people know that your company is doing a great job.

There are two ways you can solve the problem:

First, you can contact customers who leave positive reviews on social media and ask them to post another review. Your designer can use it to send a great email to show off to your subscribers.

Second, you can get compelling customer reviews from social media and insert them into emails for sharing.

Don’t forget to add a call to action to encourage recipients to check out your product or leave a review.

Email and social media – the perfect combination

Emails are great for helping achieve many marketing goals, and their effectiveness has been proven. If you are looking for some ways to increase the efficiency of your social media campaigns. You don’t have to hesitate and try the above tips for your business.

07 May 2020

Why Social Media Metrics Matters

Many social media companies in Orange County understand that digital marketing is most successful for those who pay attention to social media metrics. Unless you can adjust your marketing strategies according to measurable trends, your business will likely fall flat in its goals toward growth and visibility. 

In a world where social media platforms have become a new place for human connection, information, and inspiration, it is important for businesses of all sizes to expand their consumer base by joining these online networks. 

Orange County social media companies share their advice on tracking data for social media campaigns in order to optimize ROI and maintain a solid brand reputation. Businesses should, however, keep in mind that while most social media metrics provide some insight, they are not all necessarily relevant to a specific company or brand. So, businesses should not feel like they have to track and absorb every detail of their social media campaign.

In order to decide what metrics will serve your company’s brand, you need to reflect on the goals that motivate your social media strategy. Are you trying to funnel traffic to your company’s website? Create hype around your brand? Gain followers and influencer partnerships? Locate potential leads for sales? Perhaps you have other reasons for joining certain social media platforms. Whatever the reasons, you should make sure to clarify them before you move on to your strategy of tracking and analyzing data metrics.

Tracking Followers 

Perhaps the first social media metric that companies notice is their follower count for each profile. This number will fluctuate for any given brand, depending on the amount of content posted and the amount of interest garnered from this content. It may not always be relevant for every business. After all, many digital marketers will tell you that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have as much as it matters how engaged they are with your content. 

However, social media companies in Orange County will admit that follower count is an important metric for those businesses that want a large-scale operation. Companies that are trying to expand their network through various platforms and partnerships will want to know if they are attracting more followers or not. 

Tracking followers also allows businesses to prioritize their high-performing accounts. For example, if your Instagram is garnering thousands of followers while your Twitter only has 100, then you know which platform you should focus your time and efforts on. Some social media campaigns may be more suited to one platform or another, so you can also pick and choose the strategy that works for your concentration of viewers.  

Tracking Mentions

For many businesses, mentions are a good social media metric to utilize in order to gain a sense of a brand’s prevalence in the market. You can pay attention to user engagement, determine the best times to schedule posts, and understand what followers are saying about your service or product. Another benefit of this metric is that you can also look at your competitors through their mentions. When you start to compare, you will be able to gain valuable insight into consumer interests. Then, you can start to adjust your social media campaigns to meet them.

Tracking Brand Reputation 

Social media metrics are a great way to understand how other people view your brand in terms of quality, reliability, and intrigue. Many businesses pay particular attention to negative comments as a method of offering customer support. When businesses make an effort to solve customer issues, they stand to gain a lot of respect from consumers which, in turn, can lead to more sales.

Businesses should reward customers that are vocal on social platforms about their positive experiences in order to encourage this reputation and gain the visibility they desire. The best way to establish a long-lasting reputation is through word of mouth. Happy customers will generate more happy customers by simply sharing how your business has helped them. This can produce a very healthy cycle of helping people and being helped by their vocal support. 

Tracking Influencers 

When your product or service caters to a particular market, you want to make sure that you are listening to the loudest voices within that niche. Influencers are social media users that have a large following and a particular investment or expertise in your industry. One way to optimize your social media outreach is to partner with influencers who can promote your product or service to relevant consumers in the market. 

Social Media and Conversions

Your ultimate goal in practicing social media marketing is to generate conversions for your business. So, you want to ensure that your efforts are producing a valuable effect. Once you start tracking data that is relevant to your brand, you will be able to piece together an understanding of your current strategy’s success rate. Then, you can start making adjustments. 

Focus on the social media platforms that have a higher engagement and a noticeable impact on sales for your company. Once you know where your audience lies, you can create and post the best content on that platform. 

Successful social media marketing is usually a group effort, which is why so many businesses continue to stay active on multiple platforms. Even if a business has a higher follower count and engagement on Facebook than on Instagram, they are still going to share content on the latter social media channel if only to reach a broader spectrum of consumers. The collective effort of joining different networks will have a distinct impact on your brand, and you never know when one channel might take off. 

Orange County social media companies can help you strategize in order to develop the best social media marketing practices for your budget and create campaigns that will generate traffic to your site and conversions. It can be difficult to keep track of all the social media metrics and to effectively analyze and synthesize their meaning for your digital marketing efforts, which is why sometimes it is best to hire a team of experts. Now that you know a little more about social media metrics, you will be able to contribute to the conversation and make informed decisions about your company to stimulate growth and influence. 

29 Apr 2020

5 Ways Scientists Deployed AI to Help With The Pandemic

AI and Data Science have been playing critical roles with the current pandemic. In terms of economic loss and the number of deaths, the cost of this pandemic is appalling. As I write, the number of COVID-19 patients is still rising. The world is engulfed by great uncertainty and estimates show that this effect can be terrible.  

Without further ado, let’s explain how AI and Data Science helps for us to cope up with this situation.

Identify, track, and forecast

AI helps scientists identify, track, and forecast pandemic by analyzing the data collected from government resources, social media platforms, and news reports. Although data plays a critical role, AI has not been impactful because of the outlier data collected through social media platforms in Orange County and elsewhere. Scientists will be able to draw some great results if they can gather data through more rigorous human-AI interaction. They need a careful balance between public health concerns and privacy of data collected through social media platforms in Orange County and elsewhere. Since it is not possible to gather such thorough and first-hand data in the current pandemic, this approach will be helpful in the next approach. In the context of infectious diseases, there are certain pitfalls of big data and AI. One such pitfall is the huge amount of noise on media that has to be filtered. 

It helps diagnose COVID-19 

The AI-based coronavirus solution helps health professionals to diagnose and monitor it efficiently. The virus is diagnosed in no time, and Al has improved CT diagnosis speed. The Al-powered diagnosis system designed by Alibaba claims to perform 96% accurate diagnosis in seconds. It distinguishes the COVID-19 from ordinary viral pneumonia through the CT scans up to 96% percent. Typically it takes 15 minutes for a physician to access it and make a diagnosis. But this tool takes just 15 seconds to analyze a CT scan. It saves time and provides results that are almost accurate.

Al-powered drones deliver medical supplies 

Now, this is the fastest and safest way to get urgent medical supplies delivered to the areas during the COVID-19 outbreak. One such example is an unmanned aerial vehicle used by Terra Drone that transports quarantine material and the medical samples in China. Al-powered drones are also used for thermal imaging, track the non-compliance to quarantine mandates, and patrol public spaces. 

Performs various tasks including sterilizing and delivering food and supplies

Unlike humans, robots are not susceptible to COVID-19 or any other virus. They can be easily deployed to perform various tasks including sterilizing and cleaning and delivering medicines and food. It plays a critical role in avoiding human-human contact. The UVD robots help kill viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet light. 

It helps develop drugs 

Google is always inspired by intelligence. Scientists at DeepMind use its sophisticated computing power to understand the structure of proteins that compose the virus. The results help health professionals to develop treatments. BenevolentAl focuses on the development of products for infectious diseases. During the early days of the outbreak, it has suggested certain drugs to cope up with COVID-19. 

Admittedly, however, the data gathered through social media trends isn’t helpful for Orange County scientists to conclude the results. They need more reliable data sets through human interaction which will help them to propose better solutions.  

30 Mar 2020

How Content Can Help You Bridge The Gap Between Sales And Marketing

Content creation for social media companies in Orange County is more critical than ever before. It is the first step towards generating more leads and sales. But the sad thing is, once they convert their prospects into leads, they do not follow the content marketing plan or end their marketing strategy at all. 

Most of the marketers today put all their marketing efforts to generate leads, which usually create a huge marketing and sales gap. According to some reports, only 10% of the marketers agree that both these sectors are linked together. For a strong content strategy, both these sectors must have a perfect alignment. Balancing your content plan in both marketing and sales can improve performance and strengthen brand awareness. 

How content marketing can reduce the gap between sales and marketing 

A B2B demand generation myth prevails in the society which states that increased sales often translate into more business. Therefore, if you have some potential leads, you can create more revenue even if the number of leads is less. 

It’s just a rough idea of how lead generation strategy works among marketers. To avoid this, you must be able to design a proper lead generation strategy that focuses on getting a large number of qualified leads instead of just focusing on a few. To do this you have to create a content marketing strategy to reach out to your prospects. 

Always create value-driven content 

Content marketing is not about creating plenty of content that does not provide any value. You should take time to create content consistently and distribute it across various platforms. Your content should encourage your audience to take action that could proceed to profitable customer action. Please note that you should not create content entirely for the marketing purpose. However, use content marketing as a tool to provide information about the specific benefits your product can offer once people buy it. Focus on delivering personalized content that addresses specific pain points of your audience. 

Having objective-specific content can lead your target audience to sales funnels. The content creation objective of  Orange County social media companies can be: 

  • To create awareness
  • To help your target audience make viable decisions
  • To create advocacy of your specific brand 

Content should initiate sales-oriented goals 

The core aim of your sales team is to bring in more sales and ultimately generate higher profits and more revenues. So creating a day to day content is part of their job. Although it sounds logical, it can confuse the marketing team at the same time who tries their best to generate sales content too. 

Please note that content creation and its marketing is a long term goal. A top-notch content plan can create more leads than you can think of. And the success sauce of getting leads through content marketing is creating relevant content consistently that is incredible. Take time to share your success stories and the company metrics that can strengthen your credibility. 

People are always looking for the perfect product or services in which they can invest their hard-earned money. You can use your content marketing strategy to highlight your product and service in the best possible way so that you can win the confidence of your target audience. So whether it is your sales team or marketing team, the only way to succeed is using a proven content development and marketing strategy that can bring in more sales. 

A great tip to do this is to train your marketing and sales team regarding content creation. Encourage them to implement up to date strategies that can help your business improve content marketing so that it can thrive.

Implement researched-based content experiences that can help your teams to stand ahead of the competition. If you have already been doing this, great!! If not, don’t worry because there is a lot of room for improvement. Just make sure you provide the best possible content that aligns with the target market. 

Lastly, try to establish a realistic approach as you develop the strategy with the help of social media companies in Orange County like Drive Traffic Media and enjoy the long-term benefits of your content creation.

25 Feb 2020

Seven Data-driven Marketing Trends In 2020

The main data-driven social media marketing trends in Orange County in 2020 are not only about the right choices for companies seeking growth but also about the right decisions for customers.

2020 is an exciting time for the social media marketing industry in Orange County. We are becoming more data-driven than ever before, which takes us back to the root of why data is so important: our customers.

How do we use data to serve our customers and users? Read the article below to learn more about the future of data-driven social media marketing strategies in Orange County.

Ethical data collection

2019 was the year of privacy lawsuits. In 2020, companies will not only strive to comply with the law but will also seek to distance themselves from Google and Facebook.

There must be an absolute assurance that all data collection tools are GDPR compliant. However, there are other ways companies can collect data more ethically.

You must know that customer and user data is being used as intended by your company, not for the marketing needs of other companies.

Personalized marketing automation

With ethically and independently collected fully compliant data, you can (and should) set up highly personalized marketing automation campaigns.

Fortunately, it is good for the business and good for the customer. 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer relevant offers and recommendations.

There is no doubt that this is one of the main data-driven marketing trends in 2020, and companies that master this trend may win more customers, especially if their competition fails to personalize their marketing activities truly.

Seamless multichannel experience

Although 51% of companies use eight or more channels to communicate with customers, only 14% of companies report that they are currently conducting coordinated marketing campaigns across all channels.

Abandoned shopping cart emails are a famous example of a multichannel experience. The user experience mainly takes place on the website, but when customers forgo checkout, they are directed back to the site via email.

The easiest way to set up a multichannel experience that fits the customer’s web journey is to take advantage of a website analysis tool that includes marketing automation so that you can create data-driven campaigns in one place.

Artificial intelligence for follow-up

Many companies are actively looking for new uses of AI to make them faster and smarter than their competitors. 

When used to shorten response times to customers and leads, or make complex decisions in less time, artificial intelligence can give you an incredible competitive advantage.

Many industries are using AI, including travel support, investment advice, and apartment rental services.

Predictive analytics to improve customer experience

We are all familiar with Google Analytics’ predictive analytics. You know, you start typing a few letters, and suddenly Google has guessed your search. 

Predictive analytics can help product marketing, user experience, and digital marketing teams that are not only responsible for marketing, but also the entire customer experience from acquisition to retention.

The help center is one of the smartest ways to do this. By using predictive analytics, you can provide help desk articles even before completing a search query, making it easy and fast for customers to find what they need.

Data-driven SEO

In SEO, choosing the right keywords is more important than ever. In 2020, marketers will use data-driven marketing to help them outperform their competitors. When you use tools like Clearscope and Ubersuggest, you will find the following:

  • The average domain name score of the top 10 websites in your desired keyword phrase
  • The average number of backlinks to the top 10 websites in your desired keywords
  • The average word count and readability of the top 10 sites
  • Keyword average monthly searches

Minor keywords and variations include related terms to include (searches and terms that Google wants this article to cover). For a large number of keyword phrases with a large number of backlinks, backlink expansion (incentive backlinks or guest posting) may be more desirable.

Prioritize qualitative data

When looking for data, focus on quantitative data: behavioral analysis, audience analysis, usage indicators, etc.

The popularity of marketing websites such as “forget funnels” and their focus on customer research prove that qualitative data is making a comeback. There is a consensus that to increase revenue; you need to deepen your understanding of customer needs.

Of course, there is a lot of quantitative data available for customer research, but most of it is qualitative. For a long time, customer surveys and customer interviews have been delayed because marketers believe they are too time-consuming, too difficult to organize, too conclusive, and weak.

Entering a new decade always brings a greater sense of change than the new year alone. This year, major data-driven marketing trends will bring significant changes to consumer habits.