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05 Aug 2021

Fundamental Tips On Social Media


When you’re marketing for your brand on your social media platforms, there are many fundamentals that you need to understand on a basic level to give yourself a head start over everyone else who has similar ideas as you. These may seem like simple steps to give you the advantage you need against any other Orange County digital marketing agency, but they can bring you more success than even the most complex of plans.


Visual Presentation

That old adage of ‘ seeing is believing’ contributes heavily to how well you can succeed on social media. You need to appeal to a person’s visual perceptions by not just dropping a picture but stylizing your posts so that your posts pop out to the viewers in comparison to others. Making sure to visually stand out from others when they are surfing through their computers, pads, or phones is crucial to succeeding when marketing in social media.

Patience Is A Virtue

You’re not going to be able to succeed at your social media marketing game right away. Especially if you’re new to it and is just starting out. Remember that you’re going to be competing against others who are already veterans in marketing, so it will take some time to make up the distance they have already covered. Making the right posts at the right time to build up traction and a following will take some dedication, but doing so can pay serious dividends for you, so long as you are patient enough.

Cost and Time Efficiency 

Another factor that you will have to manage carefully is the costs and time you put into your social marketing plan and its execution. In order to stand a chance against your competition, allocating enough time to make social media posts is more important than you might think of. Having someone who specializes in this field is important to establishing your marketing presence on these platforms. Determine the amount of fund you want to allocate to manage these posts, and what you put online will make a difference in the traction you can gain with your followers and supporters. 


One method that you can use to see if your efforts online are getting results is to see just how much attention your posts are getting. If you’re receiving increased attention due to a post that you’ve made, see which post it is, along with the comments people are making in reaction to it. From there, you can gain some valuable insight as to just what type of content people are drawn to. If you’re feeling especially bold, go out of your way to ask questions in the comments to start a dialogue with these people to get a more in-depth answer on what they like! You might be surprised by their answers which can only help you in the future. 


Not every strategy is going to be a surefire method of success indefinitely for you. Social media is always changing, including the platforms you can use to boost your or your clients’ marketing presence. On top of these, new social media platforms may sprout with new features, which means you will have to adjust to the changing times. Much like how you’re going to be changing to ensure your marketing tactics are relevant, so these platforms will need to change so that they can, in turn, stand a chance against your competitors. 

Aside from the changes in platforms, look out for what is trending and popular. Certain hashtags are more popular than others, meaning you need to adjust to get the clout necessary to keep your marketing skill relevant. 

Knowing your audience

All of the allocated time, money, and best visuals you can put together won’t mean too much if you don’t actually understand for whom you’re making your content. Choosing a hashtag to slap onto any posts you make is very important. However, choosing a hashtag that has little relevance to your posts won’t draw in your audience if you’re not aware of what they care about or are invested in. Focusing on knowing your audience -what they love, or their interests-can bring you in more viewers so long as you keep your finger on the pulse of the consumer’s passions. 

An Elite Website

When you’ve gotten enough attention to the point where you have a large following on different social media platforms, it’s only logical that you should have a striking website that your viewers can go to. This is vital in case they find themselves in need of further info about you and your services. Having a good website that represents you or your clients’ interests is akin to having a good base of operations that visitors can stop by. Hook them in further with a remarkable good website design, and you have them for the long haul.


If you want your presence on social media to be strong, then following these steps will go a long way in cementing your digital success, especially if you adapt them to the ever-changing online landscape. Any Orange County digital marketing agency worth their salt will observe these changes critically and adjust themselves with these fundamentals, especially for whatever happens in the future. 

26 Oct 2017

Email: Isn’t That Old News?

With all the buzz about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it can seem like there’s a new way to market your business every five minutes.  Social media marketing is wonderful, but all the fast-paced changes can make it easy to forget a real powerhouse that you have at your fingertips: email.


That’s right, email like the email you checked just this morning.  In fact, if you’ve checked your email several times today, you’re in good company.  About 91% of consumers use email, often checking it via mobile devices several times per day.  Think about it: every time your customer checks their email, that’s another chance for you to get your message to them.


But What About Social Media?

Social media marketing works best when you can marry it to your email marketing.  A carefully thought-out marketing plan will allow both strategies to work synergistically: your email list can help direct people to your social media content, and your social media content can direct people to sign up for your email list.  


For example, your social media content might include interesting videos related to the lifestyle associated with your brand.  (A food brand might include cooking videos.)  A link on social media can direct those who see it to sign up for your email content, which can contain coupons or other things to woo consumers.  Likewise, your emails can contain links to your social media pages, which will allow those who find you via the email list to also follow you on social media.  It’s a feedback loop, with the customer getting something to reward them at each stage, and with your company getting something it needs, too–the customer’s attention.


Multiple ways for your customers to access your content ensures that you have multiple chances to connect with them.


What Are Customers Looking For In Email Marketing?


Your customer’s attention is most likely to be grabbed if your emails contain something that makes them worth opening.  This can be news about your company, like advance notice of a sale or a new product line.  Perhaps it’s specialized content or video that your customers would find interesting.  Or perhaps it’s a reward for opening the email, such as a coupon.  While customers say they sign up for newsletters in order to save money, email marketing is an effective tool to drive revenue for companies.  Customers feel like they’re winning, and you’ve ensured that next time they see your email in their inbox, they’ll open it.


What Are Companies Looking For In Email Marketing?


Companies are always looking for a marketing strategy that is cost-effective, efficient, and simple to use.  Email ticks all of these boxes.  Designing a great email campaign is much less expensive than utilizing television, radio, or billboards, making it a tool that can be utilized equally well by large companies and budget-conscious small businesses.


If your company isn’t using email as part of their internet marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a vital chance to get information to your customers.  As one of the most effective, accessible, and budget-friendly strategies available, email is too good to ignore.



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31 Aug 2017

Turn Your Blogs Into Instagram Posts

The number one photo-sharing social media channel is getting more exciting. Aside from allowing users to share images and videos either through mobile or desktop devices, there is another way to level up and augment your campaign.

Bring more engaging and exciting content to your Instagram account by repurposing your blogs into Instagram albums!

Here’s how to Turn your blogs into Instagram Posts:

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, sharing a link of your blog post is so easy. But not on Instagram. You need to be imaginative, experimental and resourceful. One way to upload a blog post image or a new blog post content is by linking your Instagram bio to your blog page. It helps showcase your content and effectively drive traffic to your site.

In addition, Instagram carousel gives you the opportunity to include more context in just a single post, share additional tips, give out more information, and gather extra interest in the blog topic posted, and even motivate people to respond to your call-to-action (CTA). It has been proven to boost engagement with your blogs, not to mention increase the number of significant traffic you’ll get from Instagram.

What are the Benefits of Repurposing Your Blogs?

Unique, attracting and quality images are always the key to gather engagement. Create stunning images for each key point needed in your blog post and share it to Instagram. Multiple images are also a game changer on Instagram. If you are using multiple images in your blog post content, you can organize your images and create an album to tell a story. The trick is to plan the order of each image in your post and do not forget to include CTA. Take advantage of this great opportunity and reach your target audience. You can share various images over multiple days and even weeks to spread out your campaign. This will increase the chances of people seeing one of these Instagram posts, so you get higher chances of getting clicks on it. Another important thing to remember is to always include a CTA that encourages people to click through your site and read the full blog content. Provide strong caption that will support your images as it helps people understand the message you want to convey.

Let Drive Traffic media help you convey your message and boost your brand to the right audience through Instagram and other social media platforms. Give us a call at (949) 800-6990.

02 Aug 2017

Multiple Locations? Let’s Get Every One Social!

In this era of digital marketing wherein, people are online most of the time, you have to execute your ultimate strategy to drive in traffic for your multi-location business. Internet marketing has done a tremendous job in helping firms in the promotion and build-up of brand awareness not to mention the increase in sales growth over time. Top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. have gifted you with exceptional opportunity to engage online shoppers at every step of that journey. Advances in technology made social media your marketing and sales tool. Smallest local business and huge international company reaped and benefited from the very appealing social media platforms and the results are stunning!

Here are some valuable tips to help you grow your multi-location business on social media:

  1. Promote each local store more effectively. An online store finder can increase your business visibility and help your customers find you and your specific location in their preferred area. Location data boosts local marketing through its improved accuracy.
  2. Practice consistent branding by using the same profile picture and cover photo for every new business or location’s page(s).
  3. Customize each content and post depending on what you are selling, the promotions you’re running, location, your local market/audience, and more.
  4. Understand your target demographic. Know which type of social network they are most active at and focus your energy on it.
  5. Monitor social media mentions. Track multiple variations of your business name in different locations and also your in-demand products across social networks. Pay attention to social media engagement and reach out to your customers.
  6. Negative Feedbacks. Learn how to effectively handle negative mentions and turn it into something more constructive. Respond immediately to help ease the situation and avoid the risk of losing an avid customer to a competitor in that specific location.
  7. Positive Feedbacks. Be sure to acknowledge customers who took the time to share something positive about your product and/or location. It simply shows that you value what your customers think and what they have to say.
  8. Get people to visit your store. Offer exclusive deals and discounts to encourage and attract your social media followers to drive traffic into your store.

Are you ready for Drive Traffic Media to manage your social media accounts for your multi-location business? Call us at 949-800-6990 today!


04 Jul 2017

Clever Ways to Monetize on Instagram

The world’s popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, is getting exciting. Whether you are working on your personal account or growing an e-commerce site, Instagram can bring in more people into your world to increase engagement, build a massive brand following and rocket your chances for a sale. Like any social media network, Instagram has proven how strong it is to build massive followers and to help establish brand visibility and awareness most especially for e-commerce businesses. If used effectively, this visual advertising channel can make your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

Here is the list of clever ways to build a huge audience and monetize Instagram:

  1. Hashtags (#)

A maximum of 30 hashtags per post is allowed on Instagram. The right hashtags can make it easier for people to find your photos and expose it to a large and targeted audience. Research and record hashtags relevant to your business brands just like the way you do keyword research for a blog content. Engage your current audience and entice new ones with interesting and compelling photos of your brand. Don’t forget, sharing images related to your business brand can draw in more audience too!

  1. Filters

Images can be fun with filters. Not only that, choosing the right filter can drive more views and engagement compared to unfiltered ones. With the right photos and choice of filters, Instagram will lead you to long-term engagement, likes, new interested followers and multiplied sales.

  1. Post consistently at the Right Time

Instagram accounts with an average of a 2-3 post a day tend to have the highest number of fans. The key? Post often on the best times of the day and the best days of the week to get the best results. Posts that are shared on a regular basis tend to pick up good engagement and have a tendency to appear on top of your follower’s feeds.

  1. Cross-promote on other Social Media Platform

Cross-promotion is the best way to let your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler fans that your business is also on Instagram. Sharing Instagram posts to other social media platforms is a great strategy to get some extra exposure and discovery.

Want your business to get social media exposure to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Talk to us at (949) 800-6990, and we’ll get you social.

23 May 2017

How Facebook Ads Help E-commerce Businesses

How far will a traditional brick and mortar store get you your sales targets and business growth? In this highly digital world, business owners and entrepreneurs are flocking toward the internet to develop a solid E-commerce marketing strategy to start pulling in target markets, convert sales and increase return-on-investment (ROI).

Do you agree that Facebook is the world’s largest online shopping mall? The biggest social media channel represents an enormous potential market for your social networking efforts. Actively promoting an online store using Facebook advertising will best draw attention to your E-commerce business. Zephoria shows an estimated 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. Switching into an E-commerce business seems like a well-sound plan. With ample of competition in the online retail or online shopping, don’t miss the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and pull in a significant number of online shoppers.

Facebook ads help E-commerce businesses increase traffic, get more conversions and repeat sales from previous customers. Here’s how:


  1.  Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

Upload your existing customer’s email addresses to create a custom audience. Facebook will then use the email list to look for users who used the same email addresses to set up their Facebook account. By doing so, you can target your marketing ads to an audience who shows interest in buying your products or services. Another Facebook tool to help you discover new customers is Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audience matches interests and demographics of users who have similar profile data with your existing customers. This method increases your leads and increases the number of likes on your Facebook business page.


  1. Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic Product Ads is a very beneficial element of your Facebook marketing strategy for your E-commerce business.  Facebook’s DPA known as retargeting, is the best tool for following an online shopper (who have browsed your products) in adverts all over the web. Facebook’s DPAs will pull images, pricing, product names from the product details you send to Facebook. This is to reach prospects who have viewed your products and motivate them to click on your ad, add it to the cart and complete the purchase.


  1. Quality and Captivating Facebook Ads

Be creative and unique in creating your Facebook Ads and tailored it your target audience. Use clear, concise and captivating images and video for your ad to stand out.


Drive Traffic Media will figure out ways to keep your online business grow and get more E-commerce business through Facebook ads. Call us at 949800699, 888-375-3058 or 310 341-3939 to find out how.





03 Mar 2017

Tweaks To Become A Facebook Ad Pro

Facebook Advertising can be tough, and it still gets tougher every day.  Just like you,  many advertisers take a swing at a new ad campaign every day when they realize a certain potential,  hoping to finally hit the ball out of the park and win the game in social media ads marketing Orange County.

Sadly, that’s not the case with many. A lot of businesses still seem to be just throwing away money on Facebook and still find it difficult to create a successful ad.

So, here are some tweaks and approaches that might help you find your first successful Facebook Ad today.

Test, test, test! Never assume anything, rather test everything. Whatever your level of expertise is or how long you’ve been advertising on Facebook, always check both your ad’s design and its targeting. In creating a new campaign, it’s best to come up with at least four different designs with a variety of images and texts.

Target. Businesses have different customers with various needs, and in Facebook Ad Designs,  you create buyer personas by focusing and addressing directly to a specific target customer.

Remove Fear from Buyers. Fear has been considered as the most important emotion in a purchase decision. Why? As humans, we have tendencies to resist buying products or signing up for services because it scares us to make wrong choices and lose money in the process.

That is why free products are so useful. And it’s not just about the money. Free goods and/or services create a “No Risk” impression to buyers, so their fears are cast off.

One great way to reduce or eliminate fear among customers is through testimonials from famous people. Let a VIP, celebrity, or loyal customer endorse your product as it will immediately give your ad a credibility and eliminate that fear of buying.

CTA. Adding a Call-to-Action to your Facebook Ads decreases friction and improves your overall conversion rate. While it reduces your cost per conversion, it’s still likely to improve your overall conversion rate.

How can it reduce friction? If a user clicks your ad and arrives on your site or landing page, the user already knows what to do and quickly proceed to perform the desired action you indicated on your CTA.  He/she won’t have to waste time figuring what to do next.

Finally, the success of a social media ads marketing Orange County particularly Facebook Ad comes down to just two critical elements: 1. Great design that attracts users’ attention  and 2. Laser-focused targeting that displays your ad only to an audience who need your product(s) and or service(s).


10 Jan 2017

Offline Traits That Boost Social Media Presence

Your social media online presence and in person marketing are two different things. But since social media assumes a more prominent role in our day-to-day conversation and engagement, it’s important that we accurately reflect who we are when we curate posts, when we interact with followers, and when we create the experience we want our customers to feel.

It’s essential to remember that the web is social, and the way we interact online is the same way we will be perceived, judged, treated, and approached by others, most especially our followers.

We have listed some important offline social skills that you can use to boost your social media Orange County online presence.

  1. Friendliness. If you’re friendly offline, people can tell and vice versa. Being friendly online means using common verbal expressions.  The random addition of emoticons on your posts or conversations does not only help add style but also convey to viewers that you are approachable and fun. It also helps if you say nice things without using all caps.
  1. Trustworthiness. We are aware that social media is somewhat a source of inaccurate information. For every one legitimate story is a dozen less credible ones complete with fake pictures. So select the reliable news source before sharing the links. Unfortunately, most of the exciting photos and stories circulating nowadays are fake, so it helps to research first before sharing.
  1. Politeness. On social media, your behavior becomes unpredictable. You are prone to outburst of emotions that are abnormal, and the kind of rude behavior can happen. Keep in mind that if you send angry posts or tweet, it can go farther than a light posts or tweet. And the consequence is, you will be known more for your negative emotions than your positive ones.
  1. Professionalism. Since social media is a personal source of information, we have the tendency to let our professionalism screw up for the sake of creating sensational stories. Credibility is important to maintain professionalism on social media wich helps build respect in the process, so be knowledgeable.
  1. Restraint. When you get to know someone, you don’t dive into a deep conversation right away.  You can talk about the weather, your trip, your job, or your family but don’t overshare. If you need to, then do it offline.
  1. Attention. Common courtesy dictates that we pay attention to people who are addressing us. If you’re on a social network, people expect the courtesy of a response especially if we get mentioned, tagged or pinged on social media.
  1. Smile. Choosing a profile picture says more about you than the remainder of the profile.
  1. Genuineness.  More than anything else, the authenticity of a person is often appreciated. The same is true with your social media efforts.Transparency and genuineness are powerful traits in making and building online relationships with followers.

Incorporating these offline traits to your social media Orange County efforts will surely win you more likers and followers. Need help marketing and managing your social media accounts? Call us at 1(888) 375-3058 today.


09 Nov 2016

The Power of Facebook Ads

About 1.4 billion people use Facebook with 900 million visits every day, and since Facebook is where your future customers hang out, you should find a way to reach out to them the fastest and most efficient way you can. Ads are the answer. Advertising on Facebook is easy both for you and your clients. When you open it, people can see shop directions; they can download an app, view videos, even add an item or two to a shopping cart or you can take them to do another action to your website. Aside from that, you can choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more and decide the type of people you want to reach and deliver your adverts. The fact that you can apply filters when you’re reaching out to your social media Orange County audience makes your ads more relevant to the people who see them, so it brings you real results.


We have come up with important reasons how Facebook ads can contribute to making your business super successful starting today.

It’s too large for a business of any size to ignore! Yes, an average person spends about 40 minutes sharing, liking a comment and engaging on Facebook. Every 60 seconds, users can like more than 4.11 million posts, comments, images, and updates. Within this vast pool of people are your future customers and most of them visit Facebook every day.  Hence, your ads will most likely get seen by those geographically-filtered clients who matter to you.

It is a given fact that Facebook ads will expand the reach of your content. In using ads, you will end up getting more organic reach for your content as it is presented to a larger audience including engagement snowballs that comes when you go on social media.

If you haven’t realized yet, Facebook is extremely targeted! That is why Facebook ads are necessary as it helps you get in front of a particular, often motivated audience with your great targeting ads options.  

How does it work? A company creates the ad. Then, they choose the type of audience they would like to reach. If you are in that audience, then Facebook will show you the ad. As simple as that!

There is only one force dominating us in this modern day society: The Social Media. We know this because you like to check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts several times day. So do your customers! This does not suggest, though,  that you should spend your money on every social platform out there.  To no surprise, there is one platform of  social media Orange County that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore, Facebook.

Talk to us at 1(888) 375-3058 for any of your social media needs today and receive expert advice from The Social Man, Michael Brandt.


23 Jul 2016

Networking And Social Media: Grow and Expand Your Business

How networking and social media can grow your business?

Networking is essential to business growth. Business growth is key for the business to survive. Business is about connecting to people and creating strong industry relationship that can help your business grow to a higher level. As business owners it is essential to take advantage of networking opportunities which can be done either through online connections or in-person.

In-Person Networking

Self- confidence is greatly required if you decide to go face to face networking. The ability to carry yourself and deliver your brand effectively in front of people makes the difference and leaves potential clients with a very good impression of you. Don’t rush to do business right away. Get to know each other first and do business later. Break the ice, share important information, find common grounds and don’t forget to bring your best ideas. Quick response and direct feedback about your business can be achieved immediately with face to face networking. Personal communication lets you build relationship easier and faster and reach mutual understanding. Connecting genuinely with people might close new deals right away.

Online Networking

With the help of the internet and advance technology, it is so easy now to connect and build relationship among consumers and between businesses anytime, anywhere in the world through online networking. It’s been proven to be very effective in making business contacts and reaching highly qualified target markets right from your kitchen table. A well-thought online marketing strategy is much needed and expected from you to draw target audience, buyers and business partners. With creativity and right tools, you will generate sales and drive profit to your business.


Social media rocks the business world in terms of online networking. Create a social media platform and set up a strategic marketing plan to stay ahead of your competitors. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are just some of the places to share your content, send follow ups, spread positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. Consistently post insightful ideas or content to build strong presence, drive target market and attract customers to buy your product or service.

In need of networking tips and social media strategies to help your business grow? Feel free to give us a call at 1(888)375-3058 or email us at