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28 Nov 2015

Video Production and Marketing in Orange County: Stealing the Scene in Online Marketing!

Video Production and Marketing in Orange County: Stealing the Scene in Online Marketing!


In a world where images and colors matter a great deal, it’s no wonder why videos are getting bigger roles in any business marketing strategy. Even the social platforms recognize the shift to visual marketing with Twitter incorporating the autoplay feature similar to Facebook, live stream features being used by Periscope and Meerkat and ads that can be purchased on these platforms to promote business videos.

Gone are the days when the “Call Now’ “Shop Now” “Contact Us’ call-to-actions (CTAs) are predominant. Instead, it is replaced by the ‘Play’ button which has been dubbed by Andrew Angus, a business leader, as the “most compelling call-to-action on the web.”

As a business owner in Newport Beach and Orange County, it’s high time that you invest on videos from our video production and marketing firm for the following reasons:


  1. 50% of the mobile traffic comes from videos watched online according to hubSpot and this data is expected to rise to 74% by 2017. So if you aren’t into it yet, kick some marketing budget on early next year to have a better headstart from your competitors.


  1. When it comes to Return of Investment (ROI), videos has a 52% pull world-wide! What with 55% of online users watching videos everyday and 78% watch them each week, this is small wonder!


  1. A whooping 65% of online viewers watch 3/4 of the video. This retention rate is quite significant especially in SEO where bounce rates matter. Social media engagement and brand awareness also benefit from this percentage.


  1. Senior executives are also watching videos. In fact, 80% of them are doing that compared to last year and 59% of them agreed that if both text and video are available on a particular page, they’ll choose video over the other! If more business decision-makers and influencers are watching videos, number 2 is easily achieved! As a video production and marketing company, this is an awesome business potential too.


  1. Email marketing with a video increases open rates by 20% and click-thorughs are increased 2-3 times! If you want your message to stand out from your competitors and get viewed by your potential clients or customers, video is a great tool to do that.


  1. Dwell-time and Website View Time increase by at least 2 minutes for websites which has a video compared to websites which don’t have it. The more time this viewers spend on your site, the more chances they get to know more of your products and services and it makes Google happy in ranking your website well too!


  1. 40% of Americans are watching videos through their mobile devices according to Unified Social and these viewers comprise the sum, if more, of the online shoppers our business need to boost sales!


  1. Everyday, Youtube video view count is 1 Billion and 8 Billion for Facebook. Imagine your business reach if these statistics ever matter to your business 😉


  1. According to Invodo, 72.1 million mobile users watched a video at least once a month in 2013 and the stat is growing! These viewers are our business’ ultimate sales drivers. The good thing? They can watch video(s) of your product on-the-go, which will ultimately influence them to shop and/or buy.


  1. 52% of online marketers agreed that videos increase brand awareness by 52%, lead generation by 45% and engagement by 42%. These are all results of surveys conducted by marketers on their clients’ video marketing success and if it worked for other businesses, there’s no doubt it will work for you too.

If all the statistics are considered, videos indeed have a great impact on sales, engagement, brand boost and even the future decision of business owners. So if you need a video production and a video marketing firm that’ll make wonders to these aspects of your business, turn to Drive Traffic Media. Our video director is a former MTV director that could turn you into a camera-confident business owner ready to tackle your business or sales pitch infront of your viewers to convert them to customers. What’s great is we’re offering 2 video holiday specials that will allow you to save up to 50% off of your marketing budget. Call Us at (949)800-6990 to inquire about the details. Lock in your limited video spot today!



25 Video Marketing statistics for 2015, Infographic by hubSpot

10 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics (and What they mean to you) by Sabrina Cote of brainshark

01 Jul 2015
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Facebook’s New Rule Affects Your Bottom Line in Video Marketing

Facebook’s New Rule Affects Your Bottom Line in Video Marketing


Facebook’s social media influence cannot be ignored as it is the platform mostly used by people all around the world to communicate and share updates with friends and the public. Even more so, Facebook‘s impact on video marketing is not something that can be laughed about especially if you happen to be a business owner. With its 1 Billion video views per day, what business on its right mind can shake it off? That is why, Drive Traffic Media is now sharing with you this new rule as it will set the pace of video marketing in Orange County from here on.

Talking first about the rule, Facebook has recently changed its viewability metric when it comes to its video ads. Whereas before, it will make business owners pay for impressions created after a video is uploaded on the newsfeed and watched for at least 3 seconds. Today, it will only charge advertisers after the video is watched or viewed for at least 10 seconds.

The reason behind it was explained by Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson who said: “One of the requests that we’ve been hearing in the market for quite some time is a way for our marketers to be able to buy based on guaranteed view” and “It’s really for those marketers who value video views as the best proxy for a business objective.”

For business advertisers, this is indeed great news and a step to the right track. I mean, who would want to pay for ads when viewers wouldn’t be able to see the brand or the product being marketed anyway? If viewers pause the autoplay functionality after only 3-5 seconds of watching, is it enough to know what the ad is all about or which brand is advertising? Clearly not!

The impact of this announcement to video marketing means that we have to adjust our video strategy to make sure that companies who sign up for a video package with us will have their brands plastered on the first 10 seconds of the video. That is, if they so happen to decide to use their videos on their social media accounts specifically Facebook (which is usually a given). Otherwise, we will recommend the best possible way to market their video without the additional cost of Facebook ad-spending. Call Us or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call 949-800-6990 today.

26 Jun 2015
Video Marketing Irvine

Video Marketing in Orange County: Tips Business Owners Need to Know

Video Marketing in Orange County: Tips Business Owners Need to Know


We hate to admit this but businesses in Orange County are afraid of leaping into the video marketing craze due to budget issues. Sure, it is the biggest equation since video marketing in orange county can be expensive. We always want to earn a lot but spend little. However, when it comes to the success of video marketing campaigns, the pros outweighs the cons as three quarters of online users believe that a video explaining a particular product or service is important. Think of it in a larger picture. You got to spend once but you can use your video to share on all your social media accounts especially Facebook as its audience reach is astounding, on email campaigns your business is working on, to generate Youtube views and subscription and so much more!

It’s not just enough to create a video. It should tell a story- something that will evoke your audience’ desire to see more instead of scrolling down or clicking the next screen. Your video should trigger interest in the first half, otherwise it will be dismissed as another “waste” of your viewers’ time.

If you have a product to sell, it’s not enough that you just showcase or explain the use or importance of your product. A good business need this but it’s more important for consumers to know how good your product is through consumer testimonials. It greatly helps to validate your brand’s effectivity at the same time shows your audience that your product is used by authentic people. Authenticity is the name of the game.

Regardless of how many people were involved and interviewed in the video or that the shoot took a day or two to finish, remember that only 15 minutes or less will be used by your video marketer. All those “shoots” were great and your product or the service you offer might be exceptional but you have to remember that your viewers’ attention span is short so regardless of whether you would have liked a different angle of your product or you would have liked multiple testimonials from different customers of yours, we need to keep it short but meaningful. It’s not injustice to your product, we want to just make sure that it will be watched.

Evaluate your video’s analytics. Did your viewers watched the full video or only stayed for a few seconds before dropping off? Were there engagement on your uploaded video? Was it played numerous times by certain viewers? Numbers in a video marketing campaign is not just the name of the game. Time spent on watching your video is more valuable.

Still doubtful of the video marketing influence to your online campaign? Remember, 73% of adult American consumers are most likely to purchase a product online after watching an explainer video of a product or service. You’re definitely missing out a lot from a revenue standpoint if you don’t hop in. Call us at 9498006990 as we will market your video and get it seen online. Drive Traffic Media is your best video marketing option in Orange County.

22 Jun 2015
Irvine Video Marketing

Applied Secrets in the Success of Video Marketing

Video views are a great way to build audience and we know how powerful it is in business sales. Video marketing in Orange County has evolved to become not just a trend but a necessity as four times as many consumers would rather watch a video presentation of a product than read the information off of the site. Tubular, a marketing expert offers tips on how to succeed in Youtube.

We have to remember that videos are not just created for mere views but more so on the content it will present for your product. It was even stated on the report isssued by Animoto that nearly three quarters of consumers believe that a video describing a product is important so a dramatic video is not enough. It has to have “essence”. On the same note, posting a video requires engagement to your audience with a consistent stream of content to go along with it.

Another key element in making the video powerful is authenticity. Hiring artists to act on your video wouldn’t be as powerful as doing it with loyal customers speaking about how good your product is on your behalf. 56% of consumers say that testimonials for a certain product or service help in promoting or boosting a brand so invite customers who would do positive testimonials for you and award them with freebies or discounts afterwards.
Share, share, share! Videos wouldn’t go a long way if not seen. Social media sites are a great way to do it as company videos are 84% liked by consumers who see it on their newsfeed. A simple “Like” will go a long way to be shared and once viewed by the right consumer, purchase or store visit is inevitable.

Make sure that your video can be played on mobile devices. Even if all of the above-mentioned factors were take into consideration but the video itself cant be clicked or viewed through smartphones or tablets, everything will be for naught. 55% of consumers watch at least one video weekly. Moreso if they’re in the lookout for a certain product or service they need 🙂

Contact Drive Traffic Media at 9498006990 for your video marketing and other internet marketing needs in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County. We will provide you 13 free business reports so Call Us or click here to fill up the form.

08 Jun 2015

Evoke Viewer Buys through Video Marketing in Orange County

Evoke Viewer Buys through Video Marketing in Orange County


Video is a powerful tool in getting the message across to consumers so its no wonder why media companies are scrambling to get the most audience for the videos they upload- in the hopes of getting more consumer buys for their clients and of course, money for the internet marketing company itself.

How can we create a video that audience will subscribe to, though? Here, we have complied a list of things that the video marketing company in Orange County should remember.

I have mentioned in my previous blogs that a video needs to be mobile-friendly. Well, I could not reiterate further its importance as almost all who go online are doing it on their smartphones or tablets. People are always on-the-go so what better way for them to view or search for items they need than online thru their mobile devices?

Videos should also be short but “deep” in a sense that it should evoke a certain feeling or response from the viewers. It should appeal to the emotions of consumers for them to want to buy your product or service, however, it should be concise and short that they’ll look and ask for more. Uploading videos per episode will do the trick. It will keep your audience engaged and would keep them in your site as they look for additional clips to the first episode they saw. And what will come of it? Website views that will easily be converted to a buying-audience.

Aside from the things mentioned, It’s not just enough that we create an informative video nowadays. It should also tell a story- a story that will capture their interest or “move” them. A story that viewers would want to share and post on their own social media sites.This is very powerful in boosting your campaign’s reach because what can these viewers do to you? They’ll bring in more subscribers!

Video marketing holds a lot of promise for media companies and businesses at Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County alike- not just because it’s easier for viewers to read the message by watching videos but because it’s the best way to keep up with the social media evolution.

We, at Drive Traffic Media, always keep up with the ever-changing trend in video as well as other internet marketing strategies in Orange County. Call us at (949) 800-6990 now to learn more!

15 May 2015

You Will Be Shocked at What Consumers Really Think of Video Marketing in Orange County

You Will Be Shocked at What Consumers Really Think of Video Marketing in Orange County


When it comes to getting an appliance or looking for a particular service or check out which shop or office  provide quality buys, we turn to videos for answers.

A simple testimonial or ad of the product would make a difference between sales or loss of profit. According to the 2015 Online and Social Video Marketing Study posted by Animoto, an online company that allows users to create, upload and share videos quickly, the decision of consumers are greatly influenced by the videos of the product they’re buying. In fact, it is stated in the survey that 63% of consumers say that companies that use video on their website know how to reach their customers. Even social media sites right now have incorporated videos on their platforms because according to the Animoto Study, 84% of consumers have liked company videos that appear on their newsfeed. So essentially, videos are not just extras but are important components of any company websites.

When thinking of a video marketing in Orange County then, we have to consider how effective it is in marketing a product or service in the locality as consumers now needs to know the history or the background of the product they buy or the service they require before they say their big “YES’ to it. We are at the year and age when consumers are intelligent and wise buyers so we have to think of ways that would appeal and make an impact on their knowledgeable shopping minds. And how do we accomplish that quest? We have to make a video for our product that would be available for them to peruse or view on the web.

Thus, when looking for a video marketing company in Orange County that can get you extensive consumer response, Drive Traffic Media is the right option. We produce and market videos that get your company seen so the buying decision of local consumers are guaranteed. Plain websites nowadays are out. In are the companies who market their products or service through videos. As Animoto reported, nearly half of all consumers have shared a company video on their individual social media profiles. More so if the company is found in their own locality. So what are you waiting for? Take action NOW. Call Us at (949) 800-6990 and receive a free quote today.

06 Dec 2012

8 Reasons To Use Video For Your Business

8 Reasons To Use Video for Your Business
#1 Give your elevator pitch
#2 Demonstrate your products
#3 Demonstrate social proof video reviews
#4 Sell your products or services
#5 Share tips and advice
#6 Answer FAQs & Common Questions
#7 Introduce your team
#8 Video Marketing On Google
Want to get the edge with Video Marketing Call Drive Traffic Media to get started          (949) 800-6990 or Fill out the form on the right.