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25 Aug 2021

Why The Use Of Tone And Language Is Essential To Orange County Website Design

The use of tone is absolutely crucial when it comes to Orange County website design. Without understanding what tone you want to go with when speaking to your audience, you will struggle to connect with them. If you can’t connect to them, their interest in whatever product or service you’re offering to them is quite low. Let’s take a look as to just why tone is important, how best to use it, and what kind of audience you would be best aiming for. 


Knowing your audience

A large part of the battle of deciding what tone you want to write is knowing just who you’re going to write to. Let’s say that you’re a toy designer or you’re writing on behalf of a toy designer. You should understand that you will need to write for both the children and parents by adopting a casual tone that is relatable for all interested in your product. The tone that you take will depend largely on what you have to offer product or service-wise. Throw in the many different types of tones that have the potential, and you’ll have no shortage of possibilities for the ways you can write. 

The Different Tones

If you find yourself unable to write in tones other than the one you are familiar with, i.e., your own, let’s take a look at a few examples for the types of speaking tones you could write in depending on the subject matter. 

  • Casual: As mentioned before, a casual tone is a conversational tone that is relatable and approachable. 
  • Formal: The straight-to-the-fact and formal professional tone cut through just about any fluff that a casual tone would put up. This is very useful for those who are presenting and selling products that are scientific and technical in nature.
  • Ironic: If you want to appeal to the younger generation of teenagers and young adults, then this tone is what you’re going to apply. For example, you’re showing off a new video game on social media and want to connect to this audience. You’ll want to speak in a fun, self-deprecating, and comedic tone to get your audience to laugh and be interested in what you are promoting.
  • Fun: A fun tone can appeal to young audiences like young teens or children. In some cases, it’ll also appeal to peppy young adults that are happy-go-lucky. You should have a level of cheer and playfulness in your tone to connect to this type of audience; that way, your approachable and friendly style is both warm and inviting. 
  • Technical: The technical tone is the height of professionalism. Similar to formal, it has a higher tier of words thrown in. This tone is especially used for describing tech or other high-quality items where both factual and very descriptive words are needed to get your point across to your audience. 

Using the Right Imagery

Of course, it won’t take just words alone to sell. In website design, you need to create a certain setting for the page where your words will be written that matches both the subject matter as well as the words. When you are using a fun tone, bright and fanciful colored images will be perfect as a match. When it comes to Formal or Technical, you’ll want neat and crisp images that don’t distract too greatly from whatever you are writing but rather complement the subject matter itself. 

Finding the Right Words

Using the right tone is all well and good, but you need to note that certain words should and shouldn’t be used depending on your audience. Words such as ‘Indubitably,’ for example, would go over the heads of those who are a part of the child and teen audience and a disconnect could immediately be made because of this. On the other side, if you were to use words like ‘Awesome’ or ‘cool,’ it would come off as beyond awkward in what is supposed to be a professionally-made document. Your language matters, and the words you choose for that tone of language are paramount to how you want to come across. 


If you’re struggling to find the right words, then don’t be afraid to observe the work of others. Look at other companies, organizations, and individuals to draw inspiration from them so that you may learn how they cater to their audience. There is much to learn, even if they don’t write for the audience you specifically write about.


Setting the language and tone for a post or designing your website is quite important when you are in the business of connecting to your type of audience. To make your communication genuine and heartfelt, you need to understand the use of these tones and language. That way, you can excel above all others who are competing with you. When doing Orange County website design, you need to put your best foot forward to stand out above the rest, and if you master this skill, you have an excellent chance of achieving this. 

03 Aug 2021

Outlining The Steps On Website Design With SEO

When it comes to knowing the finer points of SEO, it is absolutely crucial to figure out how search engines function so that your online website or store can thrive in today’s cross-web climate. 

Here in this article, we shall go over what you need to understand about SEO when partaking in the job of Orange county web design and how you can best use it to your advantage. 


Designing for SEO

Ensuring that the website(s) you design are search engine friendly makes your life getting traffic that much easier. Some pointers to help out your goal in achieving this are making sure that your site is both secure and easy to navigate through clear headers and tabs, making it accessible and convenient to your users. However, make sure that you don’t have too many tabs so that the users don’t have to click around the site, thus simplifying navigation. If you can make it convenient while avoiding 404 pages that make you look unprofessional, you have a winning recipe on your hands.

SEO Structure and Content

When utilizing SEO for your Orange County business, it’s imperative that you have good content to make it more digestible as much as it would be enticing. For example, when you create content, your best weapon to ensure success is to be as original as possible while also being trendy. Also, take care to update old sections of the website while using relevant keywords. This can increase the chance of your site gaining more traffic, especially when you link and share your content. Something else to note is that when you use keywords to boost your traffic, don’t do it in a hamfisted way to make whatever you write down seem unnatural.

Also, to make navigating the site more convenient, display the keywords of the page you are emphasizing. If the SEO structure is arranged in a way that makes sense, this will not be difficult for both users and search engines.

Managing SEO Content

When managing the content itself, there are a few matters that should be straightened out to make your site more professional and more effective at bringing in traffic. Format your headers correctly and ensure that images are tied with keywords and tags to generate even more traffic for your site. Also, make sure that your URLs and SEO fields have the same keywords you’re trying to optimize for.

Trying out SEO Content

If you’re still having doubts about the effectiveness of your site, don’t be afraid to try it out to see if the keywords are effective or not. Look up the site through a number of these keywords while also requesting others you know to try a similar method. With their feedback, you’ll be able to correct any issues to get that much-needed traffic quickly.

The Eve Before Launch

When making adjustments or changes to your site, you need to know that your changes can have benefits and consequences. For example: Let’s say the changes you made to your site have caused your site to look unfinished and messy. If customers come to view this, they will get the impression that you’re unprofessional and no longer give your site the light of day. Utilizing robot files and getting a list of the URL address of your old site is essential to maintain the professional image you wish to project through your work, finished site or not. You can even prevent the unfinished pages on your site from being seen by utilizing the aforementioned robot file. 

Also, communication is key. When working in Orange County web design, letting those who visit your site know about changes that are coming will also be necessary to limit not just the confusion that could ensue but also to prevent high bounce rates since search engines highly disapprove of them.

The Long-Awaited Launch

Once the finished site is online and can be seen by the public, your job is not quite done. It will be time for you to check and test many aspects of the site to make sure that not just everything is running smoothly and everything is in its proper place with the right URLs, links, and keywords. Here is a list of what you could do to achieve this.

  • Analyze backlinks to see if they are in working order. 
  • Test to find out if you left any temporary internal links lying around that could compromise the site.
  • Ensure that search engines can lead straight to your site through the properly made robot files.
  • Take care that old addresses on the site are redirected to new ones to avoid confusion for any users that pop on the webpage. If any old links go to the old pages, get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the ads that google and other sponsors link onto the sites are working, often by trying it yourself. 
  • Analytics are the keys to success. Make sure that it is functioning.
  • Finally, you want to generate attention. Do this by sharing your site’s link with fellow employees, friends, and other people in your network to gain traction online. Also, don’t be afraid to ask those people’s opinions to see what works and doesn’t work for them, as well as what they did or did not like.

Domain Change

Finally, if you are making a massive update to the site and are changing domains entirely, make sure that the new domain you are on is registered on the Google search console so that they are also aware of the change. Failure to do so can lead to miscommunication and errors with the site itself, leading you to get little to no traffic. Ensure that you can continue the traffic momentum by updating social media pages connected with the old domain to the new domain. Also, visit the site as if you were a new visitor to see it through a customer’s eyes so that you can see what could and needs to be changed.

08 Apr 2021

Orange County Web Design Experts Discuss the Benefits of Having a Blog

When people think of blogs, they might imagine a personal website created by an individual with opinions or experiences to share. While starting out as a public diary, blogs have evolved into informative marketing strategies for many businesses. According to Orange County web design experts, business-to-business marketers say that companies who use blogs acquire 67% more leads than companies who don’t. So, how does this happen? Let’s dive into all the ways that blogs can benefit your brand. 

How Blogs Can Benefit Your Brand

Driving Traffic

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website. They are a valuable source of organic SEO. The more content you create through blogs, the better chance you have of raising your status in search engines like Google. Search engines recognize a website with an abundance of original content and will reward the source based on keywords and keyphrases. Blogs can help establish your authority within your area of expertise, especially when linking other reputable sources within your content. You may even start to see your blogs being linked in other online content, which is essentially free marketing. 

Building Credibility 

When forming a reputation for your business, blogs can help put a voice to your brand. They should be written in the same tone and style as your other content to make your company consistent and identifiable. Blogs should be informative, accurate, and relevant to your industry. When your website has quality blogs like this, it will show that you are doing more than selling. Web design experts in Orange County, particularly Drive Traffic Media, say that 47% of consumers engage with 3-5 pieces of online content before making any move to purchase.

Starting a Conversation

Many e-commerce businesses need to actively nurture a relationship with customers online because there is no face-to-face interaction. Blogs can humanize the interactions between a consumer and a brand, both before and after transactions. You can utilize monthly blogs to remind your customers of the value you offer and retain their loyalty. Some businesses may even find use in blog commenting. At the end of blog posts, you can take the opportunity to ask your customers to comment their thoughts, suggest future blog topics, and give their feedback on your product or service. This open form of communication can help build trust and confidence in a brand. 

Contributing to Social Media

If you ever find yourself running out of content for social media, then you may consider turning to blogs for inspiration. Blog topics can inform the kind of content you post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead of having to come up with new subjects for every platform, you can reword your blogs into captions, posts, and even link them in your bio. Your social media will be a great place to promote your company blog and show that you are more than salesmen. The other great thing about blogs is that you can repost the same ones over and over again, highlighting different elements of the information. 

Jumpstarting Email Marketing 

Much like social media, email marketing is about selling your product or service while also giving value back to the customer. Since emails are not as interactive as social media, they need to be crafted in an engaging manner. Blogs can be used throughout email blasts in order to highlight your authority in your industry and offer something useful to your customer. Blogs offer a portal to your website, which consumers can browse after gaining value from your blog post. You can attach blogs in newsletters, marketing campaigns, and even integrate them within the email itself. 

Personalizing Your Brand

As we’ve mentioned, blogs are a great way to put a voice to your brand. They are also helpful when it comes to bigger companies and corporations. Blogs are written by an individual, rather than a collective, so you can use them as an opportunity to create more intimate communication with customers. Mom and Pop shops also require a blog to introduce themselves to prospects and prove why they are just as good as their competitors. Setting your brand apart with a blog will ultimately help you win the attention and loyalty of customers. 

Answering Your Audience

If you pay any attention to social media comments and reviews, then you’ll see your customers and prospects talking about things involving your product or service. You should take advantage of these forums to learn what questions or concerns your audience has and then communicate answers and solutions within your blogs. Your audience will feel “understood” when they see that your blog posts are speaking directly to their experiences. 

Introducing Your Industry

While blogs are mostly in text form, you can also attach images and videos to help flesh out the content. If you are including a DIY blog, then you might have a helpful video or sequence of photos for your audience to visualize your instructions. Images and videos can also feature your employees and your office/warehouse environment. This will give a sort of “inside look” at your company culture and help convey your dedication to your industry. If you already have branded videos and images for your company, then you might as well utilize them in blog posts in order to show your brand identity in its fullest form. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to creating a blog for your website, from gaining traffic to establishing a reputation for your brand. Experts recommend at least one blog a month in order to consistently get traction for related keywords in your industry. If you are worried about having enough time to create quality, search-engine-optimized blogs, then you can always hire a digital marketing company with blog-writing services and SEO knowledge. Drive Traffic Media is one of the best full-service agencies in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our professional copywriters can help you create a voice for your blog posts and find the best topics to target your consumers. Once you create your blog, you will be on your way to generating more leads and more conversions. Get started today! 

02 Mar 2021

How SEO and Website Design Work Together to Generate Traffic

According to digital marketing experts in Orange County, web design and SEO go hand-in-hand to generate traffic for your business. Good SEO can help bring new customers to your site and good design will ensure positive rankings via Google’s vetting process. Together, these two elements are the ultimate marketing strategy. 

When you’re designing a website, you want it to be easy for Google’s web crawlers to find and access. As long as these digital reviewers can understand your content and recognize the quality of your site, you will be rewarded with higher rankings. Good design, then, is imperative to allow your SEO to function. The Orange County web design experts of Drive Traffic Media say that the integration of SEO with design is the key to having an effective site. Without considering these in tandem, you risk losing a lot of money in design adjustments and optimization fixes. 

Search engines like Google have web crawlers that will read through your website to check the integrity of your internal links and pages. Experts say that text-based sites do the best because they speak directly to what the crawlers are looking for. Even better, you should utilize Google web fonts and keywords related to your industry. If your website has mostly videos and sliders, then this may not translate well to a Google web crawler, thus lowering your chances of getting high rankings. 

Web developers understand that a good website should have a straightforward homepage. Google crawlers are looking for things like your company name, location, and description of service or products. If a web crawler can’t determine what kind of business you are in a reasonable amount of time, then you will not be easily found by your customer base. Good copywriting is key. So, when you’re designing a website, you should be working on content creation simultaneously. Think about how you want to present yourself to your audience. Tone and style will come into play as you’re writing the copy for all of your pages. 

Blogs are another essential element for your website design and SEO. By publishing unique, industry-specific blogs with high-volume keywords, you will contribute to your organic SEO as well as the user-friendly functionality of your site. Your customers will see you as an authority in your industry, which will help build trust and respect as you market your product or services. Plus, you can also use blogs to integrate high-volume search phrases and keywords that will get your page found by potential customers. Hiring a digital marketing agency with blog-writing services and SEO knowledge can save you time and money as you build the integrity of your website.

When you’re building a high-quality website, internal links and URLs are other important elements to consider. Like your website copy, internal links should be clear and easy to find. Search tools, menus, and backlinks should be optimized to find other pages without trouble. URLs should be consistent and clear. The best way to do this is to use the titles of web pages and blogs in the forward-slash part of your URL; for example, your About Us page should probably be: When a web crawler sees your site organized this way, they will reward you with higher rankings.

Everything about your website should flow, much like a convenience store. Think about how shoppers move through a store with ease because things are organized in aisles and clearly labeled in the signs above the aisles. Your website should be the same, from your homepage to your about us page to your services page. You may need to have a few different landing pages that are connected to your website with a more simplified call to action. Websites that are designed for the optimal user experience will have higher click-through-rates and conversions. 

In creating a website, you’re essentially thinking of two audiences: potential leads and web crawlers. Both are important. The first ones are your real-life customers. They are going to assess your website based on its loading speed, aesthetic value, ease of navigation, and quality of content. In order to impress potential leads, you have to have an understanding of what value you’re offering them. Web crawlers will assess the same kinds of elements in a straightforward manner. Creativity and emotional resonance may sell your customers but organization and clarity will sell the search engine bots. 

Nowadays, there are so many platforms on which to build a website. Theoretically, you could do it all on your own. However, most experts would agree that you should still seek web design and SEO services if you have no prior experience with web development. Technology is constantly changing, which means that having a fully-optimized site is not a one-time job. It’s constant. You have to update content, plug-ins, make sure you’re following ADA compliance rules. Full-service digital marketing agencies are paid to stay up to date on all of these factors. So, if you want to focus on running your business instead of optimizing your site, then you should hire a digital marketing firm to keep your website, blogs, and SEO practices current and relevant.

Websites do more than publicize your business, they are a part of a grander scheme of marketing to generate conversions. In an increasingly digital world, websites are the face and voice of your brand. Whether you have brick-and-mortar stores or are strictly an e-commerce operation, a well-designed website will ensure customer loyalty and invite new leads to explore your product or service. When you optimize websites for search engines and leads, you immediately become a more competitive business.

Drive Traffic Media is a full-service digital marketing agency in California, serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our clients occupy a wide range of industries and business sizes, which means that we are adaptable. Website design, blog-writing, social media, and SEO services are just a few of the projects we can manage within our highly effective operation. Call us at (949) 800-6990 to learn how we can help you get more traffic and more sales for your business. 

27 Oct 2020

How Website Design Can Make or Break Your Success in Ecommerce

In today’s digital age, it is so important for a business to have an appealing, user-friendly website. This is the reason why so many companies will hire website design experts in Orange County to optimize their site for their target audience. If your site is slow, difficult to navigate, and devoid of any real information, then it doesn’t matter if you’re getting a lot of organic traffic. Once people judge a site to be low quality, they will quickly find a better-looking competitor to purchase from. 

Ecommerce has been steadily rising over the last few years, which is why so many businesses have transitioned to this platform and others are exclusively created for the platform. However, no one could predict that online sales would absolutely skyrocket the year 2020 because of a global pandemic. This year had made apparent just how vital ecommerce can be. Sales jumped almost 50% in the month of April. Now that companies are adjusting to the new normal and trying to stay afloat, website design and branding are becoming top priorities. 

Website design experts in Orange County say that business owners should start to ask themselves, “What does my website have to offer?” In order to keep existing customers and draw in new ones, websites should provide some sort of value to the customer. One of the easiest ways to add value to a site is to include pertinent information that your customer might be looking for. For example, your contact information. If you have an open brick and mortar store, then include the address and a little map of where your business is located. Other information to include is your company’s “about us” page. How did your brand get started and what separates it from competitors? Finally, your website should list your products or services in a comprehensive and attractive manner. 

Value can also be added to your site with a press release, video, or blog section. Consider the industry you’re in and what kind of questions your target audience might have about your product or service. What kinds of guides, interviews, and news stories might be interesting and educational to your customer? What kind of content will convince them to invest more time in your website and potentially even make a purchase? In other words, your website should do its job to market your product or service as well as help the consumer learn something worthwhile. 

The visual appeal and functionality of a website are absolutely key. This is why hiring a designer is so important. While we often repeat the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” that is exactly what people will do when visiting a website. This is mostly for safety reasons. Poorly set up sites can pose security risks for customers and increase the chances of glitches. People don’t want to enter in their credit card and other personal information on a site that looks shady. A website’s aesthetic and reliability are also important for maintaining a consistent customer base. If people like the representation of your brand on your site and appreciate the way it navigates, then they are more likely to remain life-long customers.

As more businesses enter into the ecommerce market, it is becoming increasingly important for them to focus on the design of their website. This is a surefire way to maintain current customers and make new ones in the ever-changing world we live in. 

15 May 2020

10 Best Content Marketing Tools For WordPress Sites

Do you need the best content marketing tool for your WordPress website design company in Orange County?

Business and blogging depend on content marketing strategies. Millions of new content are added to the Internet every other second. With the right marketing tools, you can bring your content to a higher level of user engagement and success.

Here I picked the best content marketing tools for a WordPress website design company in Orange County. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a user-friendly and most popular WordPress SEO plugin. It is a whole set of content optimization tool that optimizes your content based on search engines.

This content marketing plugin lets you add meta tags. It has a feature-rich plugin that allows you to check the density of keywords, the readability of users, and gives you insights on improving content.


Grammarly is the best online grammar and spell-checking tool for WordPress users. It is provided as a browser attachment. So you can use Grammarly everywhere, including the WordPress post editor. It also checks for theft and contextual errors, ultimately helping you create high-quality content.


IFTTT is the ultimate app for WordPress website design agency in Orange County. It is a convenient content sharing tool that allows you to repost posts and pages on social media with a single click. It is an essential content marketing tool for WordPress websites as it saves a lot of time and effort.


OptinMonster is the ultimate conversion optimization and leads capture tool. It can help you turn your organic traffic into subscribers, followers, or fully paid customers. It provides a beautiful form of option that helps to significantly reduce bounce rates, increase user engagement, and increase sales.


Canva is used widely for a graphic design tool that allows you to design professional-looking images for marketing. It provides thousands of amazing templates, icons, and fonts to create beautiful images and infographics for your online marketing. It is one of the best content marketing tools for the professional image of WordPress website design.

Editing process

The Edit process is the best content marketing tool that allows you to collaborate with all members of the editing team within your WordPress dashboard.

It provides an edit calendar, edit comments, notifications, and execute a content marketing strategy in one place. It is a handy content marketing tool for multi-authored WordPress websites.


One of the best content marketing tools for WordPress websites that allows you to research competitors is Ahrefs. It’s an SEO and resource tool to help you find the secrets behind your competitors’ success and rank them high. Also, it comes with a keyword browser, keyword ranking checker, tracking backlinks, and more.

Monster Insights

Monster Insights is an analytics plugin for WordPress that allows you to connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics. It provides access to google analytics data in all WordPress dashboards.

The plugin allows you to monitor the natural traffic your website receives and understand your audience. It is the best content marketing plugin for WordPress to improve Google rankings.


Semrush is a popular and powerful SEO tool that helps you gather insights from analytics and competitors. It is the best online content marketing tool that combines SEO with analytics tools. 

It also enables you to observe your backlinks, keywords, and more, thereby defeating competitors and improving your content marketing strategy.

Review old posts

It is a WordPress plugin that automatically shares your content on all social media accounts at once.

Consistency is vital in attracting a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is an essential content marketing plugin and tool for WordPress websites. It’s not just a plugin, because it can bring all old posts back to life at once, generating a lot of traffic.

So these are the best content marketing tools for WordPress websites. We hope you find the best content marketing tools and plugins helpful in improving the quality of your content.

What is your favorite content marketing tool? 

24 Mar 2020

The Age Of AI, Business Growth, And Job Market

Whether you like it or not, AI is coming! Given this, it is important to integrate AI into your website design services in Orange County. 

Today everything is turning creative moves, and there is no surprise that it is easy to win customer confidence by integrating AI features into your Orange County business website design

One of the significant ways is to reap the benefits of AI is to have a commercial implementation that is enormous. Some people believe that AI has done right than wrong, but others say that although it has somehow helped businesses save costs, its impact on society is negative. Given this, it is essential to chase the power of AI.  

The good thing is this new future has some creative moves. Every single day one kind of intelligence beats another. It has made everything possible, including how to predict something and how to get the tasks done using human intelligence. In-short it has divided the world into two major segments, one that favors the power of AI and others who are still thinking whether to embrace it or not. 

Integration of cognitive and digital technologies

The integration of cognitive and digital technologies is leading businesses to hire those people who possess scare skills. Industry experts believe that digital transformation has affected the job market like never before. Today increased skill gap due to technological growth along with the rise of automation and the AI has made the hiring process very difficult. It isn’t very easy for employees who need to upskill to cope up with the fast-paced technology. For employers too, the process is complicated as they need to find that scare potential talent. As a result, there is a giant skill gap that prevails due to rapid technological change. 

Chase the power of AI 

Today most people integrate the power of AI into the website design of their Orange County businesses. With the rise of AI, the future is made and embraced by a new generation and mostly very young people. Whether you like it or not, AI is coming. According to strategists, AI is not going to take away blue-collar jobs, but it will take away white-collar jobs. White-collar jobs are easy to make because they are too analytical jobs. They can easily be replaced by intelligence. But blue color jobs that often consist of day to day activities are not going to be replaced easier. 

Even today, 50% of the jobs are already gone. These jobs include phone operators, elevator operators, and the secretary. With each time automation is introduced in an industry most of the jobs are gone.

AI can replace our cognitive process in its significant hierarchy, and it is better to perform these jobs using AI. 

Most of the white-collar jobs are vulnerable to automation. Statistics show that 47% of the jobs are vulnerable to automation. Researchers are not sure how many jobs are going to be lost precisely and how quickly because automaton is rapidly increasing in almost every sector of the economy. 

So what are the 40 years of automation that can do to the job market?

Automation is taking a lot of jobs, and the average income of individuals is diminishing every year. Therefore, in every household, both parents have to work to make a decent income. 

Our productivity gets better over time due to automation, and the overall income of society is automatically increased. Automation has taken over, and workers have already laid off, and they are left with less-skilled jobs with low wages. 

Economic activity and AI 

There is enough economic activity, but there are fewer jobs because everything is done using AI. Middle-class Americans are at a higher risk of losing jobs. We see tremendous growth potential in robotics everywhere, which has increased the overall productivity. According to the second school of thought, with that growth, they can create more jobs. Even if industries automate tasks, they might still generate more job opportunities.

We are not going to have a prosperous middle class with a stable work economy. Americans have been creating robots for 35 years, and they see tremendous growth potential in robots. Even if you have five people on a job cause you automate the tasks, there must be the need for the two more people, for example, maybe truck drivers or quality control managers because you have already increased the overall productivity. But when you automate productivity, you lose the job. 

Automation is the job killer, and in the past 15 years, the standard of life is decreased by 10%-15%. Most of the job loss isn’t because of the offshore it’s just 20% of them. Like elsewhere in the world, the job market is diminishing particularly in Mexico, Canadian, and the United States. 

So whether we accept it or not, the job market is vulnerable due to AI. Therefore, it is important for people to build skills that are in-demand. 

17 Mar 2020

How Website Design Consulting Can Benefit Your Orange County Business

Investing in a design consulting company is a win-win situation; here is why! 

Hiring website design services and UX consulting firms in Orange County is beneficial. Whether you are launching a new product or you are planning to improve flaws in your existing product to ensure better user experience. Design teams are the experts who will help you identify problems, find opportunities, and assist you in making a leap. 

A great user experience is a critical part of website design services. While the role is underrated over a long period, but UX design is essential in building a competitive advantage for your Orange County business. 

Handling UX requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. Today product optimization and UX design are no longer considered as job descriptions for an isolated specialist. 

Still, it is teamwork — the first step towards identifying UX-related opportunities to find good communication practices and have full transparency. 

When do you need a UX team?

Unless you are a huge software company or a tech giant, it is hard to build your UX design team in-house. Often the services of a skilled UX team are invaluable, which is unattainable for your in-house team. 

Secondly, an external team can provide you an unbiased analysis and expert advice, which includes direct recommendations. 

Great website design services you can achieve the following Orange County business goals:

  • Improve your team efficiency
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Improve the UX design of your product and unlock it’s potential 
  • Optimize conversion rates
  • Boost lead generation 
  • Gain a competitive market advantage
  • Increase the lifetime value of your client

What makes a good UX consulting team?

Below are some of the crucial characteristics a design team have:

Proven knowledge– Design teams have completed countless projects- which makes them experts in their field. They can provide you the right feedback and elaborate on both positive and negative aspects of your product. 

Collective knowledge – Usually, a good consulting team wins in scaling up their expertise. With the years of experience of frameworks, internal databases, and case studies, they can apply their proven knowledge to your project. They can bring you the right solution that you have been looking for. 

Learning ability – The learning ability of the design team is crucial in the dynamic tech industry. They are knowledgeable about emerging trends, tools, and new user interfaces. 

Skillfulness – It’s not just the theoretical knowledge that matters, but skillfulness is a critical factor. 

This stands true, particularly when you are considering the modern design approach. UX designers use the data and insights and brainstorm the possible solutions to come up with the most promising result and verify their choice. 

These tasks require both theoretical and analytical skills as well as a creative thinking approach. 

Exceptional communication skills – A great design team needs excellent communication skills to extract information from your team. They are great at facilitating one-one interviews and workshops. 

They are the best at asking the right questions. More often than not, your team members know the answers to most of the questions. Plus, great design teams gradually introduce ideas while delivering presentations and explain them to the perspective and the current clients adequately. 

Extreme ownership culture – Great design teams own the meetings, and they own the results of the whole process. They are professionals, open-minded, and creative. Most importantly, they are driven by the value their service provides. 

High efficiency – Since great design teams have exceptional analysis skills, it leads to an understanding of the real-world problems. 

As a result, it generates ideas on how to handle the challenges in the most efficient way, and finally, how would it affect the real-world. They can efficiently execute problems and implement the results of their work to your company’s goals.

Responsibilities of UX design team

A great UX design team will run an in-depth business analysis for you, and it will help you identify KPIs and the key stakeholders. Studying market competition, user expectations, and industry trends put the product analysis in a market context. 

A design team will build a model of reality for you. It validates the assumptions to decrease business risks and increases the probability of success. It can strategically advise you to have a successful digital transformation. You will be able to use both the internal and external resources of your business optimally. 

Most importantly, a UX design team can help you transform the way your customers interact with your product. It will ensure you discover a user-centered perspective. Here is what it can do:

  • In-depth analysis of the data
  • the required team coordination
  • Find out the most significant challenges associated with the product’s design.
  • Do the mockups and prototypes on the fly.
  • Create user journey maps.
  • Brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Help you choose the best direction.
  • Assist you with result implementation.
  • Measure the effects of the product development process
  • Set up the framework for the ongoing iterative design process.

A great design team will inspire everyone to polish their knowledge, skill, and creativity. So choose the right team to ensure the success of your product or service. 

15 Mar 2020

Five Reasons To Modernize Your Website By 2020

Redesigning the website for your Orange County company is not a trivial task or a time investment, but in the long run and it is a rewarding task. It’s important to understand that redesigning or modernizing doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change all brand, copy, and design elements.

Website modernization performed by the website design company in Orange County means making feature updates and helping your website work better and achieve your marketing goals.

Your company’s first impression of a potential customer usually depends on what the customer sees or experiences on your website. Most visitors only judge the credibility of your business based on the look and function of your website.

In 1999, the famous User Advocate Jakob Nielsen identified four ways for a website to convey trust:

  • Design quality
  • Advance disclosure
  • Comprehensive and latest content
  • Connectivity to the rest of the network

In a study at the Nielsen Normal University, it was observed that the same factors that Jakob Nielsen discovered in 1999 still exist and affect users today.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to the site if they have a bad experience. If you’re not sure whether your site meets the 2020 user experience standards or not, read the five guidelines below. Then, keep these guidelines in mind from the website design company of Orange County.

Poor website performance

The structure of your website can significantly affect the overall experience of your visitors. No matter how much you spend, if your website is not built correctly, it is likely that visitors will face one of the following key issues:

  • Slow speed

The slow speed of your website can be the result of a series of problems. Problems such as too many images or incorrect dimensions, poor theme construction, too many plugins or poor designs, incorrect caching, or improper server resource configuration.

The WordPress Standard Managed Services solution is an excellent solution for companies that have the time and resources to manage and update their sites but are looking for the added benefits of a WordPress optimized server.

  • Not suitable for mobile devices (adaptive)

More than 17% of all network traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose prospective clients and leads.

Since most of the consumers use their smartphones during the purchase process to identify nearby companies, conduct research, and share this information with friends, you should give a great user experience by providing a website that operates across all the devices.

  • Dysfunction

If you embed a third-party plugin or module to enhance the functionality of your website, it is important to manage and update it regularly.

Also, if your site is beautiful but confusing or clumsy, users will leave the site because they are frustrated or find it challenging to participate. First of all, functionality and usability should be your driving force to improve your website image. Otherwise, traffic and potential customers will suffer huge losses.

Outdated Website Design

A company chooses to redesign its website for several reasons. Often, an outdated website design is the first trigger. It is usually recommended to modernize your website every three years, but many companies choose to spend their money and maintain websites built decades ago.

Unfortunately, even people without web design experience can see when a website is out of date. It becomes evident to them when they compare you to your competitors during the shopping process.

With all conditions being equal, too often a consumer chooses to do business with a company that has a modern, engaging, and easy-to-navigate website. For them, this directly reflects the company’s representatives and sets their expectations.

Unclear website content and messaging

A thoughtful and relevant content will significantly improve all aspects, from customer retention to search engine visibility. As search engine algorithms continue to change, the content on the website must accurately represent your company in a meaningful and relevant way.

A professional and robust web copy can make a significant difference in providing visitors with essential details and information clearly and effectively. It is also necessary to understand that writing professional content is entirely different from other forms of writing.

You might have a good writing experience, but a skilled writer can bring this knowledge and understanding into meaningful, relevant content that will take your website to the next level.

Confusing navigation and lack of live search capabilities

This may seem like an apparent discovery, but if your visitors can’t find it, all these meaningful and relevant content will be useless!

Something that distinguishes a website from a printed booklet sitting at a table, it enables users to quickly browse the site and find the information, content, or product we are looking for. The navigation process should be as intuitive and straightforward as possible.

When someone visits a website, they want to be able to browse the site relatively easily without getting confused. Stable user experience requires a reliable navigation system. Without it, all your website can do is display a 10-page printed manual on your desk.

To evaluate your website, take a close look at how many items are in the navigation, the language/message used, the location of the main navigation elements, and the level and sublevels to navigate.

Then, consider the most critical content on your website – is it easily accessible from the homepage? If this is not the case, it may be time to reconsider your site, your sitemap, and how visitors navigate the website.

Your website cannot consistently achieve the goals you set

The site’s appearance, content, and navigation may be perfect, but if you still find that your site does not generate any potential customers or consistently achieve the goals you set – then it’s time to modernize your website.

If you don’t get the results you want, it’s more like a 10-page printed booklet sitting at your desk. Your website must be vibrant and lively. It must interact with your customer base on 24/7. 

Above are the major reasons why your website needs to be updated and modernized in 2020. If this is something relatable, contact the nearest web design company in Orange County to modernize your website. 

12 Mar 2020

How to Boost Email Open Rates with AI

Today artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly, and it is essential to pay attention to how it influences the business landscape. Most of the Orange County WordPress website design companies have already incorporated this strategy into their business. 

The past two years have been transformative for artificial intelligence. The advent of AI goes back to 2007 when smartphones were introduced. At its core, intelligence is based on the data. It is a form of computation and the transformation of information. 

For the past few decades, the term AI has aroused both excitement and fear even before it’s inception. Today AI has done better than bad, and most of the marketers and businesses are adopting AI and ML to scale their business to the next level and provide better customer experience. 

Just like anything else, AI has helped businesses to increase open email rates by better analyzing customer behavior. 

There is a variety of email marketing software that is backed by AI, which has improved the open rate by 34%- which is epic. 

So how does it work in the first place?

These software use natural language to craft a catchy subject line, which is based on the main email body. It uses natural language processing to forecast the overall performance of the subject lines before sending it

AI is the next big thing, but AI is not entirely new for the popular email service providers. Almost all the email platforms recognized the importance of AI early one and realized that they could help them save money and time. 

Let’s address five major ways where AI can improve your email open rates. 

Send time

Timing is crucial when it comes to business. Knowing the best time to offer a product can do wonders, and I mean it. Some companies love sending emails when the rest of the competitors are silent, and others do the opposite. 

One of the significant implications of AI is the send time optimization. Major email services utilize advanced algorithms to track the time when most of the subscribers are more likely to open the emails.

The send time optimization features options to set rules and parameters to ensure maximum email open rates. 

A/B Tests

The subject line of an email plays a critical role when it comes to email marketing. Testing has always been essential to the performance of email marketing. But if you want to do this manually, setting up tests, analyzing the results, and taking viable actions can take longer than you think. 

To help you save your time and efforts, today, email providers offer tools that can automatically do the A/B test. Using such tools, you can set up a simple A/B test quite quickly and see which one of the emails generate the best results for your Orange County WordPress website design company. Based on the test results, you can choose a winning subject line to optimize every deployment automatically. 

Product Recommendations

Personalized production recommendations could never have been easy without the inclusion of AI. All the major eCommerce websites, including Amazon and eBay  implement AI in their business model. Not only the major e-commerce giants, but the email providers have adopted this technology too. The result? Better open rates and click-through rates by each recipient. Amazing yeah?

For example, if you click on the Wayfair ad on Facebook today, relevant ads land in your inbox tomorrow – this is how incredible this technology works. 

Although AI has already done wonders in tech space, human interaction is still needed to set rules. 

Enhanced Frequency

Finding how frequently you should send emails can be pretty hard. Everyone has a certain level of tolerance for receiving emails in a specific period. If there are too many emails flowing into the inbox, most probably, your subscriber will remove you from the email list – which is never recommended. Therefore, keeping a balanced ratio is essential. 

Tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud are backed by AI that analyzes the behavior of the subscriber and pairs it with purchase history to estimate the correct email frequency. AI does it automatically; doing it manually needs hours of data collection. 

Strategically creating emails and setting up email campaigns needs human efforts and ability, but AI has made this process whole lot easier. If you have already incorporated AI into the email strategy of Orange County WordPress website design company, it’s great, but you didn’t, then it’s time to rethink your email marketing strategy.