Link Building

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring high quality links from other sites and using it for your own site. It is also a great indicator of how well the website is as it determines the quality of a page or website. Link building is used as a metric in the overall algorithm of search engine ranking. The more links you have on other websites, the better your search engine ranking is. In layman’s term, it’s just like a review or a vote of confidence given by other sites of your own website. If you’ve got great reviews from various sources, then, that means you are a good resource so your reputation increases.

One type of link building is called Reciprocal Linking which is a agreement between two websites (i.e. webmasters of two websites) to exchange or show their links on the other’s site to increase visibility and popularity.

What are the Importance of Link Building?

  1. It helps in getting traffic from valid, relevant and useful websites thus increasing referral and sales.
  2. Your website will be viewed as a great resource, so, link building in this case can be considered your “confidence booster.”
  3. It increases other sites’ awareness of your site thus making your site more visible and credible.
  4. It increases your site’s exposure to search engines.
  5. Link building helps your site get indexed and ranked higher by search engines.


What are the Benefits of  Link Building to your Business?

1. Relationship Building. If there are blogs or websites which are of similar industry as you do, link building can help you reach out to them. Those websites or blog pages will become your “key influencers” or your own business advocates.

2. Referral Traffic Senders. A simple blog commentary to your website can influence others to buy your product or subscribe to your service, thus, increasing sales or subscription.

3. Building Brands. It helps you establish your name on your niche or industry. Let’s say, you post a content for a particular industry, you show you are an expert and so it increases your popularity especially when you ask others to share or spread the word.

It is important to note that before you start link building, your website should have enough contents to be worth linking with. It will not serve its purpose if you have valuable links if your website or blog itself doesn’t have sufficient information for it to be helpful and relevant.

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