Optometrists Need to be Visible to Clients through Internet Marketing

Americans definitely need optometrists for eye care as out of 104 million refractive eye exams conducted by all eye care professionals in a year, 85 percent (85%) or 88 million of these eye exams are performed by optometrists.

Did you know that nearly 65% of the total US population are wearing devices to correct vision? This is the result of a research conducted by AOA and Jobson Medical Information and accordingly, the research revealed that 90% of these vision correction devices are prescribed by optometrists.

The big question is, can potential clients find your optometry clinic or find you as an eye doctor when they search for it online? A study performed by Pew Research Center states that 74% of adults are using the internet and out of it, 80% are looking for health-related information like medical eye care, eye examinations, contact lenses or prescription glasses. 77% of these health seekers use search engines like Google to research the health topics they need.

These statistics offer a lot of potential market for optometrists or eye doctors here in Orange County who need vision-impaired patients so SEO for eye doctors is a must!


Optimize your Online Visibility through SEO

Without SEO for eye doctors, your practice has no chance of getting found here in Orange County. With more than 10.3 billion of Google searches being performed every month and 78% of U.S. internet users searching products or services online every month according to CMO Council, your eye practice will go unnoticed especially if your website or domain can’t be seen on the ranking pages of the search engine.

Are your key phrases the common ones that get the highest percentage of monthly searches in your area of practice? Let us choose the competitive keywords that will drive you more customers!

Your competitors already have websites to market their optometry practice

Everyone recognize the need to be online for their business to be visible, and optometrists or eye doctors are not exempt to that. In fact, further study conducted by AOA Excel and Jobson Medical Information for U.S. practices revealed that both optometry practices (69%) and independent optometry practices (80%) have a website.

Because these optometrists are immersed in their eye practice, about 50% of them are using the expertise of marketing companies to manage their online practice through their websites. Through it, 1 out of 3 optometry sites place appointment scheduling forms and 1 out of 5 have forms that will allow patients to order eye wear and eye care products online.

Is your website designed to have these functionalities? Can patients fill up forms, either for appointment or products, in order to get help with their vision issues? Furthermore, is your website mobile-responsive? A lot of potential clients or customers are using their smartphone nowadays to look for health-related topics and 52% of mobile users are indeed doing that according to Pew Research Center.

Don’t let your Optometry Practice get left out!

Social media marketing for optometrists should also come into Play!

Did you know that some patients turn to social media to reach their eye doctors? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are now means for eye patients to interact with their eye specialists and your competitors beat you to it as 50% of them already use social media to engage with their potential and existing clients. Let me show you the statistics of healthcare marketers who are using social media to boost their optometry practice:

  • 75% use Facebook
  • 71% use YouTube
  • 70% use Twitter
  • 56% use LinkedIn
  • 23% use Google+
  • 22% use Pinterest

Is your optometry clinic or your individual optometry practice reaching out to customers through any of these social media platforms?

Video Marketing for Eye Doctors or Optometrists can help your online Conversion

Visuals are 6,000 digested faster by the brain compared to plain text thus visitors of websites that has or have videos stay 2 minutes longer compared to sites which don’t have any. In addition, 64% of consumers who watched the videos of products or service s they need are more likely to buy it afterwards. What if the videos are placed on your homepage? A study by ReelSEO revealed that the conversion rates increase by 20% if you do just that!

Get your potential customers to stay longer on your optometry website by incorporating a video on your homepage. The longer they stay, the higher the possibility of them converted from being just website visitors to qualified leads!

Let your clients get a clear view of your Optometry or Eye practice and expertise through Online Reviews!

Yelp, along with other review sites, are great influencers of the buying decisions of consumers. Yelp has it that 90% of their users are making purchases of products or services within a week from businesses found on their site and 51% of them make purchase decision after visiting the business site itself which they want to buy from. Of course, these customers wouldn’t be influenced unless positive reviews or feedback were posted on your Yelp page as 92% of consumers stated that customer reviews of a particular business are “extremely” or “very” helpful.

Does your optometry practice plagued with negative reviews or overflowing with good ones? Remember, your online reputation matters!

With Drive Traffic Media’s track record of success in online marketing here in Orange County, you can be sure of your practice as an eye doctor online visibility in the top ranks and conversion rates that your investment won’t regret. Call us at 9498006990 today and let our SEO for eye doctors provide you a great 20/20 digital marketing success!