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22 Oct 2021

The Importance of Ads and How It Can Help with Orange County SEO

How can ads help companies, and how can you best use them to your advantage? When you have a company, one of the essential factors to promote your business is using ads with Orange County SEO.

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There are many ways to execute ads for your company. Here are a few:

New Products

One way in which ads can assist you is through the introduction of new products. Indeed, introducing a new product or service is always pleasing and dandy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how profitable or incredibly made these products or services are if they don’t receive the right kind of exposure. Without the suitable ads to uplift and support your products, they can often find themselves buried under the mountainous amount of advertisements that other businesses launch to promote their products! What should scare you is that many of these products and services don’t necessarily have to be good to make a splash but just because they have a good ad, they stand out. So you should take care not to neglect such an essential aspect of your business.


It would be best to acquire two forms of traffic to advertise yourself and your company. The first type of traffic is physical traffic which brings people into your stores, should you have any. With advertisements made on TV or other sources of media that you create, you can increase the chances of people coming through the front doors. The second kind of traffic you might want to seek out is online traffic for your website. With clever use of advertisements focused primarily online, you can bring people to visit your website and increase its popularity and rankings online with the proper use of Orange County SEO and keywords that can help you stand out. 

Online Buzz

If the advertisements you make for your product are of excellent quality or are otherwise memorable, it can make a splash and you’ll have people talking to their friends or families online, i.e., through social media apps, about how amazing your products are in comparison to others. 

Start Local

If you own a small business and trying to stay afloat but have higher aspirations, it might be wiser to start small with your advertisements and build it from there. Suppose you’re able to tie this in with the previously mentioned tip above; it can make a significant difference in how well local communities will support your products or services. If you decide to collaborate with other local companies to create synergy, it can generate goodwill in the community and allow more people to talk about you. Once you have the momentum and recognition building within the community, that is the time that you can consider expanding your reach elsewhere. 

Image Improvement

Parallel to increasing ground advertisements in the local community, ads can also be a productive method of improving the company’s overall image for online clients to have a more positive reception of your products or service. Ads shouldn’t be just a way to bring in revenue; after all, they can help to improve public perception to gain the goodwill of those interested in your products and services. Use advertisements as a way to show that you’re helping the local community to some extent. You’ll be surprised at how much you can gain if you say the right words and support the right cause in your community.


Much like how you should look out for relevant keywords when using Orange County SEO, you should also center your advertisements over what is most suitable in today’s social climate. Say, for example, the Olympics are going on, and a particular set of athletes stand out. Will you consider doing an advertisement related to them and the Olympics as a whole? What about the Superbowl? The reason those event commercials are so famous or infamous is that they are timely, and taking advantage of such events to promote your products or service is something that you should think of since events like the Superbowl only come once a year.

New Store

Much like how you should act with a new product, as mentioned earlier, you should also work in the same manner whenever you get enough business together to launch a new store. If you want this new store to be successful and make noise about what it can offer, you have to get the word out with suitable ads. You shouldn’t just take the time to spread the word online. You should also get the local news and radio stations to start chirping about it. Even going to local newspapers can give you the much-needed exposure that you’ll need to stand out. Going local with ads in the area where your new store is opening can make a big difference in ways you might not initially perceive.


Advertisements may seem like an unattractive option for those just starting, but you cannot deny the many uses you can get out of them. The level of exposure you will receive when using Orange County SEO can give you a much-needed boost, so don’t be afraid to take the leap and start the SEO and ads for your business now. Give Drive Traffic Media a call at (949) 800-6990.

03 Aug 2021

Outlining The Steps On Website Design With SEO

When it comes to knowing the finer points of SEO, it is absolutely crucial to figure out how search engines function so that your online website or store can thrive in today’s cross-web climate. 

Here in this article, we shall go over what you need to understand about SEO when partaking in the job of Orange county web design and how you can best use it to your advantage. 


Designing for SEO

Ensuring that the website(s) you design are search engine friendly makes your life getting traffic that much easier. Some pointers to help out your goal in achieving this are making sure that your site is both secure and easy to navigate through clear headers and tabs, making it accessible and convenient to your users. However, make sure that you don’t have too many tabs so that the users don’t have to click around the site, thus simplifying navigation. If you can make it convenient while avoiding 404 pages that make you look unprofessional, you have a winning recipe on your hands.

SEO Structure and Content

When utilizing SEO for your Orange County business, it’s imperative that you have good content to make it more digestible as much as it would be enticing. For example, when you create content, your best weapon to ensure success is to be as original as possible while also being trendy. Also, take care to update old sections of the website while using relevant keywords. This can increase the chance of your site gaining more traffic, especially when you link and share your content. Something else to note is that when you use keywords to boost your traffic, don’t do it in a hamfisted way to make whatever you write down seem unnatural.

Also, to make navigating the site more convenient, display the keywords of the page you are emphasizing. If the SEO structure is arranged in a way that makes sense, this will not be difficult for both users and search engines.

Managing SEO Content

When managing the content itself, there are a few matters that should be straightened out to make your site more professional and more effective at bringing in traffic. Format your headers correctly and ensure that images are tied with keywords and tags to generate even more traffic for your site. Also, make sure that your URLs and SEO fields have the same keywords you’re trying to optimize for.

Trying out SEO Content

If you’re still having doubts about the effectiveness of your site, don’t be afraid to try it out to see if the keywords are effective or not. Look up the site through a number of these keywords while also requesting others you know to try a similar method. With their feedback, you’ll be able to correct any issues to get that much-needed traffic quickly.

The Eve Before Launch

When making adjustments or changes to your site, you need to know that your changes can have benefits and consequences. For example: Let’s say the changes you made to your site have caused your site to look unfinished and messy. If customers come to view this, they will get the impression that you’re unprofessional and no longer give your site the light of day. Utilizing robot files and getting a list of the URL address of your old site is essential to maintain the professional image you wish to project through your work, finished site or not. You can even prevent the unfinished pages on your site from being seen by utilizing the aforementioned robot file. 

Also, communication is key. When working in Orange County web design, letting those who visit your site know about changes that are coming will also be necessary to limit not just the confusion that could ensue but also to prevent high bounce rates since search engines highly disapprove of them.

The Long-Awaited Launch

Once the finished site is online and can be seen by the public, your job is not quite done. It will be time for you to check and test many aspects of the site to make sure that not just everything is running smoothly and everything is in its proper place with the right URLs, links, and keywords. Here is a list of what you could do to achieve this.

  • Analyze backlinks to see if they are in working order. 
  • Test to find out if you left any temporary internal links lying around that could compromise the site.
  • Ensure that search engines can lead straight to your site through the properly made robot files.
  • Take care that old addresses on the site are redirected to new ones to avoid confusion for any users that pop on the webpage. If any old links go to the old pages, get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the ads that google and other sponsors link onto the sites are working, often by trying it yourself. 
  • Analytics are the keys to success. Make sure that it is functioning.
  • Finally, you want to generate attention. Do this by sharing your site’s link with fellow employees, friends, and other people in your network to gain traction online. Also, don’t be afraid to ask those people’s opinions to see what works and doesn’t work for them, as well as what they did or did not like.

Domain Change

Finally, if you are making a massive update to the site and are changing domains entirely, make sure that the new domain you are on is registered on the Google search console so that they are also aware of the change. Failure to do so can lead to miscommunication and errors with the site itself, leading you to get little to no traffic. Ensure that you can continue the traffic momentum by updating social media pages connected with the old domain to the new domain. Also, visit the site as if you were a new visitor to see it through a customer’s eyes so that you can see what could and needs to be changed.