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03 Aug 2021

Outlining The Steps On Website Design With SEO

When it comes to knowing the finer points of SEO, it is absolutely crucial to figure out how search engines function so that your online website or store can thrive in today’s cross-web climate. 

Here in this article, we shall go over what you need to understand about SEO when partaking in the job of Orange county web design and how you can best use it to your advantage. 


Designing for SEO

Ensuring that the website(s) you design are search engine friendly makes your life getting traffic that much easier. Some pointers to help out your goal in achieving this are making sure that your site is both secure and easy to navigate through clear headers and tabs, making it accessible and convenient to your users. However, make sure that you don’t have too many tabs so that the users don’t have to click around the site, thus simplifying navigation. If you can make it convenient while avoiding 404 pages that make you look unprofessional, you have a winning recipe on your hands.

SEO Structure and Content

When utilizing SEO for your Orange County business, it’s imperative that you have good content to make it more digestible as much as it would be enticing. For example, when you create content, your best weapon to ensure success is to be as original as possible while also being trendy. Also, take care to update old sections of the website while using relevant keywords. This can increase the chance of your site gaining more traffic, especially when you link and share your content. Something else to note is that when you use keywords to boost your traffic, don’t do it in a hamfisted way to make whatever you write down seem unnatural.

Also, to make navigating the site more convenient, display the keywords of the page you are emphasizing. If the SEO structure is arranged in a way that makes sense, this will not be difficult for both users and search engines.

Managing SEO Content

When managing the content itself, there are a few matters that should be straightened out to make your site more professional and more effective at bringing in traffic. Format your headers correctly and ensure that images are tied with keywords and tags to generate even more traffic for your site. Also, make sure that your URLs and SEO fields have the same keywords you’re trying to optimize for.

Trying out SEO Content

If you’re still having doubts about the effectiveness of your site, don’t be afraid to try it out to see if the keywords are effective or not. Look up the site through a number of these keywords while also requesting others you know to try a similar method. With their feedback, you’ll be able to correct any issues to get that much-needed traffic quickly.

The Eve Before Launch

When making adjustments or changes to your site, you need to know that your changes can have benefits and consequences. For example: Let’s say the changes you made to your site have caused your site to look unfinished and messy. If customers come to view this, they will get the impression that you’re unprofessional and no longer give your site the light of day. Utilizing robot files and getting a list of the URL address of your old site is essential to maintain the professional image you wish to project through your work, finished site or not. You can even prevent the unfinished pages on your site from being seen by utilizing the aforementioned robot file. 

Also, communication is key. When working in Orange County web design, letting those who visit your site know about changes that are coming will also be necessary to limit not just the confusion that could ensue but also to prevent high bounce rates since search engines highly disapprove of them.

The Long-Awaited Launch

Once the finished site is online and can be seen by the public, your job is not quite done. It will be time for you to check and test many aspects of the site to make sure that not just everything is running smoothly and everything is in its proper place with the right URLs, links, and keywords. Here is a list of what you could do to achieve this.

  • Analyze backlinks to see if they are in working order. 
  • Test to find out if you left any temporary internal links lying around that could compromise the site.
  • Ensure that search engines can lead straight to your site through the properly made robot files.
  • Take care that old addresses on the site are redirected to new ones to avoid confusion for any users that pop on the webpage. If any old links go to the old pages, get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the ads that google and other sponsors link onto the sites are working, often by trying it yourself. 
  • Analytics are the keys to success. Make sure that it is functioning.
  • Finally, you want to generate attention. Do this by sharing your site’s link with fellow employees, friends, and other people in your network to gain traction online. Also, don’t be afraid to ask those people’s opinions to see what works and doesn’t work for them, as well as what they did or did not like.

Domain Change

Finally, if you are making a massive update to the site and are changing domains entirely, make sure that the new domain you are on is registered on the Google search console so that they are also aware of the change. Failure to do so can lead to miscommunication and errors with the site itself, leading you to get little to no traffic. Ensure that you can continue the traffic momentum by updating social media pages connected with the old domain to the new domain. Also, visit the site as if you were a new visitor to see it through a customer’s eyes so that you can see what could and needs to be changed.

08 Apr 2021

Orange County Web Design Experts Discuss the Benefits of Having a Blog

When people think of blogs, they might imagine a personal website created by an individual with opinions or experiences to share. While starting out as a public diary, blogs have evolved into informative marketing strategies for many businesses. According to Orange County web design experts, business-to-business marketers say that companies who use blogs acquire 67% more leads than companies who don’t. So, how does this happen? Let’s dive into all the ways that blogs can benefit your brand. 

How Blogs Can Benefit Your Brand

Driving Traffic

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website. They are a valuable source of organic SEO. The more content you create through blogs, the better chance you have of raising your status in search engines like Google. Search engines recognize a website with an abundance of original content and will reward the source based on keywords and keyphrases. Blogs can help establish your authority within your area of expertise, especially when linking other reputable sources within your content. You may even start to see your blogs being linked in other online content, which is essentially free marketing. 

Building Credibility 

When forming a reputation for your business, blogs can help put a voice to your brand. They should be written in the same tone and style as your other content to make your company consistent and identifiable. Blogs should be informative, accurate, and relevant to your industry. When your website has quality blogs like this, it will show that you are doing more than selling. Web design experts in Orange County, particularly Drive Traffic Media, say that 47% of consumers engage with 3-5 pieces of online content before making any move to purchase.

Starting a Conversation

Many e-commerce businesses need to actively nurture a relationship with customers online because there is no face-to-face interaction. Blogs can humanize the interactions between a consumer and a brand, both before and after transactions. You can utilize monthly blogs to remind your customers of the value you offer and retain their loyalty. Some businesses may even find use in blog commenting. At the end of blog posts, you can take the opportunity to ask your customers to comment their thoughts, suggest future blog topics, and give their feedback on your product or service. This open form of communication can help build trust and confidence in a brand. 

Contributing to Social Media

If you ever find yourself running out of content for social media, then you may consider turning to blogs for inspiration. Blog topics can inform the kind of content you post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead of having to come up with new subjects for every platform, you can reword your blogs into captions, posts, and even link them in your bio. Your social media will be a great place to promote your company blog and show that you are more than salesmen. The other great thing about blogs is that you can repost the same ones over and over again, highlighting different elements of the information. 

Jumpstarting Email Marketing 

Much like social media, email marketing is about selling your product or service while also giving value back to the customer. Since emails are not as interactive as social media, they need to be crafted in an engaging manner. Blogs can be used throughout email blasts in order to highlight your authority in your industry and offer something useful to your customer. Blogs offer a portal to your website, which consumers can browse after gaining value from your blog post. You can attach blogs in newsletters, marketing campaigns, and even integrate them within the email itself. 

Personalizing Your Brand

As we’ve mentioned, blogs are a great way to put a voice to your brand. They are also helpful when it comes to bigger companies and corporations. Blogs are written by an individual, rather than a collective, so you can use them as an opportunity to create more intimate communication with customers. Mom and Pop shops also require a blog to introduce themselves to prospects and prove why they are just as good as their competitors. Setting your brand apart with a blog will ultimately help you win the attention and loyalty of customers. 

Answering Your Audience

If you pay any attention to social media comments and reviews, then you’ll see your customers and prospects talking about things involving your product or service. You should take advantage of these forums to learn what questions or concerns your audience has and then communicate answers and solutions within your blogs. Your audience will feel “understood” when they see that your blog posts are speaking directly to their experiences. 

Introducing Your Industry

While blogs are mostly in text form, you can also attach images and videos to help flesh out the content. If you are including a DIY blog, then you might have a helpful video or sequence of photos for your audience to visualize your instructions. Images and videos can also feature your employees and your office/warehouse environment. This will give a sort of “inside look” at your company culture and help convey your dedication to your industry. If you already have branded videos and images for your company, then you might as well utilize them in blog posts in order to show your brand identity in its fullest form. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to creating a blog for your website, from gaining traffic to establishing a reputation for your brand. Experts recommend at least one blog a month in order to consistently get traction for related keywords in your industry. If you are worried about having enough time to create quality, search-engine-optimized blogs, then you can always hire a digital marketing company with blog-writing services and SEO knowledge. Drive Traffic Media is one of the best full-service agencies in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our professional copywriters can help you create a voice for your blog posts and find the best topics to target your consumers. Once you create your blog, you will be on your way to generating more leads and more conversions. Get started today! 

02 Mar 2021

How SEO and Website Design Work Together to Generate Traffic

According to digital marketing experts in Orange County, web design and SEO go hand-in-hand to generate traffic for your business. Good SEO can help bring new customers to your site and good design will ensure positive rankings via Google’s vetting process. Together, these two elements are the ultimate marketing strategy. 

When you’re designing a website, you want it to be easy for Google’s web crawlers to find and access. As long as these digital reviewers can understand your content and recognize the quality of your site, you will be rewarded with higher rankings. Good design, then, is imperative to allow your SEO to function. The Orange County web design experts of Drive Traffic Media say that the integration of SEO with design is the key to having an effective site. Without considering these in tandem, you risk losing a lot of money in design adjustments and optimization fixes. 

Search engines like Google have web crawlers that will read through your website to check the integrity of your internal links and pages. Experts say that text-based sites do the best because they speak directly to what the crawlers are looking for. Even better, you should utilize Google web fonts and keywords related to your industry. If your website has mostly videos and sliders, then this may not translate well to a Google web crawler, thus lowering your chances of getting high rankings. 

Web developers understand that a good website should have a straightforward homepage. Google crawlers are looking for things like your company name, location, and description of service or products. If a web crawler can’t determine what kind of business you are in a reasonable amount of time, then you will not be easily found by your customer base. Good copywriting is key. So, when you’re designing a website, you should be working on content creation simultaneously. Think about how you want to present yourself to your audience. Tone and style will come into play as you’re writing the copy for all of your pages. 

Blogs are another essential element for your website design and SEO. By publishing unique, industry-specific blogs with high-volume keywords, you will contribute to your organic SEO as well as the user-friendly functionality of your site. Your customers will see you as an authority in your industry, which will help build trust and respect as you market your product or services. Plus, you can also use blogs to integrate high-volume search phrases and keywords that will get your page found by potential customers. Hiring a digital marketing agency with blog-writing services and SEO knowledge can save you time and money as you build the integrity of your website.

When you’re building a high-quality website, internal links and URLs are other important elements to consider. Like your website copy, internal links should be clear and easy to find. Search tools, menus, and backlinks should be optimized to find other pages without trouble. URLs should be consistent and clear. The best way to do this is to use the titles of web pages and blogs in the forward-slash part of your URL; for example, your About Us page should probably be: YourWebsiteName.com/about-us When a web crawler sees your site organized this way, they will reward you with higher rankings.

Everything about your website should flow, much like a convenience store. Think about how shoppers move through a store with ease because things are organized in aisles and clearly labeled in the signs above the aisles. Your website should be the same, from your homepage to your about us page to your services page. You may need to have a few different landing pages that are connected to your website with a more simplified call to action. Websites that are designed for the optimal user experience will have higher click-through-rates and conversions. 

In creating a website, you’re essentially thinking of two audiences: potential leads and web crawlers. Both are important. The first ones are your real-life customers. They are going to assess your website based on its loading speed, aesthetic value, ease of navigation, and quality of content. In order to impress potential leads, you have to have an understanding of what value you’re offering them. Web crawlers will assess the same kinds of elements in a straightforward manner. Creativity and emotional resonance may sell your customers but organization and clarity will sell the search engine bots. 

Nowadays, there are so many platforms on which to build a website. Theoretically, you could do it all on your own. However, most experts would agree that you should still seek web design and SEO services if you have no prior experience with web development. Technology is constantly changing, which means that having a fully-optimized site is not a one-time job. It’s constant. You have to update content, plug-ins, make sure you’re following ADA compliance rules. Full-service digital marketing agencies are paid to stay up to date on all of these factors. So, if you want to focus on running your business instead of optimizing your site, then you should hire a digital marketing firm to keep your website, blogs, and SEO practices current and relevant.

Websites do more than publicize your business, they are a part of a grander scheme of marketing to generate conversions. In an increasingly digital world, websites are the face and voice of your brand. Whether you have brick-and-mortar stores or are strictly an e-commerce operation, a well-designed website will ensure customer loyalty and invite new leads to explore your product or service. When you optimize websites for search engines and leads, you immediately become a more competitive business.

Drive Traffic Media is a full-service digital marketing agency in California, serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our clients occupy a wide range of industries and business sizes, which means that we are adaptable. Website design, blog-writing, social media, and SEO services are just a few of the projects we can manage within our highly effective operation. Call us at (949) 800-6990 to learn how we can help you get more traffic and more sales for your business. 

12 Jun 2015

Mobile Web Design- Not Just a Trend!

Mobile Web Design in Orange County- Trend No More!


The convenience of shopping online through mobile phones and tablets is the primary reason why web designs should incline more to being mobile-responsive. According to the infographic posted by Go-Gulf, 4 out of 5 smartphone users are using their mobile devices to shop online so it is a must for businesses nowadays in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County to have a mobile web design.

Imagine this, you want to buy clothes yet you’re too lazy to go out or otherwise the weather is bad that you prefer staying home. What do smartphone users do? They make online purchases. Of course it starts off with just simple browsing but the average mobile user spend at least 2 hours on their mobile devices EVERYDAY (hey! are you looking at me? Okay, I’m guilty! But so are you. ). But I am not just an example. It’s a known fact and what’s more surprising is, 70% of those who search on their phones lead to online action in a span of an hour.

55% of which leads to site conversion. That simple perusal of your mobile-responsive site actually ended up attracting not just window-shoppers but actual interested buyers who make phone calls to inquire more about the product/service or who make online purchases. Imagine the astounding amount of sales opportunities you gave up because you won’t adapt to the mobile-responsive change.

Now, let’s take a look at those businesses who already adapted to the “trend”. They are reported to have 62% increase in sales when they had their websites designed to work on mobile phones; and 64% sales boost for those wise businesses which adapted their websites to work on tablets.

With all the statistics mentioned, it is a foregone conclusion why a mobile-responsive website is a necessity nowadays. Sure, you’ll spend money getting your site rebuilt or built from scratch but you’ll reap the fruitful results in no time.

Drive Traffic Media’s objective is not just to provide you a flawless, elegant and attractive site but a mobile web-design in Orange County that your monthly sales report would be proud of. Call Us at (949) 800-6990 and receive a free quote today.

* Infographics Credit to Go-Gulf