Links: Relevance Versus Authority

Business owners who want to pursue online growth can’t pass up organic marketing as a channel. Based on a study conducted by BrightEge, organic SEO Orange County directs the majority of online traffic while links drive rankings in organic search. So, if a search is paramount to your online business then so are links. Links […]

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How to Maximize Your ROI in Content Marketing

How do you stand out? Use content! According to surveys, content marketing is considered the 4th among all ROI-generating strategies in the marketing industry. The question is, are you going to settle for a positive reception of your content? Of course not! You want to maximize your ROI. Defining the strategy and KPI’s of your […]

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How to Optimize Images to Benefit SEO

Website design for business needs clear, engaging, interesting and appealing images to add compelling visuals and help pull in organic traffic via search engine image results. But to get loads of extra traffic, it is recommended that you properly optimize your images for SEO. First and foremost, choose the right image. Choosing excellent quality images […]

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Technical SEO Issues That Hold Back Content

Content marketing delivers the real value of your website to the users! While content is the heart of everything, failure to properly audit and resolve technical SEO concerns may put your website in danger and disconnect the content efforts of bringing engaging benefits. If content fails, questions like why do this site rank higher than […]

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SEO Strategies That Work

Most businesses already understand the basic concept of  SEO or Search Engine Optimization and its importance,  but going beyond the incremental growth would require a sound set of strategies that will set you apart from your competitors. Let us make a strategy plan First, make a List of Keywords. Since it is the heart of […]

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How Facebook Ads Help E-commerce Businesses

How far will a traditional brick and mortar store get you your sales targets and business growth? In this highly digital world, business owners and entrepreneurs are flocking toward the internet to develop a solid E-commerce marketing strategy to start pulling in target markets, convert sales and increase return-on-investment (ROI). Do you agree that Facebook […]

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Ads Remarketing and Its Benefits

Remarketing is a smart way to show ads and connect to people who use your mobile app or have visited your website but have not made immediate inquiries or purchase. When people visit your website and leave without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them as they browse somewhere else on the internet. Remarketing […]

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5 Essential Tips for a SEO-Friendly Domain Transfer

Admittedly, moving your domain to a new one can have an adverse impact on your SEO rankings. Why, you might ask? Because rankings are based not just on the page level metrics but also on the domain level metrics so touching or moving the domain basically resets your metrics back to zero. Below are some […]

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Secrets To Local SEO Success

There are many misconceptions amongst businesses and marketers alike regarding strategies, tactics, and result measurements when a local SEO campaign is initiated. Fortunately, learning the secrets to achieving SEO success for small businesses doesn’t have to consume a lot of your hours. The best approach to SEO is with the mindset of not playing games […]

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Why Choose WordPress Web Design?

WordPress is considered to be a  fastest-growing CMS software in the market today. While its main functionality is to allow easy blog experience, this software has enabled the creation of sophisticated websites and over time it became its content management system. It is the easiest to use CMS because of its friendly interface with some […]

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