Search Engine Optimization

When you think of Google, you think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why? Because Google is the king of the search engine world and businesses are its minions trying to get its attention in order to have the honor of sitting on the king’s banquet. Technically, Search Engine Optimization is a type of marketing discipline whose main goal is to grow the business’ visibility on search engines through organic means. With SEO services, the technical and creative skills of the marketing company is harnessed to drive traffic to the website being optimized, increase its visibility and rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimization is not only focused on the text or keyword being optimized, it also encompasses images, audio, video, content and mobile-responsiveness of the site. Because of the ever-evolving algorithm’s or shift of Google’s ranking rules, all of this factors are considered to reach the ranking goal of being number one.

Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re a business with a lot of competitors on your niche (type of business), you want to attract more customers right? This is where Drive Traffic Media’s SEO services management comes into play. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the major search engines in the world where people search for products, services, or basically answers to a particular query or set of queries; and when these people look for answer (s), we at Drive Traffic Media will make sure that your business (i.e. the target keywords specific for your niche) will appear as their resolution.

SEO is nothing without the optimization of keywords. These keywords are targeted in such that they are researched to preempt what people normally and usually type as search queries. It has continually been proven that SEO can make or break a business and Drive Traffic Media will make sure that we don’t just increase your ranking and visibility on the search engines but help you get great return of investments (ROI) because of the publicity and exposure your business page will get when we optimize it.

You might be wondering how come search engines couldn’t find your site without the assistance of SEO. That is because the technologies used by these search engines have limitations and the search bots are guided to only look for results based on a set of formula programmed on it. This is where Drive Traffic Media will help you. By keeping up with the innovations, shifts or changes on Google’s algorithms, we will make it possible for your business to keep up with the game plan and stay on top of the ranking.

Drive Traffic Media incorporates historical knowledge, testing, analysis and expertise (as proven by our track record) to get your business on Google’s page one. Not only that, along with your site’s ranking visibility, we will give you your money’s worth by providing higher click throughs, impression and site visits which are easily convertible to sales for your business. Give us a call at 9498006990 for a free quote or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. Our search engine optimization or SEO services are available for all business owners within Newport Beach, Irvine and the surrounding cities of Orange County California.