Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical term for “get Google to like you.” Technically, the goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase your business’ visibility by making it appear earlier on search engines results through organic means. Organic results, as opposed to sponsored, are those that most closely match a user’s query. Because Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, Google sets the rules of SEO. As our SEO specialists like to put it, “Google is the king and businesses are its minions trying to get its attention in order to have the honor of sitting at the king’s banquet.”

It can be tough to please the king. Our SEO services harness a myriad of technical and creative skills to increase your site visibility. Higher rankings on search engines drive more traffic to your site.

A big part of search engine optimization is improving the readability of the text and the inclusion of relevant keywords. That is not all, however. SEO also encompasses improving the images, audio, video, content, and mobile-responsiveness of the site, as well as its connectivity with other relevant sites. Because Google’s ranking rules are always changing, all of these factors are considered to reach the ranking goal of being number one.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

TThe point is to attract more consumers, right? When you have a lot of competitors being good at what you do comes in second place. The most important part is to be found. This is where Drive Traffic Media’s SEO services come into play. People no only use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find products and services, but to find answers to particular queries, to find solutions that your company may solve. The trick is not to wait for people to find your business but for your business to find the people as they look for an answer. That is in essence what we at Drive Traffic Media do. We optimize your site to make sure that your business name pops as the best solution.

SEO relies heavily on the optimization of keywords. Keywords must be carefully selected so that they match as close as possible people’s search queries. The right SEO strategy can make all the difference in the amount of traffic to your website. Drive Traffic Media can help you not only increase your ranking and visibility on the search engines but obtain higher returns of investment (ROI).

You might be wondering why search engines couldn’t find your site without the assistance of SEO. Search engines use programs known as crawlers, spiders or search-bots that “read” webpages to create an index for the search engines. The bots do not really understand what they read. They are guided to look for a result based on an algorithm. The algorithm looks for word density, tags, and links to and from other sites. As Artificial Intelligence evolves so does the bots ability to index a website correctly. Until bots learn to read between the lines as humans can Drive Traffic Media will help you. By keeping up with the innovations, shifts, and changes on Google’s algorithms, we will make it possible for your business to keep up with the search engine’s game plan and stay on top of the rankings.

Drive Traffic Media incorporates historical knowledge, testing, analysis and expertise (as proven by our track record) to get your business on Google’s page one. Not only that, along with your site’s ranking visibility, we will give you your money’s worth by providing higher click throughs, impression and site visits which are easily convertible to sales for your business. Give us a call at 9498006990 for a free quote or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. Our search engine optimization or SEO services are available for all business owners within Newport Beach, Irvine and the surrounding cities of Orange County California.