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The spider-bots want relevant words

When you write content for the web, you must consider two audiences: One, the spider-bots crawling the net for Google and Bing. Their continuous indexing affects your search engines ranking. Two, humans.


Spiders do not have much of a taste. They don’t care about beautiful words, whether your lines rhyme or whether the text is clever. Include pertinent words in both the header and the body of your writing (the always important SEO keywords), make sure you did not plagiarize anybody, and that you included a lot of text, and the crawlers will love your content. As long as it is readable, your content does not need to be a masterwork.


Your most important audience is not the spiders, though. Your most important audience is human readers. Humans have money. Spiders only have opinions. Humans have also taste. They like content written in an aesthetically pleasing way and, more important, content that is emotionally arousing. Interesting.

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We understand how engagement works

Good copywriting isn’t about writing with proper grammar. Good copywriting is about causing a reaction with your message that can be felt. Great copywriting captures the customer’s attention and provokes a response favorable to that which the message advocates.


Consider your specific case. You want to sell more. You could try boring your customers with a long list of your product and services virtues, how high quality they are, how much love you put in everything that you do. Then bore them a little bit more with a story full of self-praise about how you got to where you are. However, what your readers want to know from your content is not what your products and services can do but what they—your customers—can achieve when using your products and services. In other words, your copy should tell how your brand can transform your customers’ lives.

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When attending to a message, whether content online, a book or a film, the first thing that the message receiver does is to assess the position advocated by the message. Is this important to my wellbeing or not? Does this message agree with what I believe in or does it propose something I entirely disagree with? To persuade, your message should lean toward agreeing to what your readers believe in and yet it must create at least some dissonance to arouse your readers’ curiosity. Content that completely agrees or that completely disagrees with what your audience believes in is likely to be disregarded. In the first case, because it does not bring anything new. In the second, because it is perceived as a threat to your audience’s concept of wellbeing.


In other words, the content copy must be relevant and favorable to your audience’s concept of self. If your audience lives in Orange County, you should write content about Orange County. For instance, Drive traffic Media has offices in Santa Monica and Irvine, and while the services we provide to our clients in Los Angeles and Orange County are basically the same, our audiences are not. Don’t ever confuse Newport Beach with Venice. Both cities face the ocean, both are in Southern California, both are expensive, but for Pete’s sake—they are not the same!


To know what your customer wants and care about you can do some market research, then develop a Buyer Persona, and a brand strategy. However, you can tailor your message only to so many people.


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