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The ads that appear on top of the search engine results, before the list of “organic” results are known as sponsored links, paid search or sponsored ads. When they appear on web content within the Google Display Network, they are called display ads. When users click on a particular link or search for a specific keyword on sites such as Google or Bing, a pay-per-click ad relevant to the page or the search will appear.
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    Drive Traffic Media can help you develop a complete Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy.

    In the Pay-Per-Click Advertising model, you do not pay for “impressions,” the number of times that your ads appear on search engine results, display ads, or on the newsfeeds of social media platforms, but for “clicks.” That is, you only pay when a potential lead follows a link to your website or landing page.


    Pay-Per-Click advertising is an excellent way to boost your search engine rankings because users do not need to find your ads: by targeting your ads to specific audiences, your ads are the ones that find your users.

    We offer different PPC Management
    Whether we start your advertising campaign from scratch, redesign one in need of keyword optimization, or overtake an existing successful campaign, our premiere PPC advertising agency can help you stay on top of Google and Bing rankings and find new clients on Facebook, Google, and more.
    Solutions tailored to your needs
    Every campaign is different. To provide you with a quote for our PPC management services we need to know the number of keywords you would choose, the desired length of the campaign, the amount of your budget as well as several other factors.

    Facebook Ads

    Signing up for Facebook Ads is an excellent way to help your brand make a great impression on potential customers from all over the globe. With over 1.44 billion active monthly users worldwide, and 936 million active daily users (161 million of which are from Canada and the U.S. alone), Facebook has served as the #1 social media platform for well over a decade. Facebook PC advertising can help you drive more traffic to your business website, increasing the chances of closing more sales. Drive Traffic Media can help your business’ message get across the millions of Facebook users every day with a robust ad strategic PPC campaign. Do you need help with a brand strategy too? If so, we are definitely the right company for you!
    Remarketing and PPC Audits

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    Drive Traffic Media will make sure that you stay on top of Google or Facebook with high-ranking keywords. We make regular audits to make sure that the conversions that you get are worth the money you spend in ads.
    Google Ads - Get More Customers & Generate Leads

    (Formerly Known as Adwords)

    Want to get noticed on the world’s most popular search engine? Our ad specialist can help with that! We can get your business seen on any kind of device that can make a Google search, not to mention we are experts in all different types of Google ad PPC advertising! There are all different kinds of Google ads that you can choose from, whether you are most interested in text or image ads, we have all the knowledge you need to succeed! And because YouTube is owned by Google, we can also help you with those if you choose!
    Bing PPC Advertising

    Microsoft Ads

    Bing is the default search engine for people using Amazon and Microsoft products: that means there is no reason to miss it! With over 6 billion monthly searches done on Bing, your brand has the potential to reach 162 million searchers accounting to a search engine share of 30%. Drive Traffic Media can optimize our PPC management campaign to get your business the most out of Bing advertising.

    Included in Drive Traffic Media’s PPC Management Services are:

    Every campaign is different. To provide you with a quote for our PPC management services, we need to know the number of keywords you would choose for your Los Angeles SEO, the desired length of the campaign, and the amount of money you would like to spend, among several other factors. Call us at (949) 800-6990 or fill out our contact form to discuss your advertising needs. Let’s make your ranking soar!


    • Keyword research and selection
    • Creation of ad texts
    • Landing pages optimization assistance
    • Tracking ad conversion
      Submission of ads
    • Monitoring of PPC campaign
    • Management of PPC ad-spend
    • Improvement and modification of the PPC campaign
    • Research of advertisements used by competitors to rank higher
    Pinterest Ads
    Pinterest is a social media website that serves as a visual bookmarking site that you can use for advertising purposes. It is fast, easy, and visually appealing. This makes it a smart, not to mention ideal, platform for PPC. Drive Traffic Media can help you get started on brand awareness or drive consideration campaigns for your professional account.
    DuckDuckGo Ads
    Search engines that don’t track your activity are becoming increasingly more popular in recent years. Perhaps you want to reach an audience that is keener on privacy, and that’s where DuckDuckGo comes in. Recently, our ad specialist at Drive Traffic Media has been experimenting with PPC on this unique search engine service-and you could be one of the first to try it out!