Web Design

Drive Traffic Media can bring you more business with a visually appealing, fast-loading and user-friendly web design page.

The internet has become the great equalizer, providing rich information to everyone anywhere, anytime, at a very low cost. That is why having a website is so important.

Some websites have impressive graphics but not enough information. Some have a lot of text but aren’t engaging. At Drive Traffic Media, we can create beautiful, functional sites that match the needs of your business and are optimized for achieving high ranking in the search engines.

Merits of Web Design Page

1. Impress your Customers – Within a few seconds, customers will form an impression of the kind of business you have based on your website’s visual appeal. Drive Traffic Media will translate your brand message into a dazzling site that will leave good impressions to your visitors.

2. Keep Visitors Engaged – The longer that a visitor interacts with your website, the more likely that visitor will convert into a customer. Visitors who find your website appealing and interesting stay on the page longer. Good websites not only contain information about who you are and what you offer the market but convey a feeling of what you can do for your customers. Drive Traffic Media will make content that will keep your website fresh and make visitors stay longer.

3. Draw More Customers – As a business owner, you know that more visitors means more sales. Even if you do most of your business at your brick-and-mortar store, most customers will visit your website before making a purchase. Websites are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Drive Traffic Media will help draw more people to your website by creating a Call-To-Action (CTA) page where they can sign-up, contact you or learn more about your business.

4. Increase Sales – A good web design page creates satisfaction for customers and can help you generate more leads not only within your local area or outside your city, but worldwide. Having a website helps you create a “buy now” links for people to purchase your products any time of the day or night. Drive Traffic Media will help your business become visible all around the globe.

Timeline of Website Development

If you own a business, and you want a new web design Orange County, contacting Drive Traffic Media is the first step you should take. We use a multifaceted approach to increase your sales. First, we make sure that your website is optimized, so that you rank consistently at the top of search engine results. Then, we make sure that your website is as attractive to visitors as possible so that potential customers who arrive at your landing page are likely to choose your products. We create a strong and compelling call to action (CTA), by allocating enough resources to maintain your online presence.

Your site will be built using a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress, which allows for the best current and future functionality and web compliance. It’s designed so that it can be easily read and understood by people of all ages. It will be responsive to all devices, mobile or otherwise.

Our typical website development takes 4-8 weeks, dependent on your approvals and you providing us the images and content we need. We will build the site on a private hosting URL during development. When the site is complete, we will move to new hosting and the main URL.


We will complete your website in the following stages:

In the first week, the client will give input on the site’s appearance. We will provide a layout of the site for your approval. During this phase, we will also require access to all emails associated with your domain, and we will transfer them to our hosting.

Next, the new site will be launched on a separate server, until it is ready for the main launch. The framework will be laid out, and existing images and writing will be moved over to the new format. The layout will include image display, content, contact forms, etc. Once you approve it, we’ll move forward.

In the next phase, the site will be checked for any outbound links, and the contact forms will be tested. If the forms are all working, we will move on to the next phase quickly.

The site will then receive the final touches, and be ready to launch on its new hosting and existing domain. We will test the mail servers, to make sure that they are properly configured.

We will then do a last round of troubleshooting, and assuming everything is as it should be, the site will go live.  

Our simple, straightforward approach to website optimization and redesign combines modern technology with the personal touches that make a difference. Contact us now, and let us demonstrate to you why we are the experts in Orange County web design.  

So what are you waiting for? Call Drive Traffic Media at (949) 800 6990, (888) 375-3058 or 310 341-3939 or visit our portfolio page to check out our amazing web designs!