Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has become an important part of any successful business marketing effort especially for businesses in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County not just because it’s a popular form of marketing strategy but because it is seen as a result-giving means to boost the business sales. Even Hubspot pointed out that 80% of businesses claimed that their social media marketing efforts have increased traffic to their website and with over one million small to medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook, you don’t want to get your Orange County business left behind.

If you have a social media strategy in place- keyword-laden high-quality contents, backlinks and a well-balanced presence on everything else, social media marketing will provide your business the following advantages:

1. Increased Interaction. Because Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and several others are social media platforms, you get to communicate to your consumers in a more personal level. You get to view their comments or feedbacks about your product and the insights revealed will allow you to adjust or possibly change your strategy to make them engage more and leave positive ratings or reviews for your business.

2. Immediate Action. Negative feedbacks are things that businesses would love to have without but if there’s a negative review(s), you as a business owner can respond and resolve them immediately since social media updates are readily available. What more? Consumers love businesses that answer complaints addressed to them especially when the business take effort to resolve the issue.

3. Increased Brand Awareness. Your contents, if left on your website alone, won’t help much when it comes to sales. It has to be spread to social media accounts to increase visibility and establish your brand to new and existing customers alike.

4. Increased Sales. Because social media marketing serves as your business storefront, you are more likely to attract customers to buy your product or subscribe to your services. Remember, there are over 1.44 Billion monthly Facebook users. That’s a lot of potential customers out there ready to see your brand.

5. Brand Loyalty. Studies found that 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more likely to be loyal to those brands. And because consumer issues are addressed immediately, consumers stick to companies who can cater not just to their needs but also their complaints.

6. Finding Customers is Easier. Tags are not just meant for backlinking, these can be used to find customers too. If you search and follow specific keywords, you’ll find not just people who will follow your business account back but potential buyers in their lot too!

7. Lower Costs. Compared to hiring a marketing or PR manager, social media marketing won’t put much of a dent on your budget plus you get higher ROI (return of investment) in the process.

8. Connection. You can find similar industries or niches similar to your business by joining groups (Facebook) and following accounts (Twitter). They can provide you insights of which of their marketing efforts succeeded which your business can imitate to obtain similar results.

9. Improved Product Insight. If customers prefer some of your contents over others, it is a key for your business to produce more of those similar contents to feed your page’s engagement.

10. Improved rankings on Search Engines. With the ever-changing search engine algorithms, it is always best for a business to have a well-balanced presence on all platforms. This serves as a indicator to search engines that your business is legitimate and credible.

11. Your competitors are on social media too! You could be missing out on a lot of sales opportunities just because your social media accounts are not established. With higher conversion happening on social media platforms than any other, you don’t want your competitors to reap all the benefits by themselves!

What is your business waiting for? Drive Traffic Media will provide you social media marketing strategies that work. And remember, social media accounts are not just growing. It is all here to stay! Call us at 9498006990 to discuss your social media needs in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County today!