Link building is one of the great SEO strategies in 2019. Along with many other factors, quality links determine the relevance and authority of your site. If your website has quality links to the high domain authority websites, it is signal to Google that your website is a quality resource in your niche worthy of citation. In a similar pattern, if your blog posts have links to high-quality top site article, your website will have high page authority. 

To re-align with Google’s algorithm, you have to audit the link building. If you guest blog for high authority websites, you will reap the benefits in the long run. However, if you guest blog for low authority websites, it becomes a huge pain in your neck. Your domain authority starts to decrease, and if you do not stop this, you will have a DA crisis in the long run. 

As this turnouts, it is important to have high-quality inbound links. Follow these tips to generate high authority links for your website and blog. These tips will fire up your link building activities in 2019.

Be game to guest blog

Guest blogging is one of the key strategies to build authority in your industry. Lately, most of the major brands benefit from it. First of all, determine your guest blogging goals. Knowing your goals ahead of time will help you understand what kind of blogs do you want to submit your blog posts to. Often there are three major goals of guest blogging. 

  • To build backlinks to your website
  • Getting traffic to your website 
  • Positioning as an authority in your niche 

You can achieve all these goals if you have the right kind of content on the high authority blogs. If you can position yourself as an authority in your niche, you can quickly bring in traffic and backlinks to your website. Orange County SEO expert can you build authority using proven SEO strategies. 

Conduct a thorough analysis of competitors’ backlinks

The backlinks of your competitor act as a great point of reference. Dissecting the competitors’ backlinks will assist you in mapping out your backlinking strategy.  No matter what, thoroughly understand the analysis of competitors backlinks. Conduct a link audit of your competitors that offers the same services or the products in your industry. 

Take time to do the research and find top competitors. Add the competitors to Ahref or Moz’s Open Site Explorer or SEMrush tool to have a complete analysis of the backlinks of the competitor.  Then, export the backlinks to a spreadsheet and start the extensive audit. Pay closer attention to internal followed links, external followed links, domain authority, dead links, and the links from the top URLs. 

You can even analyze the content strategy of the client’s website based on the shares. It will give you a great idea about the kind of content which increases audience engagement. 

What’s more? A spreadsheet with all the details will help you to know which are the highest authority websites that allow guest posting. You can reach out to them based on their readership for the guest posting. 

Turn brand love into links 

It is time to pull up your socks if you have not worked on this strategy yet. Keep your eyes open to the online brand mentions, and this is an effective strategy for high-quality link building.  Turning online brand mentions will help you with easy link generation and associating with the right audience interested in your brand. 

If you think about it a little more, you will know that this is one of the best strategies that could happen to your brand. The good thing is, you do not have to put any of the hard work in generating these links. It could be some sponsored event on Instagram or Facebook, and you could invite people to join and insert a link to your brand name. It’s that easy. 

With proper attention, you can turn the simple brand mentions into high authority backlinks. Turn on Google alerts to monitor brand mentions daily. 

Deliver evergreen content 

No wonder news content has a very short shelf life. Therefore, it is important to create evergreen content which remains relevant and useful to your target audience. Such content generates inbound links in the long run. Orange County SEO expert can help you create evergreen content from an SEO perspective. 

Evergreen content can be in any format, including lists, eBooks, and How-to posts. To get higher click-through rates, write a compelling SEO optimized title for your blog posts. 

Conduct expert roundup posts

Creating content around expert roundups always works. Simply put, an expert roundup post is, in fact, a kind of blog post which features the contribution of the experts in your industry. Typically, the website owner provide a compelling topic for discussion to reach out to various industry experts to share their thoughts. 

Below are three main reasons why should you create expert roundups.

The expert roundups attract tons of traffic to your website. Experts who are participating in your roundup send traffic to your website by sharing it with their audience and social following. And a roundup is, in fact, a compilation of the smart insights, it is the kind of content people love to share. 

It also boosts your authority by association. Any post that features well-known contributors naturally perceives as having more value than regular posts. 

Apart from the traffic benefits, it helps to build a great relationship with the industry influencers. Remember, a round promotes the experts as well as their blogs. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to collaborate without spending too much of the time. 

So, there you have it – five ways to build high-quality link building. Reach out to Orange County SEO expert to know more about link building strategies to get your website ranked. 

Link building is critical from an SEO perspective in 2019, and high quality backlinking is the master key to bring in organic traffic in years to come.