Social media is a constant game where brands compete with each other continuously, and often we feel stuck, overwhelmed, and lagging. If this is something you can relate to, this article will help you fix everything. The following types of social media content will encourage your audience to click, like, engage, and share your content. 

User-generated content 

User-Generated content is a great way to engage your audience and increase the reach. Often the new followers will find this kind of content welcoming. It will be proof that you care for your audience by sharing the content that your target audience has created. 

Research shows the user-generated content shows a higher engagement rate as compared to the content which is created by brands themselves. Such content receives a higher engagement rate, particularly on Instagram. When you reshare or re-post user-generated content while crediting them, they feel loved and cared for. They may brag to their friends and family for being featured; as a result, your brand grows exponentially. 

Orange County social media agency reveals that if you are not sharing user-generated content, then you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. Head on to your social media accounts today and see if there is some great user-generated content available already.


They have been here for a very long time, but it recently podcast have achieved significant momentum. People often claim they are the new radio show, which I somehow agree with. 

Focus on podcasts more because more people are listening to them ever before. Some social media platforms do not allow uploading audios directly. In that case, you will use to use a third application where you can post your podcast and share the link on social media accounts. Similar platforms can be SoundCloud, iTunes, youtube, etc. Once you share the connection with your social media, your audience will be able to listen to your podcast without visiting the third party app. 

Live streams 

Live streams work very well; it’s a no brainer. The reason is that you can get the opportunity to engage your audience in real-time. A live stream on Facebook is a must. Once you are done with the live stream, then you can either choose to keep it there or remove it afterward. If you keep it there even if the live stream is ended, people who have missed it get the opportunity to watch it over again. Trust me; you can use the Facebook live feature as a lead generation machine. Always live stream content that provides value to your target audience. Just leave the link to the specific blog post, an article, or another video that is relevant to the live stream that could help your audience. 


There are two primary reasons why people love infographics. First, they are informative, and secondly, they are eye-catching. Due to these reasons, infographics rack up a higher number of shares and engagement. If you are a naive digital marketer and you do not have any idea about how to make those catchy content pieces, head to Canva, which offers a range of templates that you can use from. These are the high-quality templates that can help you to boost engagement rates, make sure you are consistent with what you do every single day. Thinking about reaching out to other companies and industry influencers and ask them if they are willing to share it in one of their articles by embedding them. If they do, you are lucky enough! 


Oh, and how can I forget to include a webinar on my list. They are a great way to increase audience engagement. 

While you will be able to collect email addresses and other personalized details, you will also be able to share webinars on social media. Upload the recorded webinar to Wistia or Youtube and then share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Remind your followers to sign up for future webinars. 

Client testimonial 

If you want to make your potential safer, share testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to help your customers choose you over your competitors. After all, a testimonial is proof from a current customer for being satisfied with your services. It helps new customers to decide to invest in your services. 

Instead of just posting a text testimonial, you can decide to go a step further and hire a videographer that can record them. If you have the right set up, this could be a great success, if you have a great relationship with your customer. 

Now that you have this list of the types of social media content that can help you boost audience engagement, follow Orange County social media agency tools that can help you to make this process easier. 

  • Canva
  • Audacity
  • Adobe spark video
  • Adobe spark post
  • VidLab
  • Zoom

Orange County social media agency recommend you give a try to these types of content. Add them to your social media content plan today and reap the benefits.