Most businesses want to reach the right customer at the right time with the right product. And the sophisticated AI tools have made this easier. 

Over the past two years, AI has entirely changed the business landscape for a good reason. According to the reports by Deloitte, almost 1100 U.S executives in the US-based companies are early AI adopters. 82% of them have claimed to benefit from AI initiatives.  

Most of the complex business issues are solved using machine learning. AI and machine learning are incredibly pervasive when it comes to advertising and marketing. At least 80% of website design companies in Orange County have embraced AI in some way or the other. The existence of modern digital media would be hard in the absence of AI. It uses past data and delivers ads to a specific network of platforms that play a particular role at each stage of the advertising supply chain. 

Al makes smart decisions by analyzing customer behavior using parameters like gender, age, location, geography, and other data points that can be used to reach targeted customers. Today we are already seeing customized web pages for individual customers, which are only possible with the use of AI. Most of the business owners use AI chatbots for their websites and have enabled platforms like Alexa. This has entirely changed the digital marketing landscape. 

Technology has strengthened the business environment and has enabled us to better understand what is going on in the digital space. Therefore the advanced AI tools are used in the advertising ecosystem at large. At the core of AI is data. Companies that have large sets of data always benefit, and it gives them an edge. 

The application of AI tools in digital space is rising at an astounding rate. The amount of data businesses and companies collect is immense, and they have already started using it in a more meaningful way. AI has resulted in programmatic advertising, which could not be possible otherwise.

AI is an integral part of the marketing planning process- from designing the marketing plan to an in-depth study of the insights through campaign measurement to retargeting ads. How AI has become part of the marketing strategies is incredible. By 2022, more than 55% of the adults will have a smart speaker.  

AI-driven tools like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa have helped customers to find easy ways to see what they look for. Customers claim that it is easier for them to have assistance from tools like Alexa instead of talking to a human over the phone. Two in five customers find AI tools more intrusive and engaging than traditional marketing tools. 

Benefits of AI in Advertising and Marketing 

The following are the specific areas where marketers of website design company Orange County have already adopted AI and machine learning in one way or the other. 

Ad precision and effectiveness

  • User profile segmentation and clustering 
  • Profile building 
  • Campaign auto-optimization 
  • Data collection and converting it into actionable advertising insights 
  • Forecasting future customer behavior based on the past data

Audience optimization 

  • Optimizing the strategy to reach the targeted audience based on lifetime value and long-term behavior
  • Hyper-targeting the consumers based on how they react to brand advertising 

Creative relevance

  • Sentiment analysis to inform creative execution for tasks like content recommendations, categorization of text, and similarity. 
  • Analyze content engagement, content consumption, and content personalization 
  • Sequenced messaging optimization of content 
  • Automatic audio and visual recognition that creates insights and promotes advertising 
  • Recognize trends in real-time 

Media efficiency

  • Media mix modeling based on how consumers respond to the ad campaigns over various channels

Minimize fraud and brand safety

  • Detection of brand safety 
  • Detection of frauds using train sets and patterns 
  • Natural language processing for blacklisting harmful content and understand the text recognition 

Are you planning to integrate AI in advertising and marketing for your business? If yes, reach out to website design Orange County that has AI and machine learning a significant element of the marketing plan.