It’s no secret that SEO techniques will continue to change and be refined as long as Google keeps updating the algorithm, Orange County. The search engine kingpin never rests on its laurels, and so your optimization techniques shouldn’t either. In Orange County, you can hire companies for SEO services, but when you do, make sure that they are up to date on what Google likes and doesn’t like. The penalties can be severe if a misstep is taken.


User Experience


You probably already know that black hat techniques like keyword stuffing are “bad” SEO, Orange County. But you might not know that anything adversely affects UX is also considered bad SEO. Websites performing poorly is always what Google is trying to eliminate more than anything else. It’s an obsession with them, and since all they’re trying to do is allow users to enjoy an easier website experience, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with that. However, as a site designer or someone who provides SEO services, you need to be cognizant of anything that you’re doing that slows down sales, page loading, or anything else on your site. Otherwise, you risk penalties that can slow your growth.


Intrusive Ads


Your mobile website is much important than it used to be since more people use mobile than they do desktop or laptop sites. One of the worst things to do from Google’s standpoint is to allow intrusive interstitial popup ads. It completely stops a person from being able to view your content, and there’s nothing that’s going to get them more angry or frustrated. Google punishes ads that do the following: pop up without interaction, bother or annoy readers, cover up the main content, or require the user to dismiss it before they can see any critical site feature.


You should be aware of these potential SEO disasters before Google notices them, Orange County If you hire an Orange County SEO company that claims to know what search engines value and what they despise, talk to them about these concerns. A fly-by-night SEO company may emphasize the wrong site features and take design shortcuts. Only white hat SEO is going to get you not only the most sales, but also a thumbs up from Google.