Get a job while you’re still in college! Internship is a hands-on opportunity  offered to students to work in their desired field. Based on research, employers point out that internship experience is an essential factor in hiring a fresh graduate for a full-time position. It is considered as an excellent way to “try out” on a job and gives you a valuable insight to help you choose your career path. Having several internships while in college could be very impressive to potential employers too.

Internship Program in most colleges is a school requirement that normally last for three long months and is usually offered to graduating students. It is available in a wide variety of fields from both the private and non-profit sectors.

Whether it’s an unpaid, paid, voluntary or actively engaged internship, there is a greater privilege in engaging to multiple projects and interact with anyone. Countless rewarding and worthwhile perks await students like gaining experiences, developing skills, making connections and assessment of their interests and abilities in their chosen field.

As a small business, interns could be very  beneficial. When top talents go after big name companies when they’re looking for work, internships are seeking more of learning experience or hands-on training and is considered among the most highly motivated members of the workforce. As a company, it will allow you to get the extra set of hands and take advantage of the fresh ideas and specialized strengths and skills interns provide. For many companies, the process of hiring is considered a drain on company’s resources while existing internship programs help make this process easy. “Trying out” a candidate through internship results in getting fewer mistakes and avoids training a new hire plus the company isn’t forced to pay staff fee with interns.

Though employment is not guaranteed at the end of an internship, many employers use this as a way to train and evaluate future employees.   Employers are more interested in hiring an applicant with the necessary knowledge and skills especially those that don’t have the tendency to leave the job.