Behind a great commercial advertisement is believed to be a product of a very strategic and knowledgeable script writing. It is very important that we fully understand the company, its marketing goals, the target market and the single key benefit in building a great concept.

A commercial should be simple but otherwise valuable to customers. It should not be too clever nor should it rely heavily on sarcasm or a certain type of humor.

In most cases, it only requires you to communicate the message in about 15 to 60 seconds, making sure that you encourage a new customer to act immediately. If you are following a certain branding or advertising path, make sure you put a unique style, logo or list a motto as a necessary element in the ad.

In addition, online video marketing has been very attractive to many businesses because it is fairly inexpensive and it stays online forever. Let’s discuss some effective formula the works effectively in most advertisers: the 30 seconds Tv commercial Formula to SAY it, EXPLAIN it and REPEAT it.

SAY IT. With a very short period of time to work with, you must get to the point with the first sentence. Come right out and say what spot is it going to be about. Start with an attention-grabbing sentence because it catches the viewers or listeners’ attention.

EXPLAIN IT. If the lead sentence is successful, now it’s time to share additional details. Make a creative script and approach it with a strategy . Make them laugh, cry and respond to your call to action. Play with different concepts and see how you can get the strongest message across in the shortest amount of words.

REPEAT IT. After you say it and explain it, you have to repeat it. It sounds pretty simple but this is often forgotten. We must remember that the attention span of most viewers are very short so make sure to repeat the idea in the lead sentence or you might run the risk of losing a sale.

Capitalize on every opportunity to work with different concepts and words to capture the target market through commercials and video video marketing.

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