Content Marketing is said to be the most efficient and challenging tactic in SEO.

As websites are becoming a more sophisticated medium, Google, and other search engines are firmly looking for content that is relevant, beneficial and reliable before showing it in search results. So, the richer the content of the website is, the stronger it sends the signal as a valuable source for searches.

According to surveys, marketers see SEO Orange County as becoming more powerful with 82% reporting effectiveness and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing notably.

When Google and other search engines are determining whether a given site is THE BEST place where people can find the answer, it all assesses it’s written, visual or social content.

Here are some checklist obtained from thought and research which ensures that your business website will be on the right path to ranking success through content.

Target. Make a list of your target goals: the consumers or audience, the frequency of your content publication and distribution, as well as the results you want to achieve. It’s all crucial as with each goal plan, creating the right content which is rich in ideas, insights and thorough analysis would serve to accomplish it.

Distribution. Now the next thing to determine is which venue or venues the content would impact best. Find out whether a blog works for a large readership or a small one. Would it create a bigger impression if it’s posted on the LinkedIn page, Twitter, Facebook or will it be best to publish it on other publication sites? Perform the best research as much as possible. Tweets or post on the best hours of the day to capture your target audience in the channels in which they are online.

Link Building. We have to understand that creating relevant content and link building remain to be a complicated and time-consuming tactics to execute. However, content that is visually beautiful, grammatically correct, industry-relevant and error-free attracts linking easily.

Originality. Brands and businesses must approach it as an endeavor if they want to reap the rewards. Google can detect duplicates and can punish your website to keep spam out of search results. There is no way that you can fake content creation. The only way to win this approach and be worthy of Google’s approval is to create relevant and unique content.

Relevance. Finally,  as a business, try to figure out what motivates your consumers. From there you will know how to help them through the content you publish. It should answer their whys and hows. Believe that when you know what motivates your audience, you have a better chance of making a connection, the right one that is.

Content is indeed still the King amongst all SEO Orange County tactics. Call Drive Traffic Media at 1(888) 375-3058 for your content marketing needs.