If you hire an Orange County SEO company to optimize your website, then you’ll need to get together with them to discuss your plan of attack. Are you going to be focused on link building? The addition of some fresh visual content? A social media barrage to get the word out about some new products? There are different ways that you can go. But if you bring up a subject with them like “content curation,” all you might get are a few blank stares. What exactly is content curation? And how might it equal valuable Orange County SEO if you can learn how to do it correctly?


Selecting the Right Content


You want to be able to create stimulating new content on your website and to link to content that is equally as captivating. You have a particular niche in which you operate, and in which your customers have an interest. But to know what to write about in your blogs and articles, and to know what sort of content deserves a link on your site, you need to be selective. Links don’t do you much good if they’re indiscriminate, and you or your SEO company will waste time if they write about blog subjects that don’t get much interest, Orange County.


Much like a museum curator does when they are out and about in the world, you need to search the internet, social media feeds, etc., to find the content that you feel, intuitively, will be of interest to your followers and fans. This is a learned skill, and it might come easier to some than it does to others. It may take time to develop that refined eye. But as you begin to have a better understanding of your brand and the ethos that surrounds it, so too will you develop a better knowledge of what content is likely to get your site some attention.


For an example of how to do it, you need look no further than Pinterest. It’s a platform where content curators thrive and develop their craft. They build followings of thousands, and most of them don’t even create any of their content; they just pin to it. It is because they have such a good eye for fashion, or cooking, or whatever else that they gain superstar status. It can be the same with you, your brand, and your website.


Part of Orange County SEO is all the technical aspects of it for which you need to hire an internet marketing agency or have an in-house team working around the clock. But it’s equally critical for Orange County businesses to have an understanding of what sort of content is going to work for them, and what kind of material needs to be featured on their site to get more organic traffic and eventually more conversions. This expertise likely will not come overnight. You need to stick with it, and in time you’re bound to get it right.