As information technology has transformed the workplace, the 9-5 mentality has started to fade away from the workplace. And therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are taking a stab at bringing their business online. And why not? Building a user-friendly website and then marketing your product has never been easier!

There are over 1.6 billion websites today, where businesses and entrepreneurs sell their products and services. You can start scaling your business by building a website on Squarespace or WordPress, it’s just a matter of how much your willing to invest. 

Today we are going to dig deeper into some critical tips for building a successful online business. 

Pick a name that’s memorable, relevant and unique:

Choosing the company name is one of the most time-consuming aspects of starting an online business. Whether you are brainstorming with your partners or are turning to a business name generator, a creative and memorable name is essential for the birth and future of your business. 

Take time to brainstorm: 

  • What is the brand name going to convey?
  • How will the audience remember it?
  • What does your brand name mean to your potential customers and you?

You will likely find that it is very challenging to find the name that depicts everything you want, but the effort is worth it. Make sure your business name is short, catchy, and easy to spell.  

Focus on WOW factors when creating content: 

A user-friendly website is essential – it’s a no brainer. Research shows that 65% of users leave a website if it is not user-friendly (and the bounce rate is higher if it has bad-navigation), 73%  of users leave a website if it is unresponsive, and 85% of users leave the site if the design seems outdated. Hence, it is essential to put a great deal of thought and intent into the design of your website before you could launch your business your online. 

Your business masterplan does not end with having a professional and snazzy-looking site, however, as your targeted audience will always be looking for useful and authentic content. It doesn’t matter whether you have spent thousands of dollars on a great design. If the targeted audience does not find videos, blogs, or any useful content, you won’t have sales. 

Create a content calendar and brainstorm around what kind of content you will publish and how will you repurpose it for all the social media platforms and various sites. Your goal should be to provide solutions for the user’s queries and keep them tuned in. Not only will this will keep your audience engaged, but it will help you strengthen your business authority within your industry. 

Google rewards those websites which consistently create fresh and valuable content while highlighting specific expertise. And good content production is the only way!

When it comes to content creation, on-site content is not the only thing you have to focus on. You probably have seen guest blogging on another website, which has been a go-to marketing tactic for years. It is because content goes further when it comes to content distribution over a variety of platforms, as nothing establishes more authority than getting featured on interviews on other websites and platforms that are respected within your niche. 

Rely on high-quality graphics:

Rely on quality graphics if and only if they are beneficial and sharp. A study by the Social Media Examiner shows that about 32 percent of online marketers report that high-quality images and graphics are essential for their business. On the other hand, what developers don’t understand is that graphics are only useful if they are crystal clear and load quickly. 

Let’s talk about your online searching habits. Do you stay longer on the websites and platforms if the images are of low-quality and blurry? Probably not! If you are incorporating graphics and pictures into your website, make sure they add professionalism. Test your website using various speed testing tools to ensure the website loads quickly. Your online business does not have a real storefront, therefore your website is the only authentic way to showcase your professionalism. It is the face of your company, which establishes your reputation with prospective, existing, and new customers and sells products.  If your website is unprofessional and sloppy, chances are you will lose potential buyers! Hire the Orange County website design services of Drive Traffic Media to strengthen online presence in the most professional way.

Establish business presence outside your website:

Congratulations if an Orange County website design service provider assisted you with a professional website! Once your website is set up and running, it is now the right time to expand your horizons. Spread your brand voice using social media platforms and email lists to help spread knowledge about your new company, for even if your target audience knows about your company, they might not know about its online presence.

This is when strategic marketing comes into play. New businesses and startups opt for several digital marketing strategies to establish business credibility and awareness. Paid marketing is another excellent option to build awareness about your business, and draw new customers to your website.

Over-deliver from the first day:

You must be familiar with the term, ‘under promise, over deliver.’ The first impression is essential to establish yourself as an authority within your industry. If you can wow your customers and exceed expectations, you will be off to a great start. 

During the initial months, do not focus on making money. The simple fact is you will not be able to turn a high profit at first. The most important thing when you are building an online business is to garner a strong relationship within your industry, and potential audience. If you have a positive reputation, it will carry you forward more than any initial amount of profit. 

Don’t rush; take time to plan out your perfect strategy to build your online business. There are a million things that you can do, but pick the ones which work the best for you, which will create a win-win situation. Reach out to the provider of Orange County website design services like Drive Traffic Media to get the most professional guidance out there!