What are the various ways to get those ever elusive ‘Likes’ comments, shares, retweets, etc? Here are a few suggestions:

Content like photos and videos get the most engagement on  social media like Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, too much of  it can still be bad so you may want to  try switching your content to increase the chance of audience reach. Be sure that the content is optimized for Facebook sharing, otherwise, it won’t show up prominently on your timeline. Be strategic with your images too.

Offer value. Make your page as a venue for updates that offer  great value like product tips, sales events and more. You can link it to a related-industry third party content blog or forum as this will eventually build credibility to your site and will become a resource of value to users.

Avoid lengthy posts. Keep them short and sweet with at least 100-250 characters or even shorter to get information easily absorbed especially with those rapid-fire attention-span viewers.

Try asking questions and offer polls that invite a response from your viewers or followers. Get them to engage or be involved in your post.  Invite fans to comment, like or share as this is another way to keep the conversation going. Depending on your goal, you can post something that will interest people in a certain demographic, age group, or some other type of category or classification.

In addition to that, schedule your posts when most of your audience are online. Determine the ideal timing and frequency of your post for this will gauge the effectiveness of your page and increase your audience reach too.

Connect with friends. After all,  it wouldn’t be a social media platform if you aren’t social and personal experience still counts. Treating it like just a promotional outlet will get you nowhere. Make it simple, informal and fun! Liking other business pages would also be a  great help as it places value on the principle of reciprocity.

Posting reviews, testimonials or feedback from customers is also awesome as it shows that you value your customers’ opinion about your product or brand. Be sure to answer them promptly and honestly as this reflects on the type and level of customer service you provide.

The main purpose of your social media, especially your Facebook landing page, is to convert visitors into fans. Place a clear to call action graphic to get more Likes, views, calls or any other CTAs you choose.

Facebook is more than a venue for marketing sales. It’s conversations, relationships and connections.