Digital marketing counts for a lot these days in the business world, regardless of what it is that you sell or what services you offer. If you run a business in Irvine and you’ve hired an SEO company to help you out, you should look carefully at their track record in this area.

If they have had success with digital marketing in the past, they should be able to show you empirical evidence from past campaigns for other companies where they increased engagement and sale numbers. If you’re still not convinced by what they’re telling you, ask them about these specific areas.

Do They Know How to Set Up Automated Marketing?

Automated marketing takes many forms, Irvine, but in this context, what we’re talking about is using software to make the marketing and sales processes smoother on your website. Your SEO company should know how to set up software so that it does things like thank the customer every time they make a purchase.

This might seem small or insignificant, but having automated marketing software in place makes it appear to your customers that you value the business they’re giving you. The idea is that you have a system in place that reacts to a customer every time that they do something. This responsiveness makes buyers feel like you’re noticing them, and it makes it more likely that they’ll purchase items from you again.

There should also be aspects of the software in place so that you’re reaching out to your website visitors and encouraging them to become customers. For instance, if someone has come to your site and their dwell time is longer than 30 seconds, but they haven’t yet interacted with your site other than to read your copy, you can program the software so that an exclusive offer pops up on the screen for them.

It’s this sort of thing that an Irvine SEO company should know how to do for you.

Ability to Access and Interpret Data

Your SEO company should also understand how to use the digital marketing data tools that are now available on different platforms so that they can streamline the experience of the site visitor with the intention of making them a customer.

In the past, some of the ways of interpreting data were shaky at best, and there was a good deal of room for interpretation. At this point, though, your Irvine SEO company should be able to see exactly what each customer is doing when they arrive on each of your pages, and they should be able to continue optimizing and improving your site based on those analytics.

They can set up your site with automation features so that you can offer visitors coupons or discounts in real time based on what pages seem to interest them most. These in-depth insights will inform both your sales efforts and your future marketing campaigns.

There is no longer the need for guesswork in most of the areas of digital marketing. Trends and strategies can be readily identified and crafted with accurate data to back them up. It therefore follows that the Irvine SEO company that will do you the most good is the one which understands these trends and can act on them accordingly. Make sure that the agency you choose has a sterling reputation and makes a good impression when you meet with them.