Whether you have already planned out your content strategy or you are planning to craft one, you should pay attention to the following eight emerging trends recommended by the SEO company in Orange County. 

Content Trend 1: User Generated Content

According to a study, 85% of consumers find UGC to be more influential than branded content.

Our research regarding travel marketing on Instagram found that UGC posts are the most attractive content type for travel marketers on Instagram. This finding also applies to most other industries.

Not only can user-generated content appeal to consumers, but it can also create more content with fewer resources and time by leveraging ideas and works from the community.

For 2020, you need to determine what inspired your audience to share content and how to attract customers to create user-generated content. Ensure UGC is part of the 2020 SEO Orange County content development strategy.

Content Trend 2: Video continues to rise

Video is a vital part of every stage of the customer journey. Although people may not watch videos for buying purposes, they are easy to spot.

Fundamentally, when learning about new products and services, people prefer videos over all other forms of content.

80% of people say that they usually switch between online search and video when researching the product they want to buy. More than 50% of shoppers say that online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to purchase, and more than 55% of shoppers say they use online video when shopping in a store.

For 2020, consider how to make video a part of your content marketing strategy. If you’re scared of the prospect of making videos, don’t. DIY-style personal videos may be what you need to connect with your audience, depending on your brand and audience.

Content Trend 3: Voice

Voice content strategies are no longer an option: Last year, smart speaker adoption increased by 38.9%, while 26.2% of all adults in the United States have access to smart speakers.

Showing engaging and youth-oriented voice-activated content to consumers opens up a whole new avenue for engagement. This is an opportunity to avoid the use of expensive and often clumsy websites and social media platforms, which increasingly require advertising budgets to attract customers.

Content Trend 4: B2C behavior continues to influence B2B expectations

According to research, 61% of all B2B transactions started online, while 51% of customers turned to social media for preliminary research.

B2C behavior continues to influence B2B expectations. From social media to chatbots, and AR to mobile, etc., considering the complexity of buying decisions in B2B, traditionally, B2C touchpoints will become more critical in B2B. By taking advantage of these touchpoints, B2B brands will gain a competitive advantage.

Content Trend 5: Messaging applications continue to grow

Messaging applications will continue to increase in 2020 and will include many aspects of “content.” These applications bring many new opportunities (and challenges) to marketers. 

Reward: Billions of active monthly users, including coveted Millennials and Generation Z consumers.

Content Trend 6: Augmented Reality

It is expected that by 2022, there will be 3.5B mobile augmented reality (AR) users worldwide (44% of the population), and AR advertising revenue in social media is expected to approach $ 15B.

What exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality is the superposition of information in the real world, allowing users to view virtual items or information while viewing real things.

From now on, the popularity of AR in our lives will only increase. There are already opportunities for savvy marketers. You should understand these three trends to get a deeper understanding of AR.

Content Trend 7: No more random content behavior

For 2020, you have to think like a TV network broadcasting and stop random content that never works. Instead of continually reinventing the wheel, you can create less content, and make every content you create more effective.

What does it mean? You have to give your audience a chance to find your content on the channels and formats they like. You can’t only post an article and expect potential customers to contact you.

Think about it. The most effective marketing and advertising took a while. Display ads require about seven impressions, and about 5 hourglass emails can warm up potential customers. That’s why you see the same advertisement again and again.

Content Trend 8: Customer journey mapping

Today it is critical to familiarize yourself with how to create customer journey mapping, how to improve them, and how to relate them to content strategies.

A study showed that 73% of B2B companies said they had mapped digital customer journeys, compared with 55% and 56% of B2C and B2G companies.

This is a trend that will continue to grow in 2020, and you have to start mapping customer journeys for creating the best SEO content in Orange County.

While you have to consider all the trends and innovations, the rules of content remain the same in 2020.