Facebook’s primary purpose is to connect or help people make connections- may it be with friends from other places whom you have contact or lost contact with, communities, organizations and anything and everything you care about.

One feature that reflects the social media platform’s principle of “making connections” is called a Community page. Community pages are often created for a group of people with common interests on topics and expreriences and let’s them connect to other people sharing the same interest on these topics or experiences.


How to Join or Leave Communities or Groups

Currently, each individual pages are connected to whatever matters to you. You can join communities by either selecting ‘Link All to my Profile” or if some are of no interest to you, you can select the option to “Choose Pages Individually” and if you decide to leave or remove connections to the communities you previously “Liked” you can just simply “Unlike” the page or you can edit your profile and click the ‘remove” option under the comunity photo you wish to leave.


Difference Between Pages and Groups or Communities

Pages are for real organizations, businesses, artists or celebrities as well as brands to promote, communicate or engage with their fans or people who liked them. These Pages are managed restrictedly by the owner and administrators or official representatives of the page, company or organization and are always set publicly. Posts made on pages are managed and published by the administrators and the performance of which can be viewed on the Insights sesction of the page.

Groups or Communities on the other hand can be created by anyone as long as the interests are similar. However, the privacy of groups or communities can be set either as public, requires approval to join, or private where the community creator can invite only those people he/she likes to join but all of the members can see each member’s update on the community.


Benefits of Joining Communities

You can use comunities or a community to launch products or special projects you share a common interest with. It is also a great way for mentoring other members, share ideas, inspire other members and get concepts for projects. If you got events, conference or workshops you want to launch, Comunities are good venues where you can get a lot of buzz and networking connections too.


Benefits of Liking a Page

You get to know the brand, type of support and the context of the business or organization through their business pages. Whatever promotions, sales or special discounts the business gives are usually also posted on their page.

Regardless of the difference, Pages and Communities share the common goal: to bring people together. This is what social media is all about anyway.

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