The first impression is always lasting so to speak. It goes the same with your first date, your job interview and even on Facebook marketing.

In many social media site when you sign up, you will get the option to load an image that will represent yourself. Reason? It will help to identify you. It’s a must. Same thing goes with your profile picture in Facebook as it is considered to be way important compared to the top page of your timeline which is your cover photo.

In a research, Oxford’s Dr. Bernie Hogan says, ” This photo has become the new calling card, it is the first point of contact and believed that its more professional having an avatar/profile picture because it adds a different level of personal touch.


Let’s start off by getting some information on how to create a profile. As per Facebook guidelines, it has to be at least 180×180 pixels, a rectangular or square.

Remember that this profile picture will appear in your follower’s newsfeed, on the posts of your timeline, in replies to comments and you’ll never get any chance to make a second impression. It is said to be more important than any text as tiny little images still have a  major  impact on social networking  behavior.So what are the recommendations in uploading a Facebook profile picture? Here are some three important tips you may want to remember:

  1. Use a natural smiling headshot, keep it simple look approachable and polite because no one would connect or add you to their friends’ list if you look like you’ve eaten a sour grape.
  2. It should have an uncluttered background: it should be clean and  not distracting.
  3. Wear a suitable clothing.

Pictures from recent research are relatively unique in being important than the words.  It means that this picture is fundamental in the decision-making process of the  people- whether they will connect with you or not. It will help you stand out from the crowd; will  attract interest from others and hopefully that will prompt a start to a good conversation.

It is most recommended to produce a  professional profile picture to attract followers too. People get hired through Facebook,  others could strike up negotiation deals and it all  begins with that one picture. So always leave a good impression through your profile picture.

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