What could be more exciting than to grab the huge opportunity to reach your customers regardless of where they are right now through online marketing?

How, you may ask. Simple! Bring them back to your site in the form of massive traffic and sales! The Internet changes every second and now is the chance to maximize your content marketing through the implementation of content repurposing strategies on various social media platforms.

What does repurposing content mean? It means you have to reinvent your content (neither reuse nor recycle an old piece of content) but maintain the integrity of the original one. Repurposing content has to be useful, creative, and compelling.

Why Is It Important to Repurpose Content? As a busy business owner, why would you spend too much time writing an entirely new content? Content repurposing is good for SEO…it allows you to imagine, use new ideas and unlimited marketing strategies with your most favorite content, present it with a different style and spring it into action to get more sales. Attract and encourage target audience using multiple mediums, and increase customer retention as you spread your message in different formats where they most engage.


How Do You Repurpose Content?


  1. Repurpose Your Most Popular Written Content

So, which content is worth repurposing? Take a look at your previous post and determine the most traffic it brought in over the last year. Replace old facts and remove irrelevant information. Update examples and review related links before sharing your newly repurpose content multiple times on various marketing channels like Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Create Slideshows

Slideshows were very popular in college lectures even in business presentations. Slides are visually appealing and can be a compelling way to convey a message to your audience. Quality information presented in a compelling design and format is a smart technique to repurpose your content. SlideShare used by LinkedIn is easy to work on and can be quickly distributed among employees or customers for reference.


  1. Repurpose and Distribute through Email

Business owners sometimes struggle in creating emails especially in developing consistent and valuable content for customers. Repurposing content through email is a good tactic to reach out to clients who subscribed to your newsletter.


Repurpose your content and reap all its benefits. Learn how by calling one of the SEO company experts like Drive Traffic Media. Talk to us at (949) 800-6990 today!