When you are selecting the social media agency in Orange County with which you are trying to partner, there are several practical considerations. You’ll want to get together with anyone in your company who is responsible for making significant decisions, because make no mistake, this is one of those. You need social media if you want to reach new clients and retain old ones, and that means promoting your brand identity and becoming a known presence on multiple platforms. Here’s what you should be asking before you pull the trigger and hire a social media agency.


Is There Any Outsourcing of the Work?


If the answer is affirmative, then you probably should dismiss that candidate out of hand. If the work is outsourced overseas to India or China, for instance, then it will be hard to hold the company accountable for shoddy work. The agency you are using becomes a kind of middleman, an intermediary. That’s not the best business model for you. You’re likely to be getting lower-quality efforts, Orange County.


Is It Easy To Contact Them?


How long did it take the social media agency in question to get back to you when you first reached out to them? How about during the interview process? Did it take a couple of hours, or was it multiple days, or even weeks? If it was the latter, then you can count on it probably being that long again. Fast response time means that the company cares about their clients, Orange County, and that’s exactly what you want. You need an agency that answers the phone when you call and responds to an email within a day or so.


Will There Be Frequent Communication?


When you sit down to talk to the social media agency about partnering with them, you should ask how often they will be communicating with you. You will want to be in close contact with them so that you can discuss program goals and their progress. You don’t want to be in a spot where you hire them and then never hear from them again.


The social media agencies in Orange County will be of differing sizes, and they will have different experience levels. Some might even be out of your price range. There will be many considerations that go into the hiring process. Your decision should not come without careful thought, though. This is too critical of a hire to get wrong.