When you are about to come out with some new content on your site, it should be a joyous occasion, Orange County. You’re about to share that awesome new blog, or the page that rolls out your new product on which you’ve been working for so long. But not so fast. Have you made sure that content is fully SEO-friendly? This is where it pays off to have an SEO company on the payroll. Even if you think you’ve done everything you can to help yourself rank, they’re bound to have thought of a couple of details you forgot.


Optimize From the Top Down


When you’ve got new content ready to go, an SEO company might tell you to optimize “from the top down.” What that means is that you start at the top of the page and go over everything with an eye for detail. You want to look at your URL structure with keywords in mind, Orange County. If you don’t have those vital keywords, you’re not likely to get the organic traffic you want.


The title of your blog, article, or sales page should state as concisely as possible what the page is about, so Google will easily be able to crawl and understand it. Your subheadings and header tags should be optimized for keywords as well, and the same goes for your image alt tags. You don’t want a keyword stuffing penalty, but at the same time, you stand a better chance of ranking if you’re strategic with your descriptions.


Optimized Links


You likely already know how important links are, but did you know that they should be optimized with keywords as well? For internal linking, your best bet is to find an optimal keyword or keyword phrase, then hyperlink it to a significant internal page. For external links, you want those keywords because a following link in the text can create a meaningful relationship with a possible advertiser.


Before You Publish, Revise One Final Time


You’re almost ready to go at this stage, but before the new page or post goes live, your SEO company or in-house team should proofread it one last time. If you’re using WordPress or a similar platform, you’ll have the option of previewing the post. Go through it with fresh eyes, and maybe you’ll spot one or two tiny errors that you missed on the first couple of passes. Typos and similar mistakes don’t exactly scream professionalism.


Once all of this is done, you and your SEO company should both be feeling good about yourselves, Orange County businesses. Now the page views and conversions will roll in.