If you own a business and you hire an SEO company to help run your ad campaigns, then it’s highly likely that Facebook will figure prominently into their strategy. It would be foolish to ignore the billions of people who have active Facebook accounts, each one a potential customer. But how exactly does one of these ad campaigns work? Here’s a brief explanation.


How Much Does It Cost?

A question like “how much it costs” is difficult to answer succinctly. What we can say is that pricing depends on many different factors, including the total budget you’ve set for the ads, and the audience you’re trying to reach. However, the more money you put into it, the more proficient the Facebook algorithm becomes at spending it. That means your ad performance is likely to increase the longer you run the campaign and the more you invest in it. CPC (costs per click) can be broken down into many different demographics, and you and your SEO company will have full access to those.


The Three Parts of the Campaign

There are three principal parts of the ad campaign: setting up the ads, the targeting, and then the retargeting. It’s for this sort of thing that an internet marketing agency can be the most beneficial. They’ll know what kind of ad to design that will attract the most clicks, they’ll know where to place the ads, and then they’ll use analytical data to refine the campaign even further, constituting the remarketing. You can try to set up the campaign without them, but it’s not going to be easy. There’s nothing to say you can’t learn as you go, but at the same time, your early efforts will be costing you just as much money as later ones, and you’re always looking for ROI.


Don’t run the same ad for all of your audiences. Your initial ads and your retargeted ads should be different, and you should make sure that each one is customized for the interests of that audience. You can use prospecting ads to build initial brand awareness. These will alert people about the existence of your products and services. Then, use your retargeted ads to make customers out of those who have expressed an interest. Retargeted ads are perfect for the “pitch and close” style of marketing.


We wish you the best of luck with your Facebook ad campaign. Whether this is your first attempt or not, we recommend bringing in an experienced SEO company. They’ll know how to handle every aspect of the campaign, and they’ll bring a fresh perspective on your business to the table.