As social media has gradually become more prevalent in modern society, so too have hashtags entered the public consciousness. If you’re a business located in Orange County, then you might want to consider hiring an SEO company that can help you generate some compelling ones. Your company should be active on multiple social media channels if you’re going to be fully engaged with your audience. That means Facebook and Twitter, and possibly Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and others as well. An SEO company can see what’s happening in your niche, and they can create hashtags and try to get them to trend through your various social media feeds.


Fitness Hashtags

A perfect example of hashtags in action is in the fitness industry. As it turns out, since social media has risen to prominence in the past decade-and-a-half, many people like to use it as a way to speak out about their fitness goals and connect with others who are likewise motivated to lose weight and generally become more active. That’s why it’s common for those with fitness goals to search using hashtags like #gethealthy or #healthylife. These hashtags might direct them to sites or blogs that talk about workout routines or fitness tips. If people are trying to diet, they might use hashtags like #eatlocal, #glutenfree, or #vegan. Any of these might lead them to healthy recipes or articles that they could find beneficial. Twitter is one of the places to go for this sort of goal-oriented searching. Fitness is only one example of this sort of behavior, though. People might search for something else about which have a keen interest by using hashtags. They could be on the lookout for articles related to sports, politics, or current events. The possibilities are limitless.


How Can Your Business Take Advantage Of This?

So, how do you use hashtags to help your business get ahead? The way to begin is through observation. Either you or the SEO company you hired need to go to the places where your customers are spending their time. Whichever social media platforms or websites are favorite hangouts for those who are likely to buy your products, you need to visit there for some market research. See what topics of conversation come up repeatedly, then use that knowledge to craft a marketing campaign. Hashtags can be a significant part of that. Just remember that the whims of your customers can change quickly, so carefully monitor your hashtag usage to see what’s catching on, and what isn’t.

SEO companies are experts at using social media, including hashtags, to draw potential customers into your sales funnel. If you don’t currently have an in-house marketing team gifted in website design, maintenance, and all things social media-related, then an internet marketing agency can be tremendously beneficial.