Social Media the likes of  Facebook should be considered as the main ingredient of any marketing strategy. Aside from the fact that it is free, it has been proven to bring bigger profits.

It is recommended to optimize the Facebook Business Page  correctly. This isn’t just about launching campaigns but it is about customers’ spreading the word for you. Using the right keyword(s) on your social media accounts much like how you use it on your SEO campaign will definitely give you better results in Facebook marketing and website traffic.

The search feature or the search bar on top of Facebook benefits  potential customers and help them find your business the easier way! All they have to do is type in the keyword(s) based on what they’re looking for and if they start liking you and your post,  you can rely on their word of mouth. Social media search has slowly evolved into a search engine just like Google. Thus it is but rightful to say that social is the new search today.

Using keywords on Facebook is similar to the website process called  SEO or search engine optimization. There are a few things to consider when you optimize your social media posts:

Keywords should be in Lay terms; a common word(s) that people can use to describe  your industry, company, products or services.  Choose keyword(s) that you want to be associated with. Once you think that you have good keyword(s), type it into the search bar and see what comes up. If there are a lot of companies listed on the search results,  you may want to try a more specific keyword. The SEO keyword that you have researched could help as it will tell you the traffic or the amount of searches performed on it.

Keywords in general work best with Facebook and LinkedIn and now with Twitter. These social media accounts can use the keyword(s) to link or tag pages in updating status. It can also be used in photo or video captions too. It takes some creativity but the more you incorporate your keywords , the better. People are bound to type in the keyword if they are searching for something

Getting to the top of the search page on social media is considered to be much easier rather than on a Google search page. Optimizing the social media accounts is still a great way to keep ahead of any competition

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