Blog early and blog too often, advises an Orange County SEO company! This is the rule that most of the digital marketers live by today. Blogs help businesses and entrepreneurs to attract potential customers and convert them into new leads – and it can really be considered a no brainer! Every time you blog, you have another opportunity to get ranked in the search engine, get linked by another site, get shared on social media, and have new people interacting with your company. 

The primary debate that prevails among marketers, bloggers, and business owners is – how often should they blog and whether blogging will help them grow their business in the long run. To help you understand this debate, we have gathered some answers after in-depth research. Read on to learn more! 

How frequently you should blog 

How often you should blog is essentially an entirely personal choice, but being aware of the recommended tips from experienced businesses definitely helps companies grow with flow and ease. The following statistics will help you better understand how frequently publishing blogs can affect leads, traffic, and visibility in search engines. However, you should keep in mind that several other criteria also play a critical role in defining growth such as the type of business and company size. 

When you are creating your first editorial calendar, you have to think hard about your monthly goals, which includes leads and traffic. Analyze the data below to help you make viable decisions for your business in regards to blogs. 

Monthly blogs and traffic 

Numerous studies have been conducted that show that there is a positive correlation between monthly blogs and traffic, but, the rate does vary. However, the most important take away from this article is that the more blogs a company publishes, the higher the amount of traffic they will receive. How many extra leads and traffic a company receives depends on other factors such as the kind of business, company size, and the customer base. 

The statistics measuring the correlation of growth to the frequency of blog posts get very interesting when you split the company size:

Companies with up to 10 employees that publish at least 11 blogs per month drive more traffic to their businesses than the ones who publish less than 11 blogs. The ratio is interesting. Those who published 11 blog posts had almost 3 times more traffic than those who published 1 article or none. 

A company with 200+ employees that publishes at least 11 blogs gets 3.5 times more traffic than a company of the same size that just publishes at most 1 blog. 

However, a company with 26-200 employees that publishes a total of 11 blogs receives just 2 times more traffic than a company of the same size that never publishes any blogs. 

It’s interesting to see how much more traffic is driven to your company depending on the size and amount of blogs that company posts. Overall, the best advice to adhere to from these statistics is to post as frequently as possible in order to generate the most possible traffic to your company. 

Monthly blogs and leads

Just like improved traffic, the number of leads also improves when more blogs are published. For the customer base, there is a higher correlation between leads generated and blog posts published. On average, the companies that post at least 16 blog posts a month receive 4.5 times more leads than the companies that only publish up to four monthly blog posts. 

Surprisingly, a small company with 10 employees that has a total of 300+ published blog posts receives 3.5 times more leads than a company of the same size with less than 300 published blogs. 

However, companies having up to 25 employees with 300+ published blogs improve their lead generation by 2 times compared to companies of the same size that have less than 300 published blogs. These statistics are extremely insightful as there seems to be a definite positive correlation between leads and the number of blog posts. 

According to an Orange County SEO company, both B2C and B2B companies increase the number of leads they receive once they have more than 400+ published articles in place. Precisely speaking, B2C companies with 401+ published blogs have a 4.5 times higher rate of lead generation that those of B2C companies with 0-100 published posts. 

Does the number of blogs matter?

The good thing about business blogging is as long as articles are published on your website; they will work for you. If you are creating relevant and value-driven content, then people will find you in search results, outbound links, and social media. Chances are 50% of those visitors may actually convert to your customers. 

A study shows that 90% of the leads a company has received and 57% of the blog’s success was due to the previously published posts. This reveals that your business can generate leads from old content too. The more content you generate, the more articles you will have archived and ultimately the more traffic your website will receive along with returning clients. 

The bottom line is, no matter the size of your business, you should always be blogging and frequently posting content. An Orange County SEO company reveals that those companies that publish regular content reap the highest rewards in the long run, both in terms of leads and traffic.