For Orange County businesses that have a tight advertising budget, every misstep amounts to dollars that are not contributing to your ROI. Mistakes are costly, so you’ll want to plan out every step on each of your social media platforms as you get ready to launch any major ad initiative.


Consider Facebook, for instance. It’s almost a certainty that you’re going to be using it for advertising, and you’ll want to create some ads about which you feel confident. But how can you be sure that what you’ve come up with is going to bring back results, in the form of email signups, website traffic, or whatever else you consider to be your ultimate goal? Here are some steps that you’ll need to take before you begin your ad campaign.


The Creation of a Value-Laden Offer


In crafting your ad, Orange County, ask these questions. What need are you trying to fill with your products? Why is your solution better than that of your competitors? And finally, what are you giving back to those potential customers who have chosen you?


If a customer is not purchasing something from you, at least not in the early going, then you’re at least looking for personal information from them. But what it their incentive for giving it? You need to offer something in return. That might be a special discount or coupon on one of your products. It could be a free email newsletter. Perhaps it’s a sample or demo of some type. Whatever it is, you need to be sure that it is appealing to your niche.


The B2C Business Model


If your business model is B2C, then it makes sense for you to offer discounts and coupons, Orange County. People like to think that they’re getting a special deal, whether it’s coming to them via social media or through some other source. You might offer up the notion that you are giving them access to a product before it is widely available to other people. Customers like the idea of exclusivity. You might also offer them a deal that is for a limited time only. People are more likely to act on an offer if they think they have a limited time to do so.


Be sure to walk your customers through the signup process, taking into account that not everyone is as computer-literate as others. You don’t want to run the risk of some user thinking that merely clicking on your ad is enough to get the discount. Make sure they understand that they will only receive it by signing up and filling out the entire form with their personal information.


Your ad campaigns become easier the more that you learn about your niche. That means how much disposable income they have, how old they are, what devices they own, how many kids they have, and anything else that relates to the products and services you are trying to get them to buy from you.


Whichever social media platform you are using, this information gathering is what is going to help you craft the best ads. Try to establish a give-and-take relationship with a potential client. They tell you about themselves, and you offer something of value in return. Thus the relationship between customer and brand begins.