A functional website that addresses the client’s needs is essential apart from it being beautiful in design.  That is why search engine optimization is fundamental as it will help you position your website in the buying process or where people needs it. It improves your visibility through organic results. With the right technique,  after the many hours spent in designing or developing your site, you will acquire a peace of mind while your site is drawing more traffic

The following practices will help you improve your website’s SEO.

SPEED is vital. If your site is slow, no one will wait for more than 5 seconds for it to load. So remove or rescale whatever is heavy on your website like high definition images or videos. Make sure of course to find the right balance. Do not sacrifice massive content for speed so loading time becomes fast.

WEBCODES. Remember that search engine bots are only able to read codes, so make sure your image especially the one you use as a Call-to-Action (CTA) have content that is crawlable by embedding HTML or CSS codes on it.

WEBSITE IMAGES play a major role in SEO process. While it is often overlooked, images once optimized with alt-text and scaled to load faster will get you better results in ranking.

Building relationships and interacting with your online connections help build your brand. SOCIAL MEDIA buttons should be part of your web design. Aside from exposure, it helps build trust towards your business, and it aids for you to gain credibility to the community. Social media links on your site allow for easy sharing of your content in their circle thus your exposure and industry authority is built even further.

QUALITY CONTENT ALWAYS MATTER. A visitor who looks for information online is someone who needs a  resolution. The job of a search engine is to list the most relevant pages to solve their problems. The quality of content automatically attracts more link and will eventually move you up to higher page ranking. Remember websites that have more valuable links and are easily shared with others will quickly find its way to the SERPs.

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