How To Rank Through Blogs

For most clients who want to develop a content strategy to rank for more keywords, one should take the time to sketch out better techniques and implement them. Blog writing, as often described, is the best way to increase traffic to your website and deliver outstanding conversion results.


Whether you focus on e-commerce, lead generation or self-service blogs, hiring a white hat SEO company to do it for your business can be regarded as a long-term investment; and it’s best to start saving early!


There is evidence to suggest that investing in blog marketing today will pay dividends for years to come.  Putting up a blog section on your website or publishing blogs often will help your site gain search engine results or SERPS when Google notice it.


Here are some important steps to consider to optimize your blog posts so they can help your website rank:


Write Useful blogs.  It is important when creating content to ask yourself what consumers might be searching for when they need a product or search for a service. Are they only searching for curiosity or purchase?


Make sure to create content of your target audience wants and needs. Also, communicate what your content is to search engines so they can share it with your target audience, and use your blogs as a point where your readers can interact by posting it on social media platforms.


People in all walks of life are constantly looking for information online! Thus,  blogging is one way to feed the demand for information. Remember to always think about your reader.  Focus on them as the SEO part of the equation will take care of itself once your blogs supply the best user-experience.


Create URLs relevant to the blog topics.  Use dashes instead of underscores and avoid using numbers as URLs. It’s easy for readers to understand URLs similar to your blog title rather than having numbers as URLs.


Another great way to improve ranking is through HTML tagging techniques. When creating content or a blog, you should include your relevant keywords, at least 50 in variation like splitting keywords as this could exponentially improve your SEO ranking.


Don’t allow your website to suffer without SEO blogs! Give us a call at 949-800-6990 and let us teach you how to improve your ranking through blogging.